Say Giddyup to These Gift Ideas for a Horse Loving Girl

Know a girl that loves horses? Any of these gifts would be perfect for your horse girl! 🐴

Horses are some of the kindest, most majestic animals around, so it’s no surprise lots of girls fall in love with them. Their sweet temperaments, wonderful personalities, and athletic nature allow girls of all ages to enjoy riding them and participate in learning the ins and outs of horsemanship. No matter if they choose to ride the English saddle and are practicing jumping or dressage, they’re more into the Western saddle and like trail rides or barrel racing, or they just love horses period, horse girls are special people.

Taking care of horses is a big responsibility, and it goes hand in hand with learning a riding discipline. This helps people form strong bonds with horses, who end up becoming as close a friend as any cat or dog! If you know a horse loving girl you need to find a gift for, we have 10 amazing ideas, including

  • 🏇 Personalized horse items that are sure to please
  • 🏇 Useful gift cards that will make any horse loving girl’s day
  • 🏇 Practical items to use at the barn

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1. Lululemon

The perfect place to comfy clothes to wear to the barn, or around the house

Text a Lululemon gift card


When she’s not riding horses, chances are the horse loving girl in your life is relaxing or participating in one of her other interests. If she’s in need of some comfortable loungewear or activewear, then you can’t go wrong with a gift card to Lululemon. This popular store offers all kinds of items she can use like joggers, sweatshirts, leggings, sports bras, tank tops, and so much more. Available in a variety of colors, she’s sure to find something perfect for a day relaxing on the couch, meeting up with friends, or getting in a quick jog.

Pro tip: They’re comfortable zip up sweatshirts offer the warmth of a jacket without the bulk for those chilly days in the stable!

Text a Lululemon gift card

2. Personalized name necklace

Give the gift of her name on a necklace with her favorite horse!

horse name necklace makes a great gift idea for a horse loving girl available in 3 colors
Personalized necklaces are very popular, so why not get her a special one in the image of her favorite kind of horse? Image courtesy of Etsy.

These beautiful necklaces are available in three colors and a variety of chain lengths, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your horse girl. You can also choose from 14 different silhouettes of horses—everything from quarter horses, Arabians, and thoroughbreds, to mini horses and Clydesdales. She’ll love that her name is front and center with this necklace, and you can choose to have it in sentence case or all in caps. Let her love of horses shine through with a wonderfully personalized gift like this!

3. REI

Your horse loving girl is going to need the right outerwear and shoes to hang out in the barn in any weather

Email an REI gift card


One of the best things about riding and caring for horses, is you can do it no matter what the weather is outside! In fact, a lot of horse riders would say that’s one of the best parts—you can enjoy training with them or just taking them for a ride whether it’s warm and sunny, a little drizzly, or there's frost or snow outside. If you know a horse loving girl that doesn’t let the weather ruin her time with horses, then you should definitely get her a gift card to REI. This place has it all when it comes to great outerwear items from brands like Columbia, North Face, Patagonia, and Sorrel, so she’s sure to keep warm and dry.

You not only need to make sure you’re prepared for the elements when you ride, but also when you’re in the barn. It can get a little chilly in the stables, so having the right jackets and fleeces are essential to stay comfortable. Not to mention waterproof boots that can handle mucking out stalls!

Email an REI gift card

4. Horse tee shirt

A cute tee shirt lets the world know how much she loves horses

just a girl who loves horses shirt
Cute tee shirts with beautiful horses on them will go straight to the heart of any horse loving girl. Image courtesy of Etsy.

These well-made, comfortable tee shirts are just what a horse girl needs. They’re the perfect top to wear when she’s riding in warm weather, and they’re easy to pair under a hoodie if she needs a little more warmth. After all, isn’t she just a girl who loves horses? With a pretty horse and gorgeous flowers, this tee will also not be out of place when she’s going out with friends and just needs something casual to hang out in. This tee shirt comes in a variety of colors as well, so whether she’s more into the warmer reds and pinks, or would prefer the cooler tones of blue and green, there’s an option perfect for her.

5. Personalized barn bag

A useful bag that allows her to take her things to the barn, or to the beach!

barn bag personalized with a horse girl's name
A personalized bag that she can take anywhere is one of the best gift ideas you can give a horse girl—plus there’s a horse image on it as well! Image courtesy of Etsy.

If you know a horse girl that needs to bring a lot of stuff with her to the stable, then why not get a stylish way to carry it all! Whether she needs to bring a change of clothes, extra sweatshirts, her riding helmet, or a pair of muck boots, they’ll all fit in this generously sized tote bag. The bag itself is made from sturdy cotton canvas and has nylon webbing handles. You can choose to monogram her name or initials, and the type of horse silhouette you would like included. The bag comes in a variety of colors and has a slightly faded look. Its dimensions are 18.25” W x 15” H x 10” D, so you won’t have to worry about it not fitting all her stuff!

