Gift Ideas for A Christian Man That Represent His Faith

Faith based gifts can make a big impact on a Christian man.

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A Christian man is the type of man who takes his faith very seriously, and will probably really appreciate a gift related to it. So if you’re getting a gift for a Christian man who places his faith at the center of his life, gifts that include cross imagery, scripture, and images of Christ are a good bet. Anything can contain Christian imagery, you just have to find the ones that the Christian man in your life will like the best. And we have compiled a list that will help you figure that out!

From rings to books and hats, you can find several things that a Christian man would love on this list. But remember, if you can’t decide on a solid gift to send to someone, you can always go with a gift card! GiftYa has a whole lot to offer in that department, and you might want to take advantage of that to give a Christian man the best gift that he can hope for. 

1. GiftYa Gift Card

A gift card that offers a man some options. 

Send a GiftYa gift card

GiftYa gift card
Text or email a gift card to a Christian man. 

If you want to give a Christian man many options, get him a gift card from GiftYa that offers all the options he can want. With GiftYa, you can get a Christian man a gift card so he can shop for his own gifts. Anything he gets can be all his choice and you can be sure that he will be satisfied with it!

Visit GiftYa’s website and make a gift card you can send to someone you know digitally. You will be able to text a gift card to a Christian man’s phone or send it to his email. GiftYa gives you many options to pick from, and those include restaurants, clothing stores, and even hotels. Get  him a gift card from Home Depot, Amazon, or Jimmy Johns, or one of the several other options he might enjoy. 

Send a GiftYa gift card

2. Cross Hat

A hat that shows off A Christian man’s faith. 

A grey Cross Hat
This hat can go with anything. Image courtesy of Amazon

A hat can make a good gift for a Christian man, especially when it helps represent his faith. A hat that reminds him of his faith wherever he goes will be a welcome companion on all his outings if he is proud of it. A hat is something that he can wear indoors and outdoors with any outfit. 

This cross hat from Amazon is made to be worn on any occasion. It is a top tier sturdy hat with an adjustable strap and a comfortable fit. This hat will stay securely in place through any activity at church, at a holiday celebration, at a family gathering, or wherever a Christian man may end up. 

3. A Different Kind of Cross Necklace

A hand carved cross reminiscent of Medieval times. 

A man in a black shirt wearing a dog tag necklace.
A cross necklace that is different from the average options. Image courtesy of Etsy

Many Christians have cross necklaces, but you can get a Christian man a different kind of cross necklace. Instead of a regular cross, you can get him one that is unique and more fun to wear. It will represent his faith and give him something unique and fun to wear with his clothes. 

This dog tag cross necklace from Amazon is made for daily wear. It is made of high grade stainless steel, is hypoallergenic, and is resistant to rust. It comes with two dog tags, one with a prayer on it in small letters, and one with a hollowed out cross inside it. 

Or consider this medieval cross necklace from Etsy that is different from every cross necklace you’ve seen so far. It features a rustic, medieval style cross, and is made of recycled bronze. The cross is hand carved and strong enough to last for years. 

4. Leather Bible Cover

Bible covers that make a statement. 

Leather Bible Cover
These colors are bold and solid. Image courtesy of Etsy

Every Christian man has a Bible, but not everyone has one with a cool leather cover. You can give a Christian man a Bible cover that will make his Bible look cool and unique, and maybe even earn him some compliments. If it is made with good quality material, it can last him for years to come. He can even make sure to get future Bibles in the same size just so the cover will fit. 

This custom leather Bible cover from Etsy will add a touch of style and protection to a man’s Bible and keep it intact for years to come. It is made of 100 percent high quality leather, and only gets better the longer it's used. This Bible cover can also be customized with the owner’s name. 

5. Funny Christian T-Shirt

A shirt with a sense of humor. 

Funny Christian T-Shirt
Before you justify your next bad move, remember what Jesus actually said. Image courtesy of Etsy

For a Christian man with a big sense of humor, get him a Christian themed shirt that makes him laugh. A man can never have enough t-shirts, and those t-shirts can be even more fun to wear when they are funny. 

This ‘I Never Said That’ t-shirt from Amazon can make anyone laugh when they see it. It makes a joke of the common practice of twisting Jesus’s words to suit one’s own interests, something that can even apply to the wearer sometimes. It is made with super soft cotton, has a high stitch density, and is made for a sleek fit. 

