10 Great Gift Ideas for Bicycle Riders

There are many things that cyclists need, and you can get any one of them as a gift!

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If you know a cyclist, you likely know how much time they spend on their bike. That’s why a gift that works with their bike will make such a great birthday gift for them. They could then use their gift whenever they go out to practice their favorite hobby, and they will think of you in the process!

If you want a great gift for a bicycle rider, think of unique storage items, useful bike accessories, and anything that can make bike riding more fun. Everything on this list will make biking even more fun and comfortable for your friend than it already is, so keep reading and get a cyclist just what they need. 

1. GiftYa Gift Card

Choose your own gift. 

Send a cyclist a GiftYa gift card

cyclist a GiftYa gift card
Text a gift card to a cyclist’s phone. 

A bicyclist will be in need of biking supplies once in a while, and you can make sure they can get them when they need them with a gift card from GiftYa. GiftYa is a gift card supplier that makes purchasing gift cards simple and digital. You will get online and generate a gift card that offers your friend just what they need in a short period of time. Everything chosen will be up to you, but GiftYa also offers the chance for your friend to change the store they will shop at.  

With GiftYa, you can get a gift card online and text or email it right to a loved one’s phone. A GiftYa gift card can be used at many venues across the country for shopping, eating, movie viewing, and more. Some of those places include REI, Adidas, and Lululemon. GiftYa also offers gift cards to many other stores that a cyclist would love to shop in. 

Send a cyclist a GiftYa gift card

2. Water Bottle 

A water bottle shaped like a condiment. 

water bottle
This bottle will keep you hydrated all day. Image courtesy of BackCountry

A bike rider uses up a lot of energy and works up a sweat while they’re riding, which is why a water bottle makes a great gift. And not just any water bottle will work. You need to get them a water bottle that is made for a bicyclist. There are water bottles made just for fitting into bike cages meant to be attached to bikes. 

This Spurcycle water bottle from Back Country is as fun as it is useful. It will fit perfectly into a bike cage and is shaped like a bottle of condiments. There are three colors: red, yellow, and green. One looks like a bottle of ketchup, one like a bottle of mustard, and one looks like a bottle of relish. 

If your friend doesn’t have a bottle cage, or if you’re unsure about it, a side swipe cage from Back Country will make a great counterpart to the water bottle. It has a side entry for easy access, a tight design that keeps the bottle in place, and is stylish as well as functional. 

3. Snack Bag

A bag to carry necessary snacks. 

Snack Bag
This snack bag can carry what you need. Image courtesy of FjAllRaven

Something that isn’t considered as much for riders, but can be just as important on certain rides, is a snack bag. A water bottle holder is one thing, but sometimes a cyclist might need some snacks on the road. Sometimes cyclists take really long routes or travel difficult trails, and that means they uselose a lot of energy. At times, it might just be time to leave the trail and get some food, but sometimes a cyclist might want to take a break and have a snack, and that is where a snack bag will come in handy. 

This snack bag from FJAll Raven is made to grip onto your handlebars for easy access. It is made for lifetime use and small enough to be easy to carry anywhere. It is built to fit small snacks, so anything that can fit into a small container and sustain you on a long ride is ideal. 

If you want to keep your snacks in a saddle with a bag that has a fun shape, Cartersville bicycle has a snack bag shaped like a banana. This snack bag is banana hammock yellow and ties right onto your bike seat’s post or your handlebar. 

4. Kryptonite Bike Lock 

The top bike lock on the market. 

Kryptonite Bike Lock
These locks work great together. Image courtesy of Amazon

Something that every cyclist needs is a really good bike lock. Bikes are often prime targets for thieves, and many have methods for getting into bike locks. That is why you need one of the best quality bike locks on the market. A bike lock should be sturdy and hard to break into, and some of the top locks on the market will give you just that. Your loved one’s bike is important to them, so help make sure they can hold onto it.

This Kryptonite U lock from Amazon is one of the top performing bike locks on the market. It has extra holding power, two keys, and an anti-theft protection offer. Kryptonite will even ship you two keys for free in case you lose them. 

5. Bike Bell

Be heard on the bike trail. 

Burger Bike Bell
This mini burger-like bell packs a lot of sound. Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters

A cyclist likely spends a lot of time on bike trails filled with people, and sometimes they will need a way to let people know to move out of the way. That’s why a bike bell will make a great gift for a cyclist. Whenever a cyclist is approaching a person or group of people who don’t notice them coming, they can ring the bell and make themselves more noticeable. This can make riding a lot safer overall.

