Top 10 Gift Ideas For a Boat Owner to Get Out on the Water With

Boat owners have a lot of responsibility when it comes to taking care of their boat and the lifestyle behind it, which makes these ten gift ideas perfect!

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There is no better feeling than being out by the water and listening to it flow while soaking up some vitamin D. For many people, owning a boat is one of the best things to invest in because you can take it out on a lake or an ocean to enjoy hobbies like fishing, tubing, wakeboarding, or even water skiing. The boat life is something that many people live by because it can help bring loved ones together, while also getting to enjoy some well-needed time outdoors with nature.

Being a boat owner comes with a lot of responsibility, such as keeping up with maintaining it, feuling it when needed, and even ensuring it’s clean. There are many people who own boats and get to enjoy every minute that they spend on them with friends and family members  on the lake or ocean.

If you are looking to repay a friend or family member for letting you ride on their boat, there are many ways to repay them back. There are a ton of gift ideas that we’ll mention for boat owners in this article, some which include:

  • Fun nick nacks to add to the boat
  • The best boat supplies out there
  • Gifts to keep your drinks cold

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Check out these top ten gift ideas perfect for any boat owner out there!

1. Sunoco Gift Card

A gift card to fill the boat up with gas is essential for any boat owner to avoid running low!

Text a Sunoco gift card

Sunoco gift card

There’s no doubt that owning a boat can be one of the most expensive things to have because of the constant upkeep and fueling it. Since fuel will most likely be any boat owner’s number one expense that comes with owning one, a Sunoco gift card is a great gift to purchase for them. Sunoco gas stations have everything you need when it comes to gas and a boat owner can stop by and fill up a gas can or two to make sure that they have enough when their boat is on the water. Sunoco also has the essentials when it comes to convenience, such as food, drinks, and nicotine products. 

Text a Sunoco gift card

2. Nautical Captain’s Hat

The perfect gift for a first time boat owner, or even for someone who enjoys being the captain of their own ship!

Nautical Captain’s Hats
A great gift to get any boat owner is a nautical captain’s hat so anyone can feel like the boss of their own ship. Image courtesy of Etsy.

There are many great gifts to get a boat owner, so if you know one, or even a first time owner, a timeless gift  is a nautical captain’s hat. Getting a classic nautical captain’s hat can be great for any boat owner because it is a fun gift that they can wear around family or friends to help them feel in charge of their own boat that they are happy to host people on. It can be personalized if you wish to include the boat owner’s name, or even put a title or position you are giving them to make it a personable and fun gift to give.  

3. Amazon Gift Card

An Amazon gift card is a great gift idea to give a boat owner when they wish to purchase something that they know they need!

Text an Amazon gift card

Amazon gift card

Among the many gifts that you can give to a boat owner, sometimes letting them get something that they have had their eye on, or that they know they need can be easier. Getting them a gift card so they can purchase what they need for the boat is an easy option. Amazon is the place to when you’re looking for whatever you need. Whether they need the essentials for the boat, such as seats, flooring, or even bumpers for the dock, or  if they’re just looking for accessories for it, Amazon is a place that has everything you need. 

Text an Amazon gift card

4. Yeti 3L Gear Case

A place to keep all of your essentials clean, dry, and cool is essential for any boat owner!

Yeti 3L Gear Case

Keeping your phone, drinks, and snacks cool while on a boat is essential for any boat owner, making the Yeti 3L Gear Case  a necessity. Image courtesy of Yeti

It is important when on a boat that you have all of the essentials that you’ll need for the day. Some examples of essentials can include water, snacks, your cell phone, and sunscreen,, which is why the Yeti 3L Gear Case is one of the best gifts to get a boat owner. The Yeti 3L Gear Case is a container that boat owners can put on their boat to store the essentials that they need all in one place, while keeping them cool, dry, and clean. This case comes in many colors and sizes depending on how much stuff they need to store, but it can make a great and thoughtful gift for boat owners. 

5. REI Gift Card

An outdoors related gift card can make for the perfect gift for boat owners or anyone who loves life in nature!

