Gift Ideas that Can Improve A Chemo Patient’s Day

Chemo is rough, but a well thought out gift can alleviate some stress.

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If you have a chemo patient in your life, you know that they are going through a tough time, and you might want to make it a little better for them with a gift. A gift won’t make staying at the hospital pleasant, but it can certainly make it a lot more bearable for a cancer patient. You’ll need gifts that will improve a long hospital stay and make it a bit easier to deal with each time. 

We’ve put together a list of gifts that can entertain a chemo patient, gifts that will keep them warm, gifts that will give them options, and more. If you pick out one of these gifts, a chemo patient in your life will know that you care enough about them to make them feel better, so pick something out and make their day. 

1. GiftYa Gift Card

A gift card from GiftYa gives plenty of options. 

Send a chemo patient a GiftYa gift card

GiftYa gift card
Text a gift card to a chemo patient’s phone. 

A chemo patient will have a lot of options with a gift card from GiftYa. A gift card is always a great choice for a gift, especially when you’d rather have them choose. GiftYa is a gift card supplier that makes the process easy, and you won’t even have to leave the house to get it. GiftYa will give you a digital gift card within just a few minutes and have it sent to a chemo patient as soon as you’re ready to send it.  

With GiftYa, you can get a gift card online and text or email it right to a chemo patient’s phone. A GiftYa gift card can be used at many different stores, restaurants, and locations, and many online shops as well. Some of those places are Insomnia Cookies, Amazon, and Target, and a chemo patient can order from any of these places online and have it sent to them at any location. 

Send a chemo patient a GiftYa gift card

2. Book Series

A series that offers tons of great entertainment. 

Book Series
This series will keep them turning the pages. Image courtesy of Amazon

When someone will be spending a lot of their time holed up at the hospital, some entertainment in the form of books can be a very welcome gift. A book series can especially be great in this instance since it can keep them entertained for a while. It will give them a chance to escape into another world for more than one book and keep the boredom away. It can also distract them from their ordeal from time to time.

To get them lost in a funny fantasy that takes them across the galaxy, get them The Complete Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy box set. This story is interesting, funny, and exciting, and there are five of them to read through. 

If your friend is a fan of the Dune movies, or of adventure stories set in space, get them the Dune book series to read during long chemo treatments. This series tells of an epic adventure that will keep your friend interested. And even if they’ve already seen the movies, reading the books offer a whole different experience. 

If Regency era romance is more your friend’s speed, get them the Bridgerton book series. It is an eight book collection that is intense and romantic and will get your friend enthralled in a different era. 

3. Warm Blankets

A blanket that lets you control the warmth. 

Warm Blankets
This blanket can make a person feel warmer than ever. Image courtesy of Amazon

A chemo patient will need one or a few blankets to keep them comfortable, so you can get them a really cozy one as a gift. The hospital can get cold, and sometimes what they offer isn’t enough. Rather than just use the hospital’s blanket, you can get a chemo patient one that makes them feel really warm and comfortable. 

This heated blanket from Amazon is soft, comfy, and comes in different colors. This blanket can be used anywhere in the house as long as it can be plugged in. It has 10 heat settings and a 10 hour shut off function so that leaving it on and falling asleep is never a problem. 

A weighted blanket provides some stress relief, and that can be really needed when someone is going through chemo. This blanket will make a chemo patient feel like they are being hugged by someone in bed with them even though they are alone. It can make lonely moments feel a little bit less lonely. 

4. Meal Delivery Kit

A variety of cooked meals at your door. 

Meal Delivery Kit
All this food needs is to be warmed up. Image courtesy of Blue Apron

When a chemo patient is at home and not eating hospital food, they will likely be too tired to prepare something for themselves a lot of the time, and that is what makes a meal kit delivery service a great idea. There are meal kit delivery services that have the meals already pre-made and not just pre prepped, and those will be ideal for a chemo patient. 

There are several food apps for you to choose from, but some great ones are Blue Apron and Hello Fresh. They offer high quality meals that are already made, and all a person will have to do is pop them in the oven or in the microwave for a few minutes. You can have the food delivery prepared yourself, or you can get them a gift card that allows them to pick out their own meal options!

5. Backrest Pillow

A pillow to keep you up straight in bed. 

Backrest Pillow
This pillow makes it easier to read, type, and eat in a hospital bed. Image courtesy of Vernier Shop

A chemo patient could use a lot of pillows, and ideally they can use a pillow that helps them sit upright. Get them a backrest pillow, and they will be able to sit up a lot easier than they would with the average pillow or pile of pillows. A backrest pillow can help them sit up straighter without having to use their own energy to hold themselves up.

