Preparing to Attend a Bat Mitzvah? Take a Look at Some Gifts You May Want to Keep an Eye on

A Bat Mitzvah is one of the most important days of someone’s life, make it special!

A Bat Mitzvah is a very special occasion for young girls that brings together family, friends, and even strangers. It's a Jewish rite of passage that signifies the beginning of a new chapter in one's life.

A child's transition into becoming a spiritual adult is a significant event in their life, and day is usually celebrated alongside various friends and family. It's a significant moment not just for the girl the ceremony is being held for, but for everyone who is witnessing such a special celebration. A Bat Mitzvah includes a service where the child being honored reads the Aliyah from the Torah, and the celebration is then held at an event hall or family home. 

A young woman's mitzvah can be anything from helping others through a charity drive to performing daily prayers. There are also many other mitzvahs that can be combined with one another, such as cooking for the less fortunate and delivering meals to the needy.

Young women can achieve various goals through their mitzvahs, and the mitzvah project encourages kindness and traditional Jewish values. Women can opt for more individual activities like daily prayers, or a pair of charitable activities, such as cooking and serving meals. 

1. Choose a GiftYa Gift Card

GiftYa Gift Card

A gift card for a Bar Mitzvah gift is a great way to give someone something special, especially if you know what kind of things they like or what they are interested in. You can even purchase a gift certificate from somewhere in the area and support a local business. For instance, if the child is a huge lover of ice cream, give them a gift card to their favorite local ice cream shop!

When you use GiftYa to find your gift card, you can choose from a wide selection of merchants all the way from restaurants like Texas Roadhouse and Panera to stores like Home Goods, TJ MAXX, and Bath & Body Works. The entire process is very simple, as you can easily send the gift card through an email or text message! 

2. Traditional Cash

Just like with traditional weddings, it's always acceptable to gift cash for someone's Bat Mitzvah. In Jewish tradition, guests typically give money in increments of $18, which is a symbol of life and also referred to as "chai." While gifting money in increments is a good idea that follows the tradition, rounding to the regular size of $20 for example is always acceptable.

Some family members consider a bat mitzvah as the perfect opportunity to give a larger gift to a child for savings that may deal with certain factors like school. 

3. Shabbat Candles/Candlesticks 

The young Jewish girl will appreciate some new candlesticks to add to the family collection! Image courtesy of Judaica Web Store

Candlesticks and Shabbat candles are ideal bat mitzvah gifts, as they will be used throughout a Jewish person’s entire lives. You have the option to explore various traditional and modern designs for the candlesticks and consider adding on an heirloom if you're a relative.

These candles come in various colors and styles and are a great addition to any gift set. Using candles as a gift also gives you the opportunity to invite others over for a Shabbat dinner! If you’re looking for a variety of more unique styles, explore the options offered by the Judaica Web Store including Jerusalem Stone Shabbat Candlesticks with the Ten Commandments

4. Mezuzahs 

Each Mezuzah scroll is handwritten with Hebrew verses! Image courtesy of the Jewish Museum Shop

A Mezuzah can be used as a gift for a Bat Mitzvah, and it can be hung either on the front door or inside the house. This religious item features a parchment that has been rolled up inside with a scripture, which signifies the home as a place where Jews practice their religion. Since it can be hung both ways, the family doesn't have to worry about getting more than one. You can choose from a variety of materials and designs, at top rated places such as the Jewish Museum Shop

The Mezuzah scrolls are hand-written with Hebrew verses from the Torah, and they're made from a genuine animal's skin. This process ensures that they're authentic! A sofer, who is someone trained to scribe, writes the words using a quill pen and black ink. To ensure that the documents are authentic, they're sent to you by the scribe straight from Israel!

5. Books

During a child's most inquisitive phase, a book can be a great gift for them to help them grow and develop their minds. You might want to ask the child’s parents which books they're passionate about and possibly choose a book set in the same genre they haven't read.

A Bat Mitzvah gift can also be a traditional Jewish or religious book as a token of appreciation. Although this presents a distinct occasion, your choice should be chosen based on your preferences and connections with young individuals.

When you shop from a website like, you can choose from a wide variety of book sets and even Torah sermons. CDs, garments, gifts, and other religious accessories are also available when you shop from the website.  