This bag gets bonus points because not only does it make a great barn bag, but she can use it for almost anything including carrying her books, overnight clothes, or as a beach bag.

6. Horse scrunchies

These inexpensive gift will help your horse loving girl keep her hair securely tied back

subtle horse scrunchies
Why not include a cute, inexpensive gift to go with one of the many other gift ideas for a horse loving girl? Image courtesy of Etsy.

If your horse girl has longer hair, then chances are she’s always going to need some useful scrunchies and hair ties to keep it securely in place. These horse-themed scrunchies are just the thing she’s looking for! Made with durable polyester fabric, these scrunchies can hold her straight, wavy, or curly hair in a bun or in a ponytail—not unlike her horsey friends! When she’s riding, she’s going to have a riding helmet on, and what better way to ensure her hair is out of her eyes and off her neck than with these scrunchies?

They come in a variety of colors, so you can get her a few to match with her favorite riding gear, or her favorite set of weekend clothes.

7. New riding attire

If she rides horses regularly, she’s going to need a variety of clothes!

girl riding brown horse in a competition jumping over hurdles
No matter what discipline she’s practicing, a horse girl always needs clothes to ride in and to show in.

If your horse loving girl is a serious rider, then she’s definitely going to need a variety of riding apparel options. Equine enthusiasts have their own wardrobe, and there are lots of items you may not think about that could make a big difference in her confidence and comfort as a rider. It’s always a good idea to ask her first if there’s anything she’s had her eye on, that way you don’t purchase something that she doesn’t need or doesn’t want. There are a few items she’s always going to need, whether she’s riding English or Western saddle, and regardless if she chooses to enter shows or not.

  • Tops. There are all kinds of tops she’ll need if she’s practicing indoors, outdoors, or in a show. Typically for riding lessons she’ll want a comfortable, sweat wicking top that’s either short or long sleeve, depending on the temperature. There are lots of options when it comes to shirts for equestrians! Other more specialized items include show blouses and jackets, but you may want to double check with her first before purchasing.
  • Breeches. Breeches with knee padding are the quintessential equestrian item, and are a must for anyone who is going to be in the saddle for a while. These pants are specially made for riders, so they’re stretchy, sweat wicking, and offer grip and support from knee patches where the knees hit the saddle. You can find breeches in all kinds of colors, including classic, jean, and even full seat.
  • Boots. Tall or ankle riding boots are a must for any horse girl, so it’s best to check with her first when it comes to size and her preference. Tall black boots are the classic riding look, but there are plenty of shorter boots that protect the foot and will give her enough grip in the stirrup.
  • Gloves. Gloves allow her to get a secure hold on the reins, whether it’s warm or cool out. You can find leather gloves that will look great at a show, or find more durable ones that she can wear daily.
  • Outerwear. Fleeces, jackets, sun shirts, and sweatshirts are all a must when you’re riding in a variety of weather conditions. There are plenty of options when it comes to equestrian-specific outerwear, but you can always go with an item from a top outerwear company.

8. Amazon

You can get almost anything on Amazon that a girl could need!

Text an Amazon gift card


If you’re at a loss about what to get a horse loving girl and don’t want to get the wrong thing, consider picking up a gift card to Amazon! Amazon has so many things she could want, from apparel, to boots, to horse grooming items. And the best part? You don’t have to worry about picking something up she already has or does not need.

Text an Amazon gift card

9. Hey Dude Shoes

Cool, relaxed shoes for when she’s hanging out away from the stable

Email a Hey Dude Shoes gift card

hey dude shoes good to go to

If the horse loving girl in your life is into a relaxed style without a lot of fuss, then she’ll love the chance to get some cool shoes at Hey Dude Shoes. Featuring all kinds of slip ons, sandals, platforms, and other sneakers, she won’t have a hard time finding a pair of shoes perfect for weekends, meeting up with friends, or just hanging around the house.

Email a Hey Dude Shoes gift card

10. Customized Visa gift card

A Visa card lets her purchase exactly what she wants, when she wants it

Send a Visa gift card

visa gift card

Customized Visa gift cards are also a great option for a horse loving girl if you want to give her the chance to get what she wants from any store she chooses. Visa gift cards are just like cash and accepted almost everywhere, including for online purchases from that fancy equestrian tack store she loves! Send her a Visa card with a customized image and message to really make it a heart-felt gift.

Send a Visa gift card

Those are our favorite gift ideas for a horse loving girl!

If you know a girl that’s just crazy about horses, then any of these gifts will be sure to make her day. No matter if she rides regularly, or only sometimes, let her love of horses shine through with these thoughtful gifts.

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