10 Great Gift Ideas for A Coworker That’s Leaving!

Some Gifts That Will Let Them Know How Much You Appreciated Working With Them

Our coworkers can be such an important part of our life. Not only are they often our friends, but the fact that we spend 40 hours a week together kind of makes them our work-family in a way. And that’s why it's always sad to see a coworker that you really like leave for a new job or enter their retirement. So if you have a coworker that’s leaving and you want to do something special to let them know how much their leaving means to you then today’s post is going to be just the thing you need. 

In today’s article I will lay out 10 great gift ideas for coworkers that are leaving. And a coworker can be any kind of person out there. Since I don’t specifically know the coworker in your life that is leaving, I tried to keep the list made up of options that I thought would be pretty universally appreciated by any coworker out there. Any time you can get one of these great gifts with one of our digital GiftYa gift cards I will be sure to include a link for your convenience.

Digital GiftYa gift cards can make for a really great option when you need to find a gift. Since they exist in an all digital format it means that you can buy and send them wirelessly in just a couple of clicks. And there are countless options to choose from since GiftYa is partnered with 1000s of national brands and tons of small businesses as well. A GiftYa is a gift card that you can never lose, leave behind, or lose track of the balance of. Which makes them a great option when you are shopping for gifts. If you want to know more check out this page.

But that’s enough about GiftYa. Let me get right to that list of 10 great gift ideas for a coworker that’s leaving that brought you here!

1 - Treat Them to A Nice Dinner Out!

Everybody Enjoys A Free Meal!

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a room with tables and chairs

A classic gift in just about any situation is taking the person out for a nice meal. Not only is this a nice way to treat the person as a gift, but it also shows that you want to spend time with them. There are few better ways for humans to bond than by sharing a meal together. So not only do you get to get them a gift in the form of the meal, you also get to show them that you appreciate the time that you got to spend together and will miss them when they are gone. Everybody has their own idea of the perfect restaurant so be sure to take them somewhere that they’ll love. This is a good gift for a coworker that’s leaving because it’s fairly nice without being overly expensive.

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2 - A Nice Watch

A Classic Gift for Retirement!

close up of a watch

If the coworker that’s leaving is leaving because they are retiring then getting them a nice watch can be a great send off for them. There was a time when you retired and the company you worked for would give you a nice watch as a thank you for your years of service. But the economy doesn’t really work that way anymore. So you can fill the gap and make sure they get a nice retirement watch regardless of what the company has planned. 

Now obviously this one is going to be a bit more expensive than some of the other options on the list so it's really only going to be appropriate if it's for a coworker that you genuinely care about. But since you are here searching gift ideas for coworkers I imagine the one that is leaving is one that you are going to miss.

3 - Office Depot/OfficeMax

A Great Place to Get Them Supplies for Their New Job

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Office Depot/OfficeMax

If you want to help them make the transition to their new job easier on them then you can send them a gift card to Office Max. Office Max is one of the country’s leading retailers in every kind of office supply. So if they are moving on to a desk job then they will get a lot of use out of a gift card to Office Max. They can get their favorite pens or pencils, binders and organizers, and every other type of business essential you can think of when they shop at Office Depot.

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4 - Staples

Another Great Place to Find Office Supplies

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Staples gift card

Staples is another great place to get office supplies. So you could consider sending them a Staples gift card instead of an Office Depot one depending on which is more accessible in your town. But they will certainly appreciate being able to come into their first day at their new job fully stocked to do an incredible job!

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5 - Target

A Great Location to Find A Variety of Gifts for Your Coworker That’s Leaving

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 Target gift card

You can find all kinds of great gifts for your co-worker at Target. Target is one of the most popular retail chains in the country and the nice thing about that is it means they have an enormous selection to choose from. They have home goods, clothes, shoes, sports equipment, books, movies, video games, and so much more. 

And if you aren’t sure exactly what your coworker would like you can always send them a gift card to Target and then they can choose from the enormous selection for themselves and get exactly what they want. A Target gift card is really quite versatile because many of their locations also carry groceries.

Anybody can grab a digital Target gift card in an instant when they use the link!

6 - A Nice Reusable Coffee Mug

A Nice Gift That You Can Get for A Great Price

A Nice Reusable Coffee Mug
Everybody needs a hot cup of coffee for their first day at their new job! Image courtesy of Amazon.com.

About 90% of Americans report drinking some type of caffeine every single day. So getting your coworker a nice reusable coffee mug can make a great gift for them. Whether they use it for coffee or tea they will appreciate having an insulated mug that keeps their beverage hot all morning long. Because if they are anything like the rest of us then they really need that caffeine boost during the day to stay productive.

7 - Help Them Plan Some Time Off

This One Helps Them Enjoy Their New Free Time

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a couple walking on a beach

If you want to do something special for your coworker that’s leaving then contribute to their vacation fund. There’s a few different ways you can go about this, but I think it’s easiest to just get them an Airbnb gift card and maybe a gift card to an airline as well. And that way they hopefully get to enjoy a nice relaxing vacation as they move between jobs. In the United States we don’t get a ton of paid time off so it can be really hard to make a vacation financially viable. But if you and a couple other people in the office pool some money together you can get them started well on their way to their well-deserved big break before they start their new job!

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8 - A Farewell Gift That Everyone Can Sign

A Nice Way for Them to Remember All the Coworkers They’re Leaving Behind

A Farewell Gift
This gift is a great way for everybody to get a chance to write a special goodbye. Image courtesy of Amazon.com.

Finding a farewell gift that everybody can sign is a great gift idea for your coworker that’s leaving. The nice thing about a gift like this is that it gives the whole office an opportunity to write a personal message to the person. And then after everybody signs it they have this nice wall hanging they can hang up that’s filled with well-wishes from all their coworkers and friends. 

I think this one is nice because it doesn’t just show that you appreciated them as a coworker, it gives everybody a chance to show them how much they are appreciated. And it's hard to find a gift for a coworker that’s leaving that’s better than that!

9 - An Amazon Gift Card

Let Them Choose Their Own Gift From Millions of Options

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Amazon gift card

If you just want a quick and simple gift that your coworker will definitely get some use out of then send them a gift card to Amazon. As the world’s largest online retailer Amazon has over 12 million different items for sale. So no matter what your coworker is into they will be able to find something they will love on Amazon. They can get books, movies, electronics, clothes, shoes, video games, sporting equipment, and so much more. Whatever they need, they are going to be able to find it on Amazon.

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10 - Visa Gift Card

These Custom Gift Cards Can Be Used to Shop Anywhere

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Visa gift card

These gift cards can make a nice gift for a coworker that’s leaving because they are Visa cards. Which means that they can use them anywhere that Visa is accepted. Which really makes these particular gift cards even better than cash. You can use the gift card in person at a small hometown business, or you can use it to shop online at countless retailers. With cash you can only shop and person and since so many retail transactions take place online these days it really makes more sense to give them a gift card that they can use to shop in the modern world.

Anybody can grab a digital Visa gift card in an instant when they use the link!

And There You Have A List of 10 Great Gift Ideas for A Coworker That’s Leaving!

I hope something on the list looked like a great option for the coworker in your life that is leaving. There are so many types of coworkers out there that it's impossible to have a comprehensive list that would be perfect for coworkers for every type of job out there. So instead I tried to get a list of 10 options that just about any coworker out there would appreciate. So I hope you found something that works perfectly for your coworker on the list today!

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