Text and REI gift card

REI gift card

There are a ton of people who love to be out in nature soaking up the sun, hiking, biking, kayaking, boating, or just enjoying what the great outdoors has to offer. A great gift for boat owners would be an REI gift card, a retail chain that carries everything from carrying gear, apparel, and footwear for whatever outdoor sport or activity you enjoy. REI gift cards can be great for boat owners so they can stock up on water sport accessories to carry on their boat, like wetsuits, kayaks, inflatable paddle boards, and other accessories. 

Text a REI gift card

6. Custom Captain Bobblehead

A cute accessory great for any boat owner personalized to them and their passion!

A captain bobblehead  makes for a great gift and decoration to add to any boat. Image courtesy of My Custom Bobbleheads

Sometimes getting a gift that is more personable is the way to go, especially for a good friend or family member who lets you on their boat on a beautiful hot summer day. A funny, yet meaningful gift to give them is a custom captain bobblehead that looks exactly like them. This bobblehead can be customizable to what your boat owner friend or family member looks like. This is a great handmade product that is great to gift to any boat owner to add as the perfect decoration.

7. Crocs Gift Card

A great gift for anyone looking for waterproof comfortability when it comes to shoes!

Text a Crocs gift card

Making sure you have the proper footwear for any situation is crucial, especially if you’re on a boat. While boat shoes, such as Sperry’s, or Hey Dudes are a great option, a waterproof option is even better, which makes a Crocs gift card among one of the best gifts to get any boat owner. Crocs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors where they are known for being soft, comfortable, lightweight, and waterproof, making them a popular choice for many boat owners. Whether you prefer the classic clogs, sandals, flip flops, or even slides, there is something for everyone when looking for a new pair of Crocs to give to a loved one.

Text a Crocs gift card

8. Anchor Glasses

Glassware may be something to put on their boat for a refreshing alcoholic beverage on the water!

Anchor glasses are a great gift for any boat owner that needs glassware for a refreshing boozy beverage. Image courtesy of Benshot

There are lots of necessities to include on a boat, and while many people may use more disposable products, such as plates, cups, and silverware, sometimes having the real thing is better. If you know a boat owner looking for glassware to put on their boat, or is even water-themed, anchor glasses make for a great gift. These are made out of a high-quality, thick, and heavy glass that is handcrafted and can be personalized to your liking. You can get laser etching along the side, and can choose the type of glasses to get, such as pint, rock, or wine glass. These anchor glasses can also be made into a coffee mug or decanteur. 

9. Universal Speaker and Phone Holder

A great gift to select for any boat owner includes keeping their phone and music all in one place!

Universal Speaker and Phone Holder
Choosing a gift that improves a boat owners organization and keeps their phone and music in one place is key. Image courtesy of Boat Outfitters

While many boat owners enjoy the calm sound of the waves on the water, others love to listen to music while they’re cruising, or spending time with loved ones. A great gift to give any boat owner is a universal speaker and phone holder that keeps their own personal phone and speaker all in one place. It’s easy to install and it can hold any kind of speaker they own with its adjustable rubber latches. It features heavy duty construction to ensure that it will hold up despite weather conditions.

10. Visa Gift Card

A gift card for boat owners to buy anything they specifically need can come in handy for supplies and accessories!

Text a Visa gift card

Visa gift card

If you’re someone who doesn’t know all of the work that goes into being a boat owner and aren’t sure what to get an individual who has one, a Visa gift card will suffice as a gift. Visa gift cards are a great option for many because they can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, which is most places. They can be used to purchase parts to fix up the boat, buy gas for it, or even for accessories that are a must to make any boating experience better. 

Text a Visa gift card

These Top 10 Boat Owner Gift Ideas Are Among Some of the Best We’ve Come Up With!

Gifts for boat owners can be tough to come up with if you’re not familiar with the work and process that goes into having one. Boats can consist of a lot of upkeep, which is important for anyone to realize. Lots of the gifts we mentioned are essential to owners such as buying parts or gas, but there are also fun gag gifts that can be fun to give them too. Consider treating one of your boat friends to a nice gift for letting you hang out on their most prized possession for the day!

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