The 10 Best Gift Ideas for Boaters

Boaters need gifts that are fun, useful, and can help them stay out on the boat all day.

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Boaters have a thrilling hobby that they dedicate a lot of time and money to, so when you get them a gift, try one related to their favorite pastime! Any friend who loves to boat, is also likely to love gifts that improve their time on their boat. If you don’t know what those things are, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Major things that a boater needs for fun and for practicality are on this list. A boater can be happy if you go with any of them, or even if you find something similar because something on the list sparked another idea. 

For a good boating gift, think waterproof items, useful tools, and fun. Your friend will likely need to eat, entertain themselves, and keep their space clean, and we have listed something to suit every one of those needs!

1. GiftYa Gift Card

A gift card allows someone to choose the right gift for themselves. 

Send a boater a GiftYa gift card

GiftYa gift card
Text a gift card to a boater’s phone. 

A boater will often be in need of supplies to support their hobby, and you can make sure they can get them with a gift card from GiftYa. GiftYa is a gift card supplier that makes purchasing gift cards simple and digital. You will be able to generate and send a gift card that offers what a boater needs in just a few minutes. And all the details added to the card will be your choice to make.  

With GiftYa, you can get a gift card online and text or email it right to a boater’s phone. A GiftYa gift card can be used at many different places across the country. Some of those places are REI, Adidas, and Target. GiftYa also offers gift cards to several other stores that can be useful to a boater!

Send a boater a GiftYa gift card

2. Waterproof Backpack

A backpack that a little bit of water couldn’t damage. 

Waterproof Backpack
This backpack is built sturdy. Image courtesy of Bespoke Post

When someone is out on a boat and doesn’t plan to spend their time going back and forth to the store, they will need a large pack to carry their necessities. If you get a friend who loves boating, getting them a large bag as a gift will help them carry everything they need. Whether it's clothing, boat accessories, or work supplies, your loved one will appreciate something new to put it into on their next boat trip. 

This waterproof backpack from Bespoke Post is a large bag that can carry up to 45 liters. It is completely waterproof, and has a lightweight build with foam shoulder straps. It is the perfect bag to carry for someone out enjoying nature.

This waterproof backpack from Mier Sports is perfect for kayaking, cycling, boating, hiking, and more. Anyone adventurous could use this bag for its large storage space and comfortable handles. It is built to make outdoor activity easy while carrying a large load. 

3. Boat Trash Bag

A trash bag to keep a boat clean. 

Boat Trash Bag
A trash bag will keep a boat and the sea clean. Image courtesy of Amazon

Something that is important but less fun to think about when it comes to a boat, is trash. Someone who spends a lot of time on a boat will need someplace to put their trash, and you can make sure that they have a great vehicle for trash onboard. Help a friend keep their boat clean and clutter free! 

This boat trash bag from Amazon is easy to carry and place in many parts of a boat. It is mesh and funnel shaped, and can work when set up inside or outside of a boat. 

This boat trash bag from Boat Outfitters will keep your trash secure. It can be strapped onto any rail or pipe, and can be collapsed down for easy carrying. It has a secure drawstring top that keeps trash from flying out, and is water resistant. 

4. Insulated Lunch Bag 

Keep lunch cool on the go. 

Insulated Lunch Bag
This lunch bag is very effective. Image courtesy of Bellroy

Anybody spending time on a boat will need a meal at some point, and you can make the meal process easy by getting them an insulated lunch bag. An insulated lunch bag will make it easy for your loved one to carry meals onto the boat and keep them fresh. It should be able to hold a meal or two and keep it fresh until they are ready to eat.. 

This cooler caddy from Bellroy will keep food and drinks cold on the go and is easy to store. When someone is done using it, all they have to do is squish it down, and it will be easy to store in small spaces. It can fit one lunch or six drinks, has an attached bottle opener, and is made of waterproof material. 

This insulated lunch bag cooler from Mier sports can keep food cold for more than 8 hours. It is leakproof, has a detachable shoulder strap, and can hold up to 12 liters. It offers multiple compartments, and everything someone will need to enjoy their lunch on a boat.

5. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

A speaker to light up the boat. 

These speakers can make an already fun day even more fun. Image courtesy of Amazon

Every once in a while when someone is hanging out on a boat, they’re going to need some music. Whether they want to blast some music on their own or enjoy their time with some friends, a bluetooth speaker can light up their night. And when someone is hanging out on a boat, it is best when that speaker is waterproof. It is also best when that speaker doesn’t take up too much space since it is best to carry light on a boat. It can be a hassle to have to carry large items on and off all the time.

