Gift Ideas that Are Fun for Camp Counselors

Camp counselors have a fun job that you can add more fun to!

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Camp counselors are often active and fun people because they have to be, and a gift that indulges their fun and adventurous side can accompany them at home or at work, which is basically a home away from home. Anything that a camp counselor could use in the forest, in a cabin, or anywhere far from home will likely feel really helpful to them. It could be anything from bags to clothes to water bottles, whatever they can take with them and enjoy while out in a cabin in the woods surrounded by kids for a few weeks. We have a list full of gifts you will be excited to give the camp counselor in your life right below!

1. GiftYa Gift Card

A gift card that will give a camp counselor options.

Send a GiftYa gift card

Text a gift card to a camp counselor’s phone.

If you’re in doubt about what to get a camp counselor as a gift, a gift card from GiftYa can definitely do the trick. With a gift card, a camp counselor can pick out their own gift with a gift card you got just for them. All you have to do is choose the store they can use it at, the amount on the card, and then you can send it right over to them.

GiftYa will let you choose your gift card, choose an image to add to it, and send it over through a simple text message or an email. You will get to choose between gift cards for restaurants, department stores, and so much more. Get a gift card from Target, Insomnia Cookies, or Amazon, and make a camp counselor feel great!

Send a GiftYa gift card

2. Cool Water Bottle

A water bottle that resembles a few cartoon favorites.

Either one of these will amuse a kid or a nostalgic adult. Image courtesy of DrinkPathWater.

A camp counselor’s job is an active one, and that’s what makes a water bottle such a great gift for one. And you don’t have to go with just any water bottle. You can find them one with unique looks and features that they and all their students will think looks really cool. When out in the forest with a bunch of active kids, your friend will need all the helpful appliances they can get.  

Give a gift that will be fun for a camp counselor and their kids with a Spongebob water bottle. There is a bright yellow Spongebob bottle, a pink Patrick Star bottle, and one that resembles Bikini Bottom’s last musically talented curmudgeon.

3. Large Backpack

A backpack big enough for their things and kid’s things.

This bag is sturdy and cool. Image courtesy of Y Backpacks.

Camping is a pastime that can take a lot of supplies, and for that, your friend could use a large backpack. A large backpack can hold a camp counselor’s necessities, and even some things for the kids. With a backpack that is roomy enough, they can carry around a water bottle, sweater, sweet treats for the kids, and more.  

This vintage leather canvas backpack is stylish and large enough to carry everything that a camp counselor may need. It has pockets all over the outside and inside, and comes in 6 different colors.

4. Hoodie

A hoodie that will make all the kids laugh.

This turtle is surprisingly aggressive. Image courtesy of Look Human.

The weather can be unpredictable, especially when someone will be spending most of their time outside for weeks at a time, and that is what will make a hoodie a great gift. A hoodie will be there to keep a camp counselor warm through rainy days and chilly nights, and it's even better when it has a cool or funny phrase across the front.

The ‘Mess with the turtle you get the hurtle hoodie’ is funny and warm. The camp counselor and the kids will get a kick out of it, and you can get it in one of 7 colors. It will also be a great conversation starter for anyone working with kids.  

5. Waterproof Watch

A watch that is cool in so many ways.

This watch is bright and beyond helpful. Image courtesy of Energy FitWear.  

Something that a camp counselor might turn out to really need is a waterproof watch. A camp counselor may not be able to have their phone with them at all times, and camps involve a lot of schedules to keep up with. Sometimes a camp counselor will even need to keep track of children from inside a lake, and that is why a waterproof watch would be so great for them.

This waterproof smart watch can do so much more than just tell the time. It can monitor your blood pressure, monitor your heart rate, and monitor your sleep. It also looks really good. A camp counselor can always easily jump into a body of water and check all their vitals if they please.

This health smartwatch is one of the most advanced smartwatches for your health. A camp counselor is very active for work, and this watch can measure blood oxygen levels, monitor the heart rate, and track sleep. But the best part of it is, a camp counselor can tell time from the water and get the kids to the next activity right on time.

6. Funny T-Shirt

A t-shirt that represents camp life.  

This sloth, like the camp counselor, is fed up with all the questions. Image courtesy of Etsy.

