10 Sweet Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Daughter In Law

Your daughter in law is a new family member who deserves a great gift.

Your daughter in law is a newer family member who is now important in your life, and you probably want to find ways to show that during gift giving moments. You likely don’t know her as well as you know your own child, so it can be challenging to find her the right gift, but that’s why we are here to help you out! If you can remember little details about your daughter in law, you can figure out what gift on this list she will appreciate most. Keep reading for some much needed inspiration to find a gift that your daughter in law will be beyond happy to get from you!

1. GiftYa Gift Card

Someone gets to choose their own perfect gift. 

Send your daughter in law a GiftYa gift card

Send a gift card straight to a loved one’s phone. 

Anytime you need to get your daughter in law a gift and can’t decide on exactly what to get, a gift card will be much appreciated. With a gift card from GiftYa, your daughter in law will be able to get herself a great gift from any number of great places, whether she is in the mood for food or clothing. All you have to do is go to GiftYa’s website and personalize your gift card. With GiftYa, she can even switch up the store her card works for if she wants to. 

With GiftYa, you can text or email a gift card straight to your daughter in law’s phone. She'll be able to use it as soon as you send it over. GiftYa offers gift cards for many different local and national establishments. Some of those places include Sephora, Target, Baskin Robbins, Ulta. They have so many options that it is clear they have something for everybody.

Send your daughter in law a GiftYa gift card

2. Scented Candle

A candle that makes a home smell sweet. 

Cherry is a scent that can put someone in a better mood. Image courtesy of Bath & Body Works.

A great gift to get your daughter in law is one that will make her home smell brand new. A good place to get a quality scented candle from is Bath & Body Works, and they make all kinds of fragrances that are perfect for the holiday season. A candle from Bath & Body Works will make your daughter in law’s place smell amazing, and just the way she likes it to. You can get her the kind of fragrance she would enjoy yourself, or get her a gift card and let her pick out the perfect candle! 

The sweetheart cherry candle from Bath & Body Works will make your daughter in law’s home smell amazing. It smells like a mix of wild cherry, pistachio, and vanilla. It’s infused with essential oils, high quality, and it comes with a decorative lid. Bath & Body works also has lots of other great candles in case you want to let your daughter in law choose a scent for herself. 

Get a Bath & Body Works gift card

3. Satin Pajamas

A soft set of pajamas can make lounging a lot more comfortable. 

women with long hair wearing red pajamas
These pajamas will make night time just a little more cozy. Image courtesy of Target

Everyone needs to sleep, and when your daughter in law does it, she could do it in a set of satin pajamas. Satin pajamas will make a great gift because they are soft and silky, and feel great against the skin. They will feel amazing to wear when your daughter in law wants to go to bed or just lounge around the house. If you get her a new comfy set of pajamas, she might never want to take them off! 

This satin pajama set from Target is made to bring about comfortable nights. It is available in four different colors, and has soft and stretchy fabric. These pajamas include a notch collar top, and drawstring shorts. They even come with a pillow case set so your daughter in law can match her pillows if she wants to. 

4. Sugarwish Desserts

Give your daughter in law a sugar rush for a gift. 

These are just two of many choices of candy. Image courtesy of ThriftyJinxy

Delicious desserts will always make a great gift for your daughter in law, and you can send some with a simple text message with SugarWish. SugarWish lets you choose the size of the gift you want to send, send a text, and then your daughter in law will get to decide what desserts she would like herself. There are dozens of options to choose from, and when she’s done picking out what she wants, it will be delivered right to her door!

SugarWish delivers boxes of cookies, popcorn, candy, and other tasty and even nostalgic snacks. Your daughter in law is very likely to find her favorites on the menu. If she wants a cookie box, she gets to choose between funfetti cookies, gingerbread butterscotch cookies, chocolate mint chip cookies, and more. If she wants to order the candy box, she can choose between old fashioned favorites like jawbreakers and caramel creams, or chocolates and gummy candies. 

5. Olive & June Mani Set

A manicure set with everything needed for basic care.

This box contains several manicure devices. Image courtesy of Olive & June

If your daughter in law often has her nails done, she would likely love a manicure set. A manicure set will give her a new set of tools and colors to work with to paint her nails. Anyone who does their nails enjoys getting a new color to use, and it will be even more fun to give them a pack of nail polish with more than one new color inside. If you even just know her favorite color, you can pick out just the right set! 

