Gift Ideas for A Dog Mom That She And Her Pet Could Love

A dog mom cares about her dog more than anything else, and a gift can help that show.

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A dog mom is someone who is caring and loving, especially towards her dog, so when you’re getting her a gift, you should keep that in mind. A dog mom is often happy when her pet is happy, and her pet also happens to be one of her favorite topics. She will love a gift that is for both her and her pet, or one that shows how much she loves them. 

If you’re unsure about what to get the dog mom in your life, we’ve compiled a list of gifts that most dog moms can appreciate. You are likely to find something that stands out and makes a dog mom feel happy to have it!

1. GiftYa Gift Card

A gift card that gives you options. 

Send a GiftYa gift card

GiftYa Gift Card
Text a gift card to a dog mom’s phone. 

A gift card from GiftYa will be a great gift for a dog mom because it will allow her to make the final choice. She can buy something that she wants or something that she needs, and she will have you to thank for it. With GiftYa, you can choose the store she shops at, but she can always change it if she prefers a different option.

GiftYa will let you design and choose your gift card and send it over with a simple text message. You will get to choose from gift cards from restaurants, department stores, dessert shops, and more. Get a gift card from Petco, Amazon, or Insomnia Cookies, and a dog mom will have a really good time. 

Send a GiftYa gift card

2. Dog Mom Decor

A strong declaration on a soft pillow. 

Dog Mom Decor
The best dog mom could use this pillow. Image courtesy of Amazon

Dog moms need home decorations too, and they will love a throw pillow that shows off their love for their dog. A throw pillow makes a great decoration and can be thrown in amongst any other throw pillows a dog mom already has. It will add more personality to any bed or living room, and show everyone who comes by just how much your friend loves her dog. 

This throw pillow from Amazon will remind a dog mom that she’s the best dog mom ever. It is black and white, made of flannel, and the perfect addition to any couch, bed, or office chair. 

Or consider this throw pillow from Amazon is for the dog mom with too many dogs. If you know a dog mom who is always with a fleet of dogs, this throw pillow is for her. 

Life is better with a dog, so help a friend declare that with a funny throw pillow

3. Pet Travel Bag

A travel bag that makes pet travel easier. 

Pet Travel Bag
This allows you to bring all the food and supplies a dog will need on a trip. Image courtesy of Amazon

Traveling with a pet can be difficult, and you can make it easier for a dog mom by getting her a pet travel bag. A pet travel bag will let a dog mom pack everything she needs for her pet and keep them all in one place. With a pet travel bag, a dog mom can meet her pet’s needs in any location she travels to and on the way there. 

This dog travel bag from Amazon can carry everything a dog mom’s pet will need for a long trip and more. It is airline approved, so it will be easy to travel with, and it is sturdy enough to carry the heaviest of dog treats. This bag has leak proof lining and dishwasher safe collapsible dog bowl. It can carry food, water, treats, leashes, toys, and more. It will make traveling with a pet so much easier and more convenient. Her dog will also love the perks!

4. Dog Lover T-Shirt

A shirt that dog lovers will want to show off. 

Dog Lover T-Shirt
This shirt has a cool dog for a cool owner. Image courtesy of Amazon

A t-shirt can always make a great gift, and a dog mom will especially love it when it is a dog themed t-shirt. A funny dog themed t-shirt will be even more fun, and will give her something to wear while lounging around the house or running errands. A t-shirt that is soft, comfortable, and funny is one that any dog mom would love. 

This dog lover t-shirt from Amazon is a funny t-shirt with a painted on dog in sunglasses and a funny phrase. It is lightweight with a classic fit, and a t-shirt she will want to wear all the time.  

While this funny graphic t-shirt will help a dog mom celebrate her pet wherever she is. If she has a preference for the company of her dog over other people, this t-shirt will really speak to her. 

5. Funny Dog Lover Socks

Socks that tell a story. 

Funny Dog Lover Socks
These socks say exactly what’s happening a lot of the time. Image courtesy of Amazon.  

A dog mom always needs new socks to chase her pet in, and you can get her some fun dog themed ones. Plain socks don’t usually make a fun gift, but socks with funny pictures and messages can definitely be fun for a dog mom to receive. 

These fuzzy socks from Amazon express something that dog moms everywhere go through: not being able to get up because her dog is on her lap. They are made of plush coral fleece, and feature non-slip soles. 

Dog moms who like to use their pets as an excuse will love these funny green and yellow socks. They are made mostly with cotton and covered in pictures of dogs, and can send a message on a dog mom’s behalf. 