A camp counselor will be wearing t-shirts everyday and could always use more of them. The more t-shirts they bring with them, the less laundry they will have to do throughout their busy days with the kids. A t-shirt you buy for a camp counselor will ideally be something fun or funny that kids might find amusing. A camp atmosphere is usually one full of fun and child-like joy, and a t-shirt can help spread that feeling.

This sloth t-shirt shows off a great answer to a question traveling children often have, “Are we there yet?” The sloth on this t-shirt is a slow mover who will let the children know that they will get there when they get there. The image of the sloth in front is also a funny one.  

A camp counselor is likely not going to be glamping with a bunch of kids, but they can let them know what glamping is with this glamping definition t-shirt.

Camp can be a wild place, and it can be a really funny place with this smore group hug t-shirt that exemplifies camp life. Smores, fires, and group hugs are all parts of camp life, and a camp counselor can wear it on a shirt.  

7. Hammock

A lightweight bed you can put up outside.

A camp counselor needs some rest too. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Camp counselors have lots of active days in the forest with their kids, and sometimes they could use a break from all that. When the kids are all off to bed after the day’s activities, a camp counselor can finally get some rest for themselves, and you can give them a better way to do that with a hammock. If a tired camp counselor can put up a hammock alone by the campsite and enjoy the night air any time they want, those might just end up being some of their most memorable times at camp.

This blue hammock can easily fit two people, so is super roomy for one. This hammock is heavy duty and durable, and made with quality nylon that is comfortable to lay in. It also comes in a compact and lightweight bag for easy carrying. A camp counselor can carry it as far from camp as they want without much effort.

8. Waterproof Speaker

A speaker that can handle the elements.

This speaker is a bright and colorful as the music you’ll be blasting. Image courtesy of Speaqua.

Another great gift for a camp counselor is a waterproof speaker. Whether a camp counselor likes to play music while they sit outside with the kids or by themselves in the shower, a waterproof speaker can go anywhere on a crowded campsite and be fine. They can use it out by the lake or even at the lunch table. If any kid spills something on it, it will be just fine.  

The cruiser H20 is a small bluetooth speaker made to accompany someone on their life’s adventures. It is not only waterproof, but also dust proof and shock proof, which makes it perfect for someone to take out in the woods for a few weeks.

This waterproof bluetooth speaker from Amazon can play for 12 hours straight, and gives off really high quality sounds. It can connect wirelessly to two phones, has a bass radiator, is made of durable material, and can even take phone calls.

This mini bluetooth speaker from Amazon can be taken everywhere in the palm of a camp counselor’s hand. It is waterproof, offers immersive high fidelity sound, and a booming bass. It can also fit into any backpack or pocket.

9. S’mores Kit

A pack of s’more ingredients with a tiny bonfire.

These will taste great at the end of a fun night. Image courtesy of City Bonfires.

Sometimes when people are outside by a fire long enough, they will want some s’mores, and a camp counselor will be spending a lot of time outdoors, some of it likely by a campfire. You can get them a smores kit that they can enjoy themselves or surprise the kids with on a night by the campfire. S’mores are a delicious treat that most people can enjoy in this setting, even if they never have them otherwise, so a s’mores kit is sure to be a hit for a camp counselor!

A s’mores night pack from City Bonfires makes having a small treat by a fire easy. This is great for a camp counselor who would like to enjoy s’more on their own, by a personal bonfire. It offers 3 to 5 hours of burn time, and includes everything you need to make great s’mores.

And lastly, this s’mores kit includes everything but the fire. If a camp counselor wants to enjoy some s’mores by the fire with their kids, they can easily do that with this s’mores kit.

10. Custom Visa Gift Card

A universal gift card to take anywhere.  

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

Now if you’re thinking of getting a camp counselor a gift card, and want one that you can customize, get a gift card from Gift Card Granny. A camp counselor will be able to take their pick of gifts with a custom Visa gift card. Gift Card Granny will let you build a custom gift card that can be used at any store a camp counselor may want to visit. You can customize the gift card however you want, add images, messages, and videos to it. Then they can go ahead and buy camp gear or anything else.

Visit Gift Card Granny’s website and decide whether you want to use a Visa or a Mastercard, add a Western themed photograph, a thoughtful message, and then you will be done and ready to text it over to him. He can choose to get a physical version after that, but the gift card is really convenient either way.

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

Camp counselors have a job that can be tiring and rewarding, and you can add something special to their days with any one of the gifts on this list. They can use some of these gifts to enjoy themselves at camp, or when they finally leave work and get some rest at home.

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