11 Gift Ideas Fit For an Eagle Scout

Show any hardworking Eagle Scout you know how proud you are of their accomplishments and growth with delightful gift ideas featured below!

Being a part of a Scout troop can be a lot of fun, but it’s something that also requires dedication and hard work. Scouts participate in projects that are meant to develop their unique characters so that they can learn how to better plan, organize, act as a leader, and manage a team. All of these attributes can help to shape a well-rounded individual who knows how to navigate the world around them, which can definitely come in handy for situations later in life.

There are ranks when it comes to being in the Scouts, and moving up is the expected goal of most members. An Eagle Scout is the highest rank possible and is a title that should be treated with honor. If you know a Scout who has earned the Eagle rank or one currently on that path, Rewarding an Eagle Scout every now and again lets them know that they are on the right track. The gifts you give do not even need to be grand or all that spectacular, either—something as simple as a gift card for their favorite store or restaurant does just the trick.

Consider if sending digital gift cards through GiftYa is the right thing for your Eagle Scout. Gift ideas featured in this list will be appropriate for beginner Scouts and more advanced Scouts alike, so it’s totally okay if your Scout hasn’t quite made the Eagle rank yet. We have included:

  • Gift ideas for athletic apparel and footwear
  • Gift cards for outdoor gear and accessories
  • Gift cards for entertainment and enrichment

1. Foot Locker

Suitable Footwear For the Lifestyle of Any Scout

Get a Foot Locker gift card

foot locker

Any Eagle Scout you know is guaranteed to appreciate any type of gift that has to do with getting new footwear. Spending time outside and getting intimate with nature will wear down a pair of shoes fairly fast, which is why a gift card for Foot Locker will definitely offer some assistance to a young Scout in need of fresh footwear.

Foot Locker has shoes designed for a wide range of activities for folks of any age or size. They’ve got boots for when you need durable support, athletic shoes for running, basketball and other performance shoes, sandals, and comfortable slides. Foot Locker also sells clothing and accessories such as hoodies, sweatpants, shorts, jackets, socks, hats, bags, and shoe care supplies.

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2. Camping World

Everything A Scout Needs For A Safe and Comfortable Journey

Send a Camping World gift card

camping world

Eagle Scouts tend to have a special relationship with the natural world. With the great outdoors as their element, Eagle Scouts have the knowledge to survive challenging conditions and lookout for the safety of others. That being said, nature can be no joke. Luckily, Camping World has the gear any enthusiastic Eagle Scout needs to safely explore the outside.

This camping-oriented retailer has everything a camper of any experience level would need for a safe excursion. A Scout can shop for camping gear and equipment such as chairs, tents, coolers, tables, kitchenware, and essential camping tools. Camping World also sells gear for boating, fishing, and other outdoor activities, RV parts, generators, electronics, and offers repair services. They are a great retailer to check out for any Scout who wants to ensure they are prepared for their trip.

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3. Barnes & Noble

Expand Minds with Books that Entertain and Enlighten

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card

barnes and noble

An Eagle Scout’s journey is all about having new experiences and acquiring important knowledge that can help them in the future. Your Eagle Scout has likely learned quite a lot through firsthand experiences while serving, but books can help teach them so much about things they may not be exposed to. A Barnes & Noble gift card is a great way to encourage young mind’s to seek out new information and develop how they think.

Barnes & Noble has stores all throughout the nation as well as an online bookstore, so you’re never too far from getting your hands on another great book. Children and older teens will have a lot to occupy themselves with when they see the thousands of titles written for kids and young adults lining the shelves. Whether your Eagle Scout is really into history, science, high fantasy, or any other genre out there, Barnes & Noble is the perfect spot for them to be.

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4. Subway

Build a Nutritious Meal Full of Everything You Actually Want

Buy a Subway gift card


Help a hungry Scout keep their energy up by filling their stomachs with plenty of good ingredients from Subway. Scouts can’t perform at their best when they aren’t properly nourished, but one meal from Subway is packed full of essential nutrients like protein and fiber, as well as vegetables, multigrain bread, and lean meats.

Ordering at Subway is a great option for Eagle Scouts who want a convenient, nutrition-rich meal solution for lunchtime. A cold sandwich from Subway can be consumed right away or stored in the fridge for later snacking, meaning you won’t have to worry about preparing food later on in the day. With a variety of protein options and tons of flavorful toppings and sauces, young and older Eagle Scouts alike can craft the perfect sandwich at any Subway location they visit.

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5. Columbia Sportswear

A Safe Way to Enjoy Your Favorite Outdoor Activities

Buy a Columbia Sportswear gift card


Some Eagle Scouts fully embrace living a life of adventure and are always motivated to push their limits and test out their abilities. But even the most daring Scout should be equipped with quality gear that will help him achieve his goals. Get sportswear you can depend on for your active outdoor lifestyle with a Columbia Sportswear gift card.

People of all ages are free to shop for stylish, functional gear from Columbia Sportswear, and even young Scouts can find apparel and accessories suitable for their needs. Scouts can shop a range of gear for different categories like fishing, hiking, skiing, and other outdoor activities. Columbia Sportswear also sells jackets, fleece, vests, bottoms, rainwear, gloves, and socks.

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6. Bass Pro Shops

The Best Gear On the Market For Outdoor Adventures

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bass pro shops

Some Scouts take their passion for the outdoors beyond their duties as a Scout and spend a lot of their free time enjoying what nature has to offer. If you know a Scout who would rather be relaxing by the riverbank admiring life’s little beauties than shut up indoors and out of the sun, then there’s a good chance a Bass Pro Shops gift card will come in handy.

When it comes to sporting goods retailers, you won’t find a brand quite as prominent as Bass Pro Shops. Whether you are shopping in-store or online, Bass Pro Shops customers will find a variety of amazing deals on all sorts of equipment for the outdoors. Shop products for camping, fishing, hunting, boating, shooting, and plenty of other