German Shepherd and pug lovers will enjoy these blue cotton blend socks. If a dog mom likes her messages to be more short and succinct. 

6. Dog Mom Necklace

A necklace customized to look like a specific dog.  

Dog Mom Necklace
A dog mom’s favorite dog can sit around her neck. Image courtesy of Amazon

A dog mom might wish that her pet could always be around, and he can be if you get her a dog mom necklace! A necklace with her dog on the charm is something she might just want to wear everyday. It will show off her deep love for her dog, and make a great accessory for any outfit. 

This dog mom necklace from Amazon is made of gold plated stainless steel, and is perfect for everyday wear. Each necklace is made to order and can be customized with a picture of a dog mom’s pet and their name. This will give her just one more excuse to talk about him!

Another option is this beagle pendant necklace, which is the perfect gift for a dog mom with a beagle. This pendant is shaped just like a beagle’s head, and is a good representation of anyone’s beagle. It is made of brass with sterling silver plating and has a crystal covered beagle front and center. 

7. Dog Mom Sweatshirt

Wear your favorite pets on your chest.

A picture of your pet can be placed right onto a sweatshirt. Image courtesy of Etsy

A dog mom declares her love for her pets wherever she goes, and you can help her do this without a word with a custom dog mom sweatshirt. Sweatshirts are worn when someone wants to wear something warm and comforting, and a picture of a dog mom’s pet is the most comforting image in her life. Make a sweatshirt even more comforting for her with a dog picture that she will love. 

This embroidered dog mom sweatshirt from Amazon will make a dog mom really happy. It’s made with a comfortable cotton blend and a custom picture of a dog mom’s dog as an outline. All you need to do is get a picture of her and send it in, and you will get back a sweatshirt with a high quality screen printed image on the front. 

A custom dog sweatshirt will print a full color image of a dog mom’s furry friend and help her show appreciation for them. It has a loose and relaxed fit so the wearer can feel comfortable, and will make a fun statement wherever she goes. 

8. Dog Treat Maker 

A treat maker for a loving dog mom and her dog. 

A treat maker for a loving dog mom and her dog. 
This treat maker will please a dog mom and her dog. Image courtesy of Amazon

If you have a dog mom friend who likes to treat her dog, a dog treat maker can make a very good gift. With a dog treat maker, a dog mom can make some of her dog’s treats for herself and have fun doing it. With a dog treat maker, her dog will never truly be out of treats. If a bag runs out she can just make her own batch! 

This dog treat maker from Amazon will keep a dog mom’s pet really satisfied. It comes with a cookbook that teaches you how to make 8 treats that any dog will love. It makes up to 8 dog bone shaped treats at a time, and the recipes are very easy to make. All you need to do is preheat the griddle, add batter, and cook.

9. Paw Print Stud Earrings

Earrings shaped like your pet’s footprints. 

Paw Print Stud Earrings
Wear your favorite pet’s footprints in your ears. Image courtesy of Kohls.

A dog mom could probably use a pair of earrings shaped like paw prints. She’ll be able to show off her love for her dogs on her earlobes on any day she chooses. Paw print earrings can show off what a dog mom likes, and what is important to her. And if they are cute yet understated, they can fit with just about any outfit. 

These paw print stud earrings from Kohls are 14k gold and nickel free. They are fun and charming, and can be worn for years to come. 

Or pick up these paw print stud earrings that are silver, opal, and lab created. The opal is bright blue, so for any dog mom who loves this color, these earrings will make a great gift. 

And finally, these paw print earrings are solid, gold, and charming. They will fit with any type of outfit or color, so a jewelry loving dog mom can have fun with them. 

10. Custom Visa Gift Card

A gift card that can be used anywhere you want to shop. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

Being a dog mom is a very important job, and you can appreciate one with a custom gift card from Gift card Granny. Gift Card Granny is a website that will let you build a custom gift card for a loved one that can be used at any store. You will get to customize the card to your liking and add images, messages, and videos to it. It will make the card feel more personal than the average gift card.

You will need to visit their website and choose whether you want to use a Visa or a Mastercard, add a picture of your friend with her dog, add a thoughtful message, and then you will get to text it right over to them. She will get to use it right away, and can even get a physical copy if she wants more than just the digital version. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

Being a dog mom is tough work and loads and loads of fun, so send a dog mom a gift that lets her know you understand her lifestyle. She is likely to love any one of the gifts on this list, so go ahead and buy one to make her day!

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