The glazed mani system from Olive & June contains several items needed to give oneself a great manicure. It offers two popular nail polish colors in different shades of pink, a top coat, and a cuticle serum. It also contains a nail buffer, a nail clipper, a clean up brush, and more. You can even switch out the two colors for ones you are sure she will like! Consider surprising her with a nail technician course, a thoughtful and practical gift that could inspire her passion for nail art.

6. Jewelry Box

Storage for every jewel in your home. 

This jewelry box can hold on to a lot. Image courtesy of Amazon

For the daughter in law who loves to wear jewelry, get her a nice jewelry box to put it all in. A decorative jewelry box will help her set up her jewelry nicely, and will look great in her space. A jewelry box should be big enough to hold on to what she needs, and small enough to be stored away whenever she doesn’t need it.

This jewelry box from Amazon can hold many jewels, and is perfect for someone who likes to wear jewelry. It comes in several different colors and has different sections to hold earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and any jewels that your daughter in law may have. Some of the parts are also removable and customizable so that she can set up this jewelry box exactly the way she wants it. 

Get an Amazon gift card

7. Bath Bombs

Smooth skin and aromatherapy in a small package. 

Different colors and scents for her different moods. Image courtesy of Amazon

For the daughter in law who likes to take care of herself, or simply needs to relax, get her a set of bath bombs. If she loves taking baths, she will absolutely love this gift. It will make her smooth skin while she bathes and provide some aromatherapy with its sweet scents. Whenever she is stressed or just wants to take a soak, she can simply toss a bath bomb into the tub and soak the day away. 

This bath bomb set from Amazon will give your daughter in law six chances to relax in her bathtub surrounded by an amazing aroma. Each bath bomb in this set is handmade, and made to look like a dessert. They are shaped like cupcakes, donuts, and hearts, and will start working as soon as they hit the water. These bath bombs are long lasting and also rich in vitamins A, E, and F, so on top of smooth skin, it also gives you healthier skin. 

8. Mini Speaker

A portable speaker for music lovers who like to share. 

This small speaker can fill a room. Image courtesy of Amazon

For the daughter in law who loves to listen to music, a portable music speaker will make a very fitting gift. With a mini portable speaker, your daughter in law can play music out loud anywhere she wants to. She can play music at her home or at yours on a speaker that is portable enough for her to carry around everywhere.  

This mini bluetooth speaker from Amazon blasts powerful music despite being so small and portable. This mini speaker is also waterproof, making it useful anywhere, even if it is at risk of getting wet. It will let your daughter in law take her favorite music anywhere for any event. This speaker also has immersive high fidelity sound, and a booming bass. It can easily fit into a purse or a backpack, and is even small enough to be carried by hand!

9. Slippers

Velvet slippers that you won’t want to slip off. 

These slippers feel even softer than they look. Image courtesy of Amazon

If you want to get your daughter in law something that will make her feel comfortable, get her a soft pair of slippers that she can wear. She likely spends so much time walking around the house, and you can help her do that with some added comfort and style! A pair of warm slippers will make any time spent walking extra comfortable for your daughter in law. She deserves to feel comfy whenever she is in her house. 

These velvet memory foam slippers from Amazon will keep your daughter in law’s feet really comfortable and warm whenever she is lounging around. They are cute, comfortable, and good quality. They are made of velvet and filled with memory foam, two things known for their softness that will give her feet an incredible experience!. 

10. Custom Visa Gift Card

Create a gift card for someone you care about. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

When you’re looking for a gift card for your daughter in law, think of Gift Card Granny. Gift Card Granny will allow you to create and send a gift card to your daughter in law that can be used anywhere within just a few minutes. Using Gift Card Granny allows you to add whatever you want to a gift card, from words to pictures and videos. It won’t take much to complete, but will look like you put some effort into it!

Gift Card Granny makes the gift card creation process simple. Just visit their website, follow the prompts there, and you will end up with a digital gift card that can be delivered physically, that has a personalized message and image on it. You can add a personal photograph and message to it, and choose whether it will be a Visa or a Mastercard. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

Your daughter in law is someone important in your life whom you might just be getting to know, and it can be hard finding her a gift for that reason. We hope this list has helped you solve that dilemma and pick out a gift that will truly make her day!

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