10 Gift Cards for a 10-Year Old Boy That Are Actually Cool

From Video Games to Instruments, Shoes to Snacks, We’ve Got the Best Gift Card a 10-Year-Old Boy Could Get

Gift cards can be a lifesaver when it comes to finding the perfect gift for a 10-year-old boy. Stuck somewhere between kid and teen, they can be notoriously tricky to shop for! So if you’re on the hunt for the best gift cards to make a young lad's day, you've come to the right place. 

From gaming to guitars and everything in between, gift cards give them freedom for them to choose exactly what they want – a step up, perhaps, from being a little kid. Whether he's into video games, music, or movies, there's a gift card out there that will surely put a smile on his face. 

So let's dive into our list of the absolute best gift cards for 10-year-old boys and discover some fantastic options that will make you the coolest gift-giver ever!

Meet GiftYa, The Coolest Way to Give a Gift

Gift cards might not seem like an exciting gift to a kid – but with GiftYa, gift cards get a little extra pizzaz.

GiftYa is an innovative digital gift card that you can send by text or e-mail in just a few clicks – whether to his own or to mom or dad’s. Customize with a photo or video clip and a message before sending it instantly or scheduling it in advance – maybe a photo of him on his last birthday, or the two of you together? 

The 10 year old boy in your life is guaranteed to get something they really love because there are so many ways to redeem -- exchange for another merchant, transfer to a physical Visa gift card, cash out using Zelle...

GiftYa can also be used like any other digital gift card, from his phone, where it keeps track of the balance so he doesn’t have to. Or it can be linked to one of the credit cards mom or dad has in their wallet every day anyway.

Now that we’re on the same page, let’s get to our list of the best gift cards that you can get for a 10-year-old boy!

1. Nintendo eShop

Level Up His Nintendo Switch Experience with New Games or Access to Online Play with Friends

Send a Nintendo eShop gift card

Nintendo eShop gift card

For the 10-year-old boy in your life who's a gaming aficionado, a Nintendo eShop gift card is an absolute jackpot. This card opens up a treasure trove of gaming possibilities, granting access to a vast array of titles ranging from beloved classics like Mario Kart and Minecraft to captivating indie adventures and timeless gems from nostalgic Ninetndo games on the NES, SNES, and Gameboy channels.

With a Nintendo eShop gift card, he can embark on thrilling quests, conquer challenging levels, and engage in epic multiplayer battles, all from the comfort of his trusty Nintendo Switch console. Plus, with new releases and updates constantly rolling out, there's always something fresh and exciting awaiting discovery on the eShop. 

Whether he's a seasoned platformer, a puzzle-solving whiz, or a budding Pokémon trainer, a Nintendo eShop gift card empowers him to curate his own gaming journey, which means countless hours of immersive entertainment tailored to his interests. It's the ultimate gift for any young gamer eager to explore the Nintendo universe!

Send a digital Nintendo eShop gift card

2. Cold Stone Creamery 

So He Can Build a Custom Treat Anytime He Wants

Buy a Cold Stone Creamery gift card

Cold Stone Creamery gift card

For the young dessert enthusiast with a sweet tooth, a Cold Stone Creamery gift card is sure to be a hit. Cold Stone has all of the treats a 10 year old could dream of – mouthwatering sundaes, thick milkshakes, and even the chance to build his own dream dessert creations. 

With a Cold Stone Creamery gift card in hand, he can enjoy anything from classic favorites like chocolate and vanilla to innovative concoctions bursting with candy pieces, fruit swirls, and decadent toppings. Whether he prefers a towering cone piled high with scoops of his favorite flavors or a lavish sundae adorned with all the fixings, a Cold Stone Creamery gift card promises an unforgettable taste sensation that will leave him craving more. 

It's the perfect treat for any budding foodie looking to satisfy his cravings with a scoop!

Buy a digital Cold Stone Creamery gift card

3. Cinemark

So He Can Catch the Latest Superhero Flick

Get a Cinemark gift card 

Cinemark gift card

For the young movie buff eager to catch the latest blockbusters on the big screen, a Cinemark gift card is a ticket to endless entertainment. 

With a Cinemark gift card he can immerse himself in the magic of movies, enjoying thrilling adventures, hilarious comedies, and heartwarming stories alongside his friends and family. From action-packed superhero epics to enchanting animated tales, Cinemark theaters offer a diverse selection of films that cater to every kid’s imagination. 

Thanks to its state-of-the-art audiovisual technology and comfortable seating, Cinemark provides the ultimate moviegoing experience, transporting him to far-off worlds and captivating him with unforgettable stories. Whether he's treating himself to a solo movie night with the fam or planning a fun outing with friends, a Cinemark gift card ensures that he'll have a front-row seat to all the excitement and adventure that the silver screen has to offer.

Get a digital Cinemark gift card 

4. Hey Dude 

Comfy, Sustainable Kicks for the Cool 10-Year-Old Boy

Grab a Hey Dude gift card

Hey Dude gift card

For the active 10-year-old boy who loves to explore the great outdoors or simply stay comfy during his everyday adventures, a gift card to Hey Dude Shoes is a game-changer. Hey Dude Shoes offers a wide range of stylish and lightweight footwear designed with comfort and versatility in mind. Whether he's running around at the park, hiking on nature trails, or just hanging out with friends, Hey Dude Shoes provides the perfect blend of style and functionality to keep him moving comfortably all day long. 

With innovative features like ultra-soft memory foam insoles and flexible outsoles, Hey Dude Shoes ensure that his feet stay happy and supported no matter where his adventures take him. Plus, with a variety of trendy designs and vibrant colors to choose from, he can express his unique personality while staying on-trend. A Hey Dude Shoes gift card is the perfect way to treat him to footwear that's as cool and adventurous as he is!

Grab a digital Hey Dude gift card

5. Roblox

Get His Game Face On(Line that is!)

Get a Roblox gift card

Roblox gift card

Roblox isn't just another gaming platform –  it's a dynamic online universe where players can design their own games, explore virtual worlds, and connect with friends from all over. With a Roblox gift card, he'll have access to a vast array of user-generated games, each offering unique challenges and experiences – plus extra benefits like unlocking character customizations with and special power ups with Robux. 

Whether he's battling dragons, building towering skyscrapers, or simply hanging out with friends in a virtual space, Roblox offers endless opportunities for fun and creativity. Plus, with the ability to customize his avatar and deck it out with cool accessories, he can truly make his mark in the Roblox community. Give him the gift of unlimited adventure and excitement with a Roblox gift card – it's the ultimate ticket to a world of endless fun and imagination!

Get a digital Roblox gift card

6. Guitar Center

Playing Guitar Will Help Him Connect with Others and Express Himself as He Heads Into Those Tumultuous Teen Years

Buy a Guitar Center gift card

Guitar Center gift card

As he approaches his teenage years, fostering his creativity and giving him ways to build meaningful connections with others becomes increasingly important. That's where Guitar Center comes in! A gift card to Guitar Center opens up a world of musical possibilities, offering him the opportunity to learn and master the guitar – an instrument that not only provides endless hours of enjoyment but also serves as a powerful tool for self-expression and connection. Plus… it’s cool. Always has been, always will be.

Learning to play the guitar isn't just about mastering chords and strumming patterns, it's about discovering a unique voice and channeling emotions through music. As he delves into the world of guitar playing, he'll uncover new ways to express himself, whether through soulful ballads, electrifying rock anthems, or heartfelt acoustic melodies. Playing the guitar allows him to tap into his emotions and share his innermost thoughts with the world, fostering confidence and self-assurance as he navigates the challenges of adolescence.

Moreover, guitar is a universal language, a common ground for connecting with others. Whether he's jamming with friends in the garage, joining a band at school, or performing at local open mic nights, the guitar opens doors to new friendships and shared experiences. Through music, he'll find kindred spirits who share his passion and support him on his journey of self-discovery. With a Guitar Center gift card in hand, he'll not only gain access to top-quality instruments and gear but also embark on a transformative musical journey that will enrich his life for years to come.

Buy a digital Guitar Center gift card

7. Topgolf

Golf Night is the New Bowling Night

Grab a Topgolf gift card

Topgolf gift card

Haven’t you heard? Bowling is out. Topgolf is in.

Much like a bowling alley, it gives people of all ages and experience levels a chance to get in the game and out on the green – or at least, hit the golf ball. He and his friends or he and the whole family can enjoy playing different games and eating tasty snacks – like perhaps wings and burgers?

This is one gift card for a 10 year old boy that will be a total whole in one!

Grab a digital Topgolf gift card

8. Chipotle

Give Him Plenty of Options to Spice Up Dinner

Text a Chipotle gift card

Chipotle gift card

As a kid, you don’t often get to pick what you want for dinner. Unless of course someone super cool gives you a gift card so you can take the whole family out! Budget about $10 per person with maybe a little extra for snacks, and he’ll be able to build a burrito just to his liking. Talk about spicing up the dinner routine!

Text a digital Chipotle gift card

9. Chuck E. Cheese

Where the Kid Can Be a Kid

Grab a Chuck E. Cheese gift card

Chuck E. Cheese gift card

He might be growing up, but he’s not a grown up yet. Kid-friendly arcades like Chuck E. Cheese still makes a great option for a day of indoor fun. Whether it’s a snow day or his baseball game got rained out, he will have a blast playing games like whack a mole and skee ball to win tickets and cash them in for prizes. Not to mention, the food at Chuck E. Cheese is (of course!!) super cheesy and delicious. Pizza anyone?

Grab a digital Chuck E. Cheese gift card

10. Visa 

Build a Custom Physical Gift Card Just for Them

Buy a Visa gift card

Visa gift card

Customize a physical Visa gift card with a photo and message in just a few clicks, and you just upgraded his allowance. With a Visa gift card, he can pick out a new video game, buy some new baseballs, snack on some candy, or practically anything else. Accepted anywhere Visa credit cards are accepted, the possibilities are basically endless.

Buy a Visa gift card

There you have it – the best gift cards you can get for a 10 year old boy..

We think these are some of the best ideas out there, but if you’re still searching for the ultimate gift card idea, be sure to check out the full GiftYa catalog!

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