Gift Ideas for Competition Judges Sure to Win 1st Prize

No matter what type of contest they’re judging, they’ll appreciate any one of these gift ideas!

There are all kinds of competitions out there, from small bake-off competitions at local fairs, to large, national cheerleading competitions. But they all have one thing in common—there are judges for them all! That’s right, judges are the ones who are taking the time to judge who will go home the winners of the competition, and those who will need to try again next time. They’re often experts in their field, which is why they’ve been selected to judge the best of the best. 

Folks may not always agree with their decisions, but what they say goes. If you know a competition judge, you know that they usually go unappreciated, and sometimes even unnoticed—but we’re here to change all that with the best gift ideas for competition judges, including:

  • Gift cards perfect for any type of competition judge
  • Gift ideas for specific competitions
  • Gift ideas they’re sure to love

Send a gift to a competition judge with GiftYa!

It’s super easy to show a judge in your life that you really appreciate the hard work they’ve performed in order to be considered a judge. All you have to do is send them a digital GiftYa gift card! Choose from over 250,000 merchants, both local and national, and either text or email your gift card in seconds. All you need to do is choose the vendor, pick the amount you want to send, personalize it, and then send it away. The recipient will receive notice immediately and they can use it whenever it suits them. 

Because it’s all digital, they’ll never need to worry about losing a plastic gift card again, and they’ll always know exactly how much remains on their balance. Did you know they can even swap out the merchant if they want to?

Now let’s get to the best gift ideas for competition judges!

Gifts for any type of competition judge

1. Visa gift card

Visa gift cards would be a great gift idea for a competition judge!

Text a Visa gift card

Visa gift card

Visa really is everywhere you want to be. This gift card is accepted in almost every store you can imagine, whether it’s picking up groceries, buying concert tickets, or finding the perfect outfit for your next event. A Visa gift card is also a superior choice to cash because you can use it online, giving the recipient more of a selection. An additional bonus is that with a Visa, you can also choose to support local, small businesses with your dollar, and contribute to the growth of the community!

Text a Visa gift card

2. Target gift card

You can easily send a Target gift card to any competition judge

Email a Target gift card

arget gift card

Target is one of those amazing stores that always seems to have something for everyone. No matter what type of lifestyle the judge you know leads, they’re sure to find something they love at Target. You can peruse their electronic aisles for all the latest tech, find a new set of pillows and sheets, check out the latest books, or find what you want for dinner. Not to mention they have a fantastic clothing and shoe section! Whether it’s something mundane or an item they’ve had their eye on for a while, your judge is going to find it at Target.

Pro tip: Sending an electronic gift card like Target makes a great last-minute gift too!

Email a Target gift card

Gift ideas for cheer competition judges

If the judge you know happens to judge cheer competitions, you’re in luck, because we have a few items that they will especially enjoy!

3. Judge coffee mug

A coffee mug would be the perfect gift for a cheer competition judge

Judge coffee mug
If you know a cheer competition judge, they’ll really appreciate having their own mug that they can enjoy each morning. Image courtesy of Etsy.

Let’s be honest, cheer competitions can start early and last for most of the day. There are a lot of squads that need to do their thing, not to mention different parts of the competition itself. A cheer competition judge needs to make sure they’re prepared and have brought their A game so they can evaluate impartially all the cheerleading squads that are attending. What better way to start their day off right than with a mug just for them and their morning coffee or tea? 

This cheeky mug is made out of ceramic and features a quote that you know all judges secretly believe. The design is printed on both sides, and the mug is both dishwasher and microwave safe. You can also find it in two sizes, in 11 ounces or 15 ounces. 

4. Judge hanger

Any judge would love a personalized hanger for their judging outfit

Judge hanger
This lovely hanger would make a nice gift for any cheer judge. Image courtesy of Etsy

Judges always need to look professional, after all, the result of the cheer competition depends on them. One great way to make sure their official judging outfit always looks great is to gift them this cute hanger. This way they’re sure to always be prepared and look their best for any competition. The hanger is made out of solid wood, and measures 17.5 inches in length, includes a colored bow of your choosing, and features two notches for dress straps. One of the best parts of a gift like this is that not only is it thoughtful, but you can personalize it as well! Whether you want to put their full name, or include a heart or other meaningful addition, you can easily do this. 

Another great part about gifting a special hanger is that it’s easy for them to travel with it. They’ll always know which outfit is their judging outfit!

Gift ideas for an art competition judge

If you know someone who judges art competitions, we have a few gifts that we think they might really enjoy. 