A Moses t-shirt makes a joke comparing Moses to the modern person that a Christian man can relate to. It is a solid shirt with cool graphics and a lightweight fit. On the front is Moses holding the 10 commandments, and it can give a Christian man a reminder to refresh himself on what those are. He can wear it around his house or out and about, and anyone who sees it will get a kick out of it. 

6. Ring

A ring with an important symbol.  

A ring with an cross symbol
A cross can be placed front and center on a small ring. Image courtesy of Personalization Mall

Another place a Christian man can wear his faith is on his fingers, and you can make that happen with a faith based ring. A necklace doesn’t have to be the only piece of jewelry that carries the cross. A ring is small and easy to carry around and can have the same visual impact as a necklace. 

This holy cross ring from Etsy is silver with a rose gold interior, and is made for everyday wear. It is handmade, made with some of the strongest metals, and can be personalized for a specific Christian man in your life. 

While this scripture cross ring from North Arrow Shop contains a Bible verse from Ephesians 6:10-13 and a prominent silver cross. This verse references the ‘Armor of God’ and can give a Christian man strength when he needs it wherever he is in any given moment. 

7. Christian Men’s Journal

A journal with pages of devotions.

Christian Men’s Journal
If you want to write and read some scripture, this journal will help you do it. Image courtesy of Amazon

If you know a Christian man who does a lot of writing in his spare time, a journal would make him a great gift. A journal that professes his faith can be even better. Whether he writes a lot of notes in church, writes outside of church, or likes to keep his life organized, a journal will work perfectly. He could always use a journal for one of those occasions and more. 

This leather journal from Amazon is high quality and made for heavy writing. It is covered in genuine, hand cut leather, has 360 pages, and comes with a luxury pen. It is also refillable, so someone who writes a lot can always keep using it even when it looks like it is filled. 

Or go with this Christian men’s journal, which gives a man a place to write next to daily devotions and Bible verses. It will remind him of his favorite verses and his goals in life as he gets writing done each day, and can be the perfect place to write down any notes he takes from church. 

8. Cross Bracelet

A bracelet that represents the Christian faith. 

Cross Bracelet
This bracelet can be worn casually or dressed up. Image courtesy of Amazon

Another way to wear a cross is through a bracelet, and a Christian man can wear a cross everyday if you get him one. A cross bracelet is a subtle accessory that can still make a statement. It can be worn each day with different styles, and the only thing that will repeat is the holy cross. 

This beaded cross bracelet from Amazon will make a statement anywhere a Christian man goes. It is made of mostly wood with a steel cross, and very clearly expresses the Christian faith. It can be a great gift on any occasion!

A cross leather bracelet from Etsy is a handmade statement bracelet from Etsy provides style along with comfort and quality. It is simple, made of quality material, and easy to wear from day to day. You can go with black or brown leather too, whatever you think the Christian man in your life may prefer. 

9. Scripture Tie

A tie with a message. 

Scripture Tie
A valuable message can really be written anywhere. Image courtesy of Christian Book.

A Christian man is a fan of scripture, and you can help him carry some of his favorite ones around on his chest with a tie. A tie can add a touch of color and fun to an outfit, and one with a scripture on it can show off a verse that a Christian man loves to read. He can share it with himself and others with this kind of tie. 

This silk tie from Christian Book will make a Christian man stand out in the best way. It features Isaiah 40:31, and an inspirational graphic design. It makes a great way for a man to share his faith and his style. 

If Jesus is his reason for persevering through life, he will love this ‘Jesus Is the Reason’ tie from Christian Book that professes that. This tie is finely crafted and will help a man profess his faith whenever he is in the mood to wear a bright red tie. 

10. Custom Visa Gift Card

A gift card that can be used anywhere he wants to shop. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

Custom Visa Gift Card

When you have a Christian man in your life whose likes and dislikes you can’t entirely pin down, get him a custom gift card from Gift Card Granny. Gift Card Granny will let you create a custom gift card complete with images, messages, and videos. The purpose is to make the gift card more personal so that it feels special. 

To create this gift card, you will just need to follow a few simple steps on Gift Card Granny’s website. You will need to choose a Visa or a Mastercard, add a personal picture, and anything that you may want to say. Once you are done, you will get to text or email it over. This gift card will work anywhere and can be activated right away. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

A Christian man’s faith is something that is really important to him, and you can make him happy with a gift that represents his faith. Since it is such a big part of his daily life, anything that can give him a daily reminder along with another type of value will make a wonderful gift for him, and that will include many of the options on this list!

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