This waterproof bluetooth speaker from Amazon offers 12 hours of high quality audio. It can connect wirelessly to two phones, so a boater can enjoy playing all the music on their playlist. This speaker includes a bass radiator, is made of durable material, and even takes calls. 

This waterproof speaker from Herman Audio is the perfect size to carry onto a boat, and it has a sound that can fill a room. Two devices can be connected to it at once, making it easy for people to go back and forth sharing their music. There is up to 8 hours of playtime, so it can really turn time on a boat into a party!

6. Fishing Storage Bag

A storage bag for someone who loves fishing.  

Fishing Storage Bag
This bag can hold a load of fishing supplies. Image courtesy of Amazon

If a boater likes to fish, they could definitely use a fishing storage bag. Anyone who fishes knows just how much they need to carry around with them, and they need a bag substantial enough to carry everything they need. A fishing storage bag that is spacious and easy to carry will make future fishing trips go more smoothly. 

This fishing storage bag from Amazon is made of water resistant polyester, and filled with pockets and compartments for storage. The main compartment can fit a fishing tray, two specially designed spaces for fishing pliers, and anti skid material. This fishing bag can also be taken from the boat to the campground, or anywhere else a boater wants to take a full bag. 

7. Waterproof Playing Cards

Cards to keep you entertained.

These cards won’t be hurt by water. Image courtesy of Amazon

Sometimes people need a source of entertainment on a boat, and a set of playing cards can entertain any group of people. There are so many games that you can play with a deck of cards, from solitary to group games, that a boater can entertain themselves for hours. And you can always get a boater a regular deck of cards, but it can be a good idea to make that deck of cards waterproof just in case. 

These waterproof playing cards from Amazon will make a night of games fun in the wettest of circumstances. They are flexible and easy to use, and made to last. This deck can bring fun to any occasion on a boat, and no one will have to worry about waves, rain, or drinks ruining them. 

8. Ship Wheel Bottle Opener

A bottle opener with a fun theme. 

Ship Wheel Bottle Opener
This bottle opener looks like the kind of ship they might like to own. Image courtesy of Mark and Graham

Someone who spends a lot of time on their boat needs a few bottle openers around. When out on a boat, you can’t easily get to the store for a bottle opener if you lose one, and bottle openers can be very easy to lose. A new boat themed bottle opener will keep your boat loving friend well stocked enough to have a drink on their boat whenever they please. 

This ship’s wheel bottle opener from Bed Bath & Beyond is stylish and functional. It was handcrafted by the Amish and made with high quality lumber and stainless steel hardware. You can choose from a variety of colors to pick the one your friend will like most.

This silver boat bar tool comes with a bottle opener and other useful tools attached. There is a shaker, a stirrer, a jigger, and four coasters attached. It is imported and made with brass, mango wood, and aluminum, and makes a great boat decoration. 

9. Blanket

For keeping warm out at sea. 

a group of men posing for a picture
This blanket will make a cold night warmer. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Something that the weather is likely to be out at sea is cold, and you can help a friend out with that. The sea is known for being cool and windy, so your friend might need a blanket from time to time even if he is used to the weather. A blanket can make the difference between them leaving and choosing to stay out at sea longer.

This heated boat blanket from Amazon is bound to keep anyone warm. It can keep a whole group warm while they are out on a boat together. This blanket is waterproof and machine washable. Your friend will be glad they have it!

This custom boat blanket from Zazzle can dazzle a boat owner in your life. If they are a fan of nautical accessories, they will likely love a blanket with a fun, nautical theme. You can even customize this blanket with their boat’s name, which provides an extra touch of personality to it!

10. Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom gift card for an avid boater. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom Visa gift card will make an amazing gift for the avid boater in your life. With Gift Card Granny, you can make a custom gift card that they can use to buy supplies for their boat in absolutely any store. You will even get to add anything you want to show them, from photos to words and even videos. Maybe even a picture of their boat! 

Gift Card Granny makes building a custom gift card really simple for anyone. You will need to visit their website for just a few minutes and you will leave with a custom gift card right away. You will be made to choose a Visa or Mastercard, add an image, and a message, add in the money, and then you’ll be ready to send it right to your boating friend’s phone!

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

Boating is a hobby that takes a lot to maintain, so when you get a gift for a friend who boats, it is an awesome idea to get them something that fuels their hobby. Any one of the gifts on this list are likely to please a boater. Whether you go with something more practical or fun, your friend will likely have a use for it. Even backup for something else is useful for someone with a boat. Anything can be needed at any given time when someone is out at sea!

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