5. Michaels gift card

Any art competition judge would be thrilled to get a Michaels gift card

Text a Michaels gift card

Michaels gift card

Every art judge first is an artist, or else how would they know which entry deserves to win the competition? Whether they’re specialty is painting, sculpting, woodwork, glass, or sketching, any art judge would appreciate the chance to restock their supplies at a store like Michaels. Michaels is your one stop shop for all things artsy, and here they can find everything they need to continue to practice the form of art that’s nearest to their heart. 

Or, if they’re looking to get better at another style, they can always shop around and see what they can create next!

Text a Michaels gift card

6. Watercolor insulated travel mug

A work of art on a handy travel mug

Watercolor insulated travel mug
Keep any beverage hot or cold, and don’t worry about spilling it in the car with this travel mug. Image courtesy of Artist Gifts.

Does the art judge in your life appreciate beautiful watercolors? Chances are they do, and would love to be given a serene scene of birds on this convenient travel mug. Each mug can hold 16 ounces, and features a spill resistant easy to open cap and a weighted bottom to limit falls. It is neoprene insulated, so your drink stays hot or cold, and fits in most cup holders. The colorful design is sure to win over any art judge, and they’ll appreciate an easy way to bring their beverage to an art competition! 

7. Paint pallete pin

An artsy pin would be perfect on a blazer or a jacket

Paint pallete pin
Everyone will know where their interests lay when you give a competition judge this thoughtful gift. Image courtesy of Artist Gifts.

If the art judge you know is a painter, then this may be the perfect gift for them. Even if they do not use a palette, everyone is familiar with this symbol that can represent a variety of painting styles. Made of enamel over sterling silver, it is 1.25 inches tall and 1.75 inches wide, and features an 1 inch long pin shaft. It is slightly domed for an eye catching look, and can be worn horizontally or vertically. This pin would look fantastic on a blazer, suit jacket, a blouse, or even a tie, making it a great universal gift for an art judge. 

What makes this gift extra special is that it can be worn outside of an art competition, and wouldn’t be out of place in everyday wear. It’s a nice subtle nod to what they do and expresses a little bit of their personality at the same time. 

Gifts for a literary competition judge

Do you know someone who is a judge for a literary competition and want to find the perfect gift for them? Then consider picking up one or more of these gift ideas perfect for any judge of the written word. 

8. Barnes & Noble gift card

These judges are all readers, so they’d love a chance to get more books!

Email a Barnes & Noble gift card

Barnes & Noble gift card

You’ll find that most people who are drawn to writing are so because they love to read. No matter if they prefer books about history, science, romance, sci-fi, or poetry, all writers like to read books by other authors. And in order to become a judge of a literary competition, you’ve got to have spent some time practicing the art of writing. There are all kinds of forms of writing—fiction, non-fiction, poetry, etc.—but all contests of this variety are judged by authors who are considered adept in these fields.

So is there a better gift for this type of judge than a gift card to one of the largest bookstores around, Barnes & Noble? Any literary judge would be thrilled at the chance to pick up a book that’s been on their list for a while, or to simply go online or in-store and see what book strikes their fancy. 

Email a Barnes & Noble gift card

9. Writers’ socks

These fun socks would be perfect for an literary competition judge

Writers’ socks
Everyone needs to wear socks, so why not get them a pair that speaks to one of their passions? Image courtesy of Amazon

Any person who loves writing would also appreciate a warm, comfortable pair of socks that also showcases their favorite hobby. These cute socks are not only colorful, but they’re made of a stretchy cotton/polyester/elastane mix, ensuring they’re cozy and won’t fall down. Featured on each sock are bookcases, books, globes, stationary, glasses, and coffee, and on the bottom the quote “Go Away, I’m Writing.” These are sure to be the socks they turn to each time they’re judging a writing competition, or when they simply want to curl up with a good book on the couch. 

10. Pencil holder for writers

A writer-friendly way to hold pens and pencils

Pencil holder for writers
This cute desk accessory is sure to be any writer’s favorite, and will help them keep their desk at home clutter-free. Image courtesy of Amazon

Writers typically like to write at their desks, whether that’s on the computer or the old fashioned way with a pen and paper. You can help a writing judge you know keep all their pens and pencils organized with this holder shaped like a vintage typewriter. The 4x4 inch holder is small enough to fit snugly on a desk, but offers enough space to put other necessary writing utensils and desk items. Any judge of a writing competition would love to have something like this on their home desk!

Those are our favorite gift ideas for competition judges!

No matter what type of competition they’re judging, it takes a lot of dedication to be a judge. Oftentimes they go unappreciated, so when the competition is over, consider any one of these gift ideas and you’ll really make their day!

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