Gift Ideas For Employees That Are Great For The Office!

Show your employees and fellow coworkers some appreciation with a gift to brighten up their day!

Employee Appreciation Day is March 1st this year- (2024), and if you’re looking to do something nice for your employees and/or fellow coworkers then you’ve come to the right place! Finding the right gift ideas for employees can be tricky, you want something everyone, or at least the majority of the office will like, you’ll probably have a budget in mind that you want to keep, and you don’t want anyone to feel left out. 

But don’t worry! With these gift ideas you’re sure to be the talk of the office and it will be the start of a wonderful tradition you can keep up yearly or sprinkled all throughout the year. Mix and match these gifts or keep the ideas on the back burner for birthdays or the holidays later in the year- whatever you decide to do we’re sure that your employees will appreciate you thinking of them.

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And speaking of gift cards, first up we have:

A DoorDash Gift Card

Take a break from cooking and order your favorite dish from a restaurant of your choice!

Buy A DoorDash Gift Card

DoorDash Gift Card

Everyone knows the struggle of a long work week. Those weeks that feel like forever, everything seems to go wrong and things just can’t keep still. The last thing you want to do on a Friday evening is come home and cook. All you want to do is go home, take off your shoes, turn your TV on, and chow down on food you don’t have to spend an hour making. 

That’s where DoorDash comes in and saves the day. DoorDash is an online food ordering and delivery service. You can order take out from your favorite restaurants and get it delivered right to your door all from your phone through the DoorDash app. DoorDash also delivers groceries and convenience store essentials all for your, well, convenience!

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  • Check out 10 other gift cards you can get for your employees with just a few clicks on GiftYa here!

19 Gifts for the office, home, or on the go!

Can’t go wrong with everyday gifts that can help keep things running smoothly :) 

Free Woman Holding White Ceramic Mug At Desk Stock Photo
Gotta love a good day at the office, especially surrounded by trinkets with your own personal touch.

Office knick knacks and useful tools can really be helpful throughout the work week, especially during those more stressful ones. Little things to keep the day running smooth are always appreciated and these gifts will definitely be an office hit!

A Mug Warmer

Warm drinks and work kinda go hand and hand. You’ll often see a hot cup of coffee and/or tea next to someone’s work all throughout the day and all coffee/tea drinkers know the worst thing about your everyday mug is it getting cold as you work, leading you to have to get up and visit the microwave or worse- dump it down the sink. But fear not as recently desk mug warmers have been keeping your drinks hot all day!

The electric VOBAGA Coffee Mug Warmer on sale for $23.97 is the perfect desk accessory to keep your mug warm all throughout the day so you never have to worry about sipping a cold drink even when you forget about it until too late. This model comes in black, deep blue, green, light blue, and pink.

A Portable (Desk) Heater

Speaking of keeping things warm, we know that offices can get cold. Even when it’s 80 degrees outside, inside the office can feel like the arctic. So a portable desk heater is exactly what would make for a good “office” gift. This Coolfor Space Heater for $24.99 is the perfect gift for cold offices or people who just happen to run a bit cooler than most.

A Portable (Desk) Fan

Can’t have a desk heater without a gift to cool off too! Just like an office can be really cold, things can heat up quickly, and sweating while you work is something no one likes. SmartDevil Small Personal USB Desk Fan on sale for $15.99 is a great companion gift to the portable heater.


Every office space can use a bit of greenery and yours is no different! We know plants can be a lot of maintenance especially if you don’t have the greenest thumb in the world, that’s why we’re recommending getting your employees a live succulent from Succulents Box®. Succulents Box has small succulents you can buy and give to your employees, there’s a number of different plants to choose from and they can really liven up any space.

Silk Sleep Masks

Sleep is super important. We all know the countless studies stating how sleep is important to the everyday work-life balance. But sometimes sleep can be hard, and on especially bright mornings the last thing you want is to be woken up before you alarm to the blaring sun. With the award winning Drowsy Midnight Blue Silk Eye Mask for $79.99 you’ll be able to sleep soundly and come into work feeling fresh. It feels great, is adjustable, and protects your skin and hair all in one!