6. Jewelry 

 Jewelry from the Judaica Web Store
Find deals on great jewelry when you shop from the Judaica Web Store! Image courtesy of the Judaica Web Store

A bat mitzvah gift could entail a beautiful piece of jewelry like a classic Star of David pendant or a bracelet in rose gold. You can also choose jewelry with religious designs such as a mezuzah pendant, a tree of life, or a symbol known as chai. Personalized jewelry with the young Jewish woman's name is ideal for this kind of ceremony!

Jewish jewelry can feature readings from the Torah and Hebrew phrases, including the hamsa, which features a hand with an evil eye. A pendant necklace that's made of gemstones is also a good bet.

For an affordable price of just $59, you can find a beautiful classic silver star of David necklace from the Judaica Web Store. This necklace can be worn with both casual and fancier outfits, and it’s made completely from sterling silver! You can choose from either a silver chain or a black silicone cord, which was crafted right in Israel! 

7. Instax Camera

The mini instant camera from Fujifilm is currently offered in five different colors. Image courtesy of Fujifilm

In the past few years, polaroid cameras have been more popular than ever! Products like the Mini Instant Camera from Fujifilm could be the perfect gift for a young girl who loves taking pictures with her friends! The photos can be printed and used as part of a collage or scrapbook, perfect for someone who has a strong artistic side and loves to create memories! 

The Fuji Instax film is available in different sizes, such as square, mini, and wide. Likewise, the Polaroid Go film is a bit smaller than its Instax Mini counterpart. Both companies have introduced different frame types for the images, and both color and black & white film are also offered. 

8. Consider Donating

You can give the Bat Mitzvah girl a gift that includes a monetary contribution to a charitable organization that helped with her undertaking. In many synagogues, preparing for the Bat Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah of a child involves undertaking service projects. The program will notify the family of the chosen organization or you can ask them ahead of time.

Some people might prefer to give half of the money given for the Bat Mitzvah to charity, while the other half would be used for the child's special day. For instance, if you wanted to give the girl a gift of $72, you could give her $36 and choose the organization for her project as the recipient for the other half of that money. 

9. Tzedakah Box

Add a creative touch to your charity work and choose from plenty of designs! Image courtesy of Kolbo Fine Judaica Gallery. 

In Jewish tradition, tzedakah means "charity," and it is an important obligation to give to the less fortunate. A charity box or tzedakah box is a type of receptacle that is commonly used to collect money for charitable purposes. It is customary to place funds in one before Shabbat or other special occasions, making it an ideal gift for a bat mitzvah.

There are various styles and sizes of tzedakah boxes, and they can be made from aluminum or wood. You can also customize them with engraving, and these boxes will serve as a way to remind people of the importance of giving!

While the nicer tzedakah boxers can certainly be an investment, they are made of high quality and will be treasured for years and years to come! When you shop at Kolbo Fine Judaica Gallery, you can search around and look at all of the beautiful designs and colors. If you’re on a budget, you can even sort the options from the lowest to the highest price. 

10. Customize Their Favorite Object With a Photo

Loved ones go on photos on the wall so why not pillows next! Image courtesy of Vista Print where you can explore your options. 

Personalized pillows or mugs that feature prized photos of loved ones are ideal presents for a bat mitzvah, similar to custom photo books or framed prints. These keepsakes are a lasting reminder of joyous memories, and they complement the personality of whoever is hosting the bat mitzvah!

The significance of a bat mitzvah gift is its ability to capture someone's attention and fascination overall. With the help of customization, your present can be transformed even more from a tangible object to a personalized gift that the recipient will cherish for a long time.

If you’re interested in creating a custom pillow for example, check out Vista Print, where you can turn your favorite memories into a moment that can be stored forever. You can choose one for just $24,99, all the way up to five for $104.99

Bat Mitzvah’s mark quite the special occasion, and it’s important to provide the honored young woman with a gift that is memorable but something that you know they will be satisfied with. Similar to other events like birthdays and weddings, ultimately showing up at the celebration and showing your support and love is crucial! 

When you follow this gift guide and pick something off this list, you are sure to make the recipient happy! Whether it be a new piece of jewelry, fancier candles, or a gift card to their favorite place, you are sure to make the special girl happy!

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