The Reading Bed Pillow With Arms from will keep a chemo patient upright and comfortable. It is designed to support a person’s body while they enjoy anything from reading to watching TV from bed. It provides the type of neck and back support that a chemo patient needs. 

This backrest pillow from Amazon is meant to be supportive in a bed or in a chair. It is high quality and plush, and easy to clean. It is a great choice for anyone who will be spending a lot of time in bed.

6. Heavy Duty Skincare

Skincare that fights dry skin.  

Heavy Duty Skincare
There is a sample of each type of skincare product in this box. Image courtesy of Lindi Skin

When someone is going through chemo, they are going to need some really good skin care, and that is why a heavy duty skin care set would make a great gift. Chemo severely dries out a person’s skin on top of all its other side effects, so a chemo patient will need something to help with that. Getting them high quality skin products that are unscented or mild and filled with good ingredients that they can use to repair their skin.  

The Lindi Fight Back Pack is a skin care set formulated to help people with intense skin care needs. It comes with body lotion, body wash, face serum, and more. These products are designed for use after chemo. They penetrate the skin and leave behind protective moisture to keep skin healthy through rough times. 

7. Comfortable Slippers

Slippers that make the ground feel like clouds.

Comfortable Slippers
These slippers will make a hospital floor a lot more pleasant to walk across. Image courtesy of Bombas

When a chemo patient needs to get up from bed, they will need comfortable shoes to do it, and that is why it's a great idea to get them a comfortable pair of slippers. A comfortable pair of slippers can make them comfortable off the bed whenever they need to go to the bathroom, take a walk, or do anything else. 

These gripper slipper double cushioned slippers are light, flexible, grippy, and come in four colors. They prevent slips, which is ideal for the slick floors of a hospital and they provide extra cushioning for maximum comfort. These slippers feel like a plush foot blanket and a chemo patient will be happy to walk around in them. 

8. Loungewear

A hoodie set that is warm and comfortable. 

This hoodie is very smooth to the touch. Image courtesy of CoofAndy

When someone is spending lots of time in the hospital going through chemo, they will need a lot of loungewear, which is what makes it such a great gift. Even when a chemo patient isn’t in the hospital, they will likely be spending lots of their time resting at home and need the clothes there too. The more clothes they have to lounge in, the less they will have to do laundry as well, which can be a hassle when they’re constantly fatigued from chemo treatments. 

This cozy fleece hoodie set is casual, cozy, and soft, the perfect thing to wear when you want to lounge around and keep warm. It has kangaroo pockets, an elastic waist, and is made with a cotton and polyester blend that will make someone feel happy to wear it all day.

A fleece sweatshirt set with straight leg pants and an elastic waistband might just become the new most comfortable set in a chemo patient’s closet. It is a mix of polyester and made to fit loosely so that it is extra comfortable. 

9. Warm Socks

A cute pair of socks that keep feet warm. 

These socks are as warm as they look. Image courtesy of Thread Clothing Shop.

When it comes to spending lots of time in a hospital, warmth is necessary, so that is why thick, fuzzy socks can make a good gift. Feet are the part of your body most likely to feel cold, and so even when they have blankets, a chemo patient could always use a few pairs of ultra warm socks and will likely appreciate having extra around when they need it. 

A four pack of warm, comfy socks will keep a chemo patient’s feet warm all day and all night. They are made from high quality microfiber, are stylish, and have an elastic, comfortable fit. 

Or you can go for these velvet fleece bear socks that are premium quality and guaranteed to be a perfect fit. They were handcrafted by artisans around the globe and also happen to be really adorable.

10. Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom gift card for a cancer patient. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom Visa gift card will make a great gift because it will allow a chemo patient to buy just what they need to feel comfortable. They can buy blankets if they need them, order food, or pay for a prescription. They can do anything they want with it, and it will be personal to them. That is all made possible with Gift Card Granny. 

Gift Card Granny makes building a custom gift card easy. All you have to do is go to their website for just a few minutes and you will leave with a custom gift card as soon as you need it. You can choose a Visa or Mastercard, add an image, and a personal message, add in the money, and then you’ll send it right to a cancer patient’s phone. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

Chemo patients go through a lot, and certain well thought out gifts can sometimes put them at ease for a little bit. Make a friend’s time in chemo treatment go just a little bit easier with one of the gifts on this list. A chemo patient is likely to appreciate any of them!

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