A Nice Throw

Every office space needs a splash of color and what better than a lifein Throw Blanket for $23.99? Coming in over 25 colors, this blanket makes for the perfect office edition. Have it on the back of your chair to lean on throughout the day for some extra back support or have it around your legs if you need to warm up.

A New Desk Pad

If you are constantly at your desk for your job you know that desk pads can get messy. And very easily the newest one you started out with becomes ripped, stained, or frayed which can really make the overall quality of your space feel grubby even when it isn’t. Gift your employees with a new Smead Desk Pad for $10.48. This faux leather desk pad comes in beige, blue, brown, dark grey, and pink.

An Insulated Water Bottle

Drinking water helps us all throughout the day feel more energized and healthy. You’re less likely to get tension headaches, it’s good for your skin, and a good reminder to get up and stretch when you need to refill it. A BJPKPK Insulated Water Bottle on sale for $8.56 comes in a wide variety of colors and cool patterns. Get your employees a new water bottle they can keep at the office or have it with them both at home and at work.

A Desk Mirror

Ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic video meetings have been a work staple for many and the last thing you want right before you turn on your camera is food stuck in your teeth or a stray pen mark making an appearance. A Kintion Pocket Mirror on sale for $9.99 is a travel LED mirror good to keep at the office or in your handbag. Great for quick look checks throughout the day.

A Stress Ball and Fidget Toys

With phones we’re all used to having something in our hands throughout the day to play with. At the office we find ourselves fiddling with pens and spinning in our desk chairs when we need to keep our hands busy during phone calls and other work related things. Trainers Warehouse makes a number of fidget toys and stress balls for you to keep at your desk when you need them.

A Reusable Notebook

We’re always writing down little notes for work reminders throughout the work week and that can quickly become a paper infested nightmare. But with a Rocketbook Reusable Notebook you can have all your weekly reminders in one notebook and then simply erase and reuse it the next! The Rocketbook Mini for $17.99 is the perfect reusable notebook for those who like sticky notes or need something small to keep with them at all times.

Coffee and Tea

We talked about how synonymous coffee and tea is with an office space, so it’s only fair that we deliver on both coffee and tea in the form of box sets! The “Coffee Samplers” Bones’ Favorite Flavors Sample Pack for $32.99 by Bones Coffee Company is a great gift to get any coffee drinker. It comes in 5 different unique flavors which you can read on their website’s store page here.

Then for tea drinkers there’s the Taylors of Harrogate Assorted Specialty Tea Box for $12.49. This is a 48 count box which also comes in a variety of flavors you can discover on the store page.

A Coffee Maker and a Tea Kettle

We got the mug warmers, we have the coffee grounds and tea packets, now's the time for the big prizes: a coffee maker and tea kettle. Get something special for the whole office floor and go big with any one of these options:

Get Creative: A PTO Day

Every employee, including employers, love a PTO- (paid time off) day. So why not give a PTO day, or multiple PTO days, for the whole office? Most employees will have some stacked up throughout the year but getting your employees another bonus one on top of what they were expecting is an amazing gift idea.

A Custom Visa Gift Card from Gift Card Granny

Can’t go wrong with the best gift idea: money!

Buy A Visa Gift Card

Preview of your Build-a-Card

If you want to be extra safe and get something every single coworker and/or employee will love- then go for a Custom Visa Gift Card from Gift Card Granny. Visa gift cards are gift cards you can use anywhere Visa cards are accepted- (that’s most stores in the country). Put a custom amount up to $500 on the gift card, add a photo, gift message, and send it via email or have it be made into a real card where you can deliver it to the team in person. It’s a great quick gift to get your employees anytime of the year.

You can Purchase a Custom Visa Gift Card from Gift Card Granny here!

Every hard working employee deserves to know how much they’re appreciated, both on Employee Appreciation Day and throughout the year, and any of these gifts will definitely be a nice way to say you’re thinking of all the hard work they’ve done.

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