This cheeseburger bicycle bell from Urban Outfitters is a creative vintage-style bell that will fit perfectly on anyone’s bike handle. This bell will catch attention on the trails and make the kind of noise you need. It has a metal body with a plastic mount, and can be easily wiped clean. 

This electra doomed ringer bike bell will give your bike some flair with the added safety. It has an easy to push lever that creates a friendly ringing sound and comes in multiple different colors. You can get this bell in pink with a cat in aviators, as a brown donut with sprinkles, a white ice cream in a cone, and more. 

6. Wheel Lights

A rotation of lights to keep your bike lit.  

Wheel Lights
This wheel will keep someone very visible. Image courtesy of Nite Ize

Safety is important when a cyclist is out riding at night, and you can make them a lot safer with some bike lights. Biking at night can be dangerous because you aren’t as visible, and you can make sure your friend is visible on the road at night. The right lights will make your friend look like a one person light up show when it gets dark, and they don’t have to worry about not being seen.

This Spokelit wheel light from Nite Ize is super bright and rechargeable. It features a choose-your-color Disc-O select technology that is push button activated. This bike light is built to last and catch the attention of anyone nearby on the road. It will keep your friend feeling safe and happy while riding at night. 

7. Bike Phone Mount

Keeps any phone accessible.

Bike Phone Mount
This phone stand keeps your phone in a convenient spot while you bike. Image courtesy of Dick’s Sporting Goods

A cyclist needs their phone like any other traveler does, but it can be harder to use one on a bike. That is what makes a bike phone mount such a great gift. With a phone mount, a biker can plaster their phone right in front of them so they can use it when they need it. Whether they need to follow directions on Google Maps or answer texts during stops, a phone mount will help them do that and more. 

This Delta cycle hefty phone holder from Dick’s Sporting Goods fits all phones, even ones kept in protective cases. It comes with a waterproof bungee, a lock that keeps the device secured and safe, and lets a phone slide in and out easily. 

8. Sports Backpack

A light backpack with some carrying power. 

Sports Backpack
This bag will hold everything you need on a bike ride. Image courtesy of Mark and Graham

Something an avid cyclist needs is a backpack. Whenever a cyclist is out traveling on their bike, there are things they might need from time to time. Sometimes they need sunscreen, sometimes a snack, and sometimes a sweater. Whatever a cyclist needs when out riding can be stored in a backpack, making it a great gift for a cyclist. 

This Mercury sports glow bag from Target is made for an active person. It is made from durable nylon, and light enough to carry on active outings. It has a large main compartment with a hydration reservoir, an organizer compartment, and reflective details for rider safety. 

This team backpack from Under Armour does it all. It is breathable, padded, and water resistant, all for comfort during active pursuits. It’s large, adjustable, has an abrasion resistant bottom, and has two pockets for water bottles. Your friend can carry everything they need for a long ride with this bag. 

9. Bike Sculpture

For the art loving cyclist. 

Bike Sculpture
This represents you on the trail. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Something a bicyclist might enjoy having in their home is a bicycle sculpture. A sculpture of a bicycle or of a rider on a bicycle will remind a cyclist of themselves, and it will show off their passions to anyone who comes by to visit their home. They’ll likely be happy to display it somewhere 

This cast iron sculpture from Amazon shows off a cyclist doing what they do best. The cast iron cyclist appears to be in the middle of a vigorous ride, leaning forward and going at top speed. Fast cyclists, especially ones who race, will appreciate this sculpture. It is made of cast iron and handcrafted, and is bottom lined to protect any furniture it is placed on.

10. Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom gift card for a cyclist. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom Visa gift card will make a great gift for any cyclist. Gift Card Granny allows you to make a cyclist a custom gift card that they can use to buy anything they need for their future rides. The card can be customized any way you like and can be used in any store. You can add photos and videos, even a photo of the bike!

To make a gift card using Gift Card Granny, you will need to follow a few simple steps. It will all take a few minutes in total and look like it took a lot more effort. You will choose between a Visa or Mastercard, add an image, add a message, add in the amount of money you want, and you’ll be ready to send it right to your friend’s phone.

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

If you know a cyclist, you know how important riding is to them. They will go riding for fun, for exercise, or for travel, and if you want to get them a cycling related gift, any gift on this list will make their night!

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