Gift Ideas for A Friend In the BTS Army

The BTS army has a lot of love for the band, and you can make sure a gift for them does too.

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The BTS Army is a passionate bunch that will always appreciate a gift that represents their favorite band. They may spend a lot of their time watching and listening to BTS, and you can add BTS into another part of their lives with a well thought out gift. BTS is a K-pop phenomena that drives people wild for a reason. They are cool and fun, and great to look at, and if your friend is in the BTS army, they will love a gift that represents their favorite band. 

BTS is so popular, you can find all kinds of BTS merch from pens to paper and even jewelry. We have put together some of the best gifts a BTS army member could hope for. We’ve included clothing, plushies, and art, things your friend is very likely to love. So go through our list for some great options, and consider a gift card if you’d rather leave that part to your friend!

1. GiftYa Gift Card

A gift card from GiftYa gives you options. 

Send a BTS army member a GiftYa gift card

Text a gift card to an army member’s phone. 
Text a gift card to an army member’s phone. 

A BTS army member would do well with a gift card from GiftYa. A gift card is always a great choice to give a person options, and GiftYa is a gift card supplier that makes the whole process even easier than purchasing one from the store checkout line. You will be able to generate a digital gift card and send it to someone in just a few minutes.  

With GiftYa, you can get a gift card online and text or email it right to a friend’s phone. A GiftYa gift card can be used at many different stores, restaurants, and locations. Some of those places are Insomnia Cookies, Amazon, and Target. There are also so many more options that a BTS fan would love to have, and they can even make a new choice themselves if they aren’t satisfied with the store that you chose!

Send a BTS army member a GiftYa gift card

2. Jungkook Plushie

A plushie with a cute face. 

Jungkook Plushie
Cuddle with Jungkook when the mood strikes. Image courtesy of Amazon

A plushie is a great gift for anyone who either collects them or loves adorable stuffed figurines, and a Jungkook Plushie is perfect for a member of the BTS army. A jungkook plushie can be comfortable for someone to lay their head on and will be a great decoration that shows exactly where their loyalties lie. And it will make hugging one of their favorite bandmates possible!

This Jungkook plushie from Amazon will make someone in the BTS army very happy, especially if Jungkook is their band member. It is a little replica of the singer that will make your friend’s place look and feel a little happier. 

3. BTS Wall Art

Wall art that shows off summer colors and reminds you of amazing music. 

BTS Wall Art
This artistic rendering of BTS will make fun wall decor. Image courtesy of iCanvas

Someone who loves BTS will probably love to have them on their wall if they don’t already, and even if they do, the more BTS posters the better! When it comes to BTS posters, there are many amazing options to choose from, there are posters with the group in cool places and with  individual members. Get one with the whole group or one with their favorite member to add to their collection! 

This canvas print has an artistically created image of BTS. It is fun and colorful and gives off summer vibes. Any member of the BTS army who loves art will also love this. It is handcrafted in the US and made with the most high definition prints. 

Or consider going with this k-pop canvas print that is all about the BTS army. It is a colorful poster that shows BTS in cartoon form and also shouts out the BTS army. 

For a real life photo of BTS, this dynamite court poster shows them standing together in front of a colorful basketball court. This poster will light up your walls. 

4. BTS LED Light 

Let BTS light up your space. 

 BTS LED Light 
This light represents BTS’s love for their fans. Image courtesy of Army Merch Gift Shop

When a BTS army member wants some light in their space, give them a BTS themed LED light they can use for that. With a BTS themed LED light, they will get to enjoy their night with a light that reminds them of their favorite band while they also fall asleep to their favorite music. 

A HeartU finger LED light shows a BTS member’s hand giving a symbol of love. It is stylish, power saving, and can change into five different bright colors. This is a great light for relaxing or having fun in the dark. 

For a BTS army member who loves the night sky, an LED light with night sky imagery will be a good choice. It can cast the room in a cool glow in seven different colors, and is labeled for the members of the BTS army.

5. BTS Earrings

A pair of earrings fit for an icon. 

BTS Earrings
These earrings can make you feel cooler. Image courtesy of ArmyMerchantGiftShop

BTS is known for their cool and edgy style, and that includes their earrings, so give a BTS army member a pair that mimics their style. A BTS army member often loves nothing more than to emulate their favorite stars, and you can give them an opportunity. A pair of earrings that you might see on one of the BTS boys can add some fun to a fan’s jewelry box.

With these classic hoop earrings, a BTS fan can wear something one of their favorite idols wears himself. They can be dressed up or kept casual like Jimin wore them, and will make a fun statement. 

These silver earrings were worn by Jimin and will add some edge to a fan’s wardrobe. These earrings are ideal to wear if you are out to have fun. The hoop and the dangly chains will make you want to pair it with something just as cool. 

6. BTS Funko Pop

A Jungkook figurine too cute for words.  

BTS Funko Pop
Jungkook in mini form. Image courtesy of Amazon

Sometimes a figurine of someone’s favorite artist is the best way to go, and a Jungkook funko pop can fill that role. Funko pops are cute, fun, and If your friend collects funko pops, this gift will be even better. If they don’t collect them, they now have an adorable figurine to add to their BTS merchandise collection!  

This Jungkook funko pop from Amazon is adorable and dressed to kill. Someone in the BTS army will be happy to display this in any way that they can. There are also funko pops that represent other group members so you can even get someone a funko pop for the whole band. 


Put up LEGO BTS figures on a popular video set.

These LEGO figures can dance. Image courtesy of Amazon

If you have a friend who loves lego and BTS, a LEGO BTS set is the perfect gift for them! They will get to set up BTS figurines and their surroundings on their own, and then either play with them or set them up for display. It will be a very fun display to put together. 

This LEGO set comes with all seven mini BTS figurines, and they even have their own mics. It also comes with the pieces to set up the background set from BTS’s Dynamite music video. They can make their own versions of the disco store, the donut shop, and a basketball hoop with palm trees. They can even place them on a detachable stage, turn the wheel, and watch them dance!

8. BTS Blanket

A blanket with some personal touches. 

BTS Blanket
This blanket represents each BTS member. Image courtesy of Amazon

Give a BTS army member the opportunity to cuddle up with the whole band by getting them a BTS blanket. With a BTS blanket, a fan can have BTS with them whenever they need to go to bed or get cozy during a movie. BTS can be with them during every long day at home or on any trip where a blanket is needed. 

This BTS throw blanket is fuzzy, soft, and comes in three different designs. It is lightweight, durable, and made of high quality flannel fabric that is amazing to rub against. It can be used in any room to give a BTS army member a bit of cozy companionship.

Or try this BTS throw blanket, which is lightweight, hypoallergenic, and made of anti pilling flannel. It is black with the BTS logo and has every member’s image in front. 

9. BTS Hoodie

A bright hoodie for a BTS lover. 

BTS Hoodie
This hoodie will show off their interests with style. Image courtesy of Amazon.

What’s a better way for someone to show just how much they adore a group than to wear it on their chest? That’s what makes a BTS hoodie such a great gift. With a BTS hoodie, an army member can show off how much they love BTS wherever they go, and stay warm and cozy. Whenever they need to feel comfortable, they’ll reach for the hoodie with their favorite band on top!

A BTS pullover hoodie with each member’s name on it can be an awesome gift for a BTS army member. This hoodie is colorful, with each name written in a different bright color, and ready to wear anywhere where someone needs a little warmth. 

You could also give something like this BTS sweatshirt featuring some of the classic BTS symbols and each member’s faces. It is soft, slightly elastic, and vivid, and it even includes every member's signature!

10. Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom gift card for a friend in the BTS army. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom Visa gift card will make a great gift for a BTS army member because it will let them buy whatever they want. They can buy the kind of BTS merch they don’t already have, or they can buy something else entirely. With Gift Card Granny, you can make a custom gift card they can use to buy any BTS merchandise they please. You even get to customize the card how you like, so add an image of BTS!

Gift Card Granny makes a simple process out of building a custom gift card. Just go to their website for just a few minutes and you will leave with a custom gift card as soon as you need it. You can choose a Visa or Mastercard, add an image, and a message, add in the money, and then you’ll send it right to your friend’s phone. They will get to have a fun time picking something out right away. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

The BTS army is a dedicated set of fans, so if your friend is part of it, they will very likely appreciate a BTS based gift. A BTS based gift will remind them of their favorite band, if they weren’t already blasting their music that is. If a gift has the band member’s names, their faces, their quotes, or even their favorite accessories on it, a BTS army member will be happy to have it. It will make them feel even more connected to BTS and its fun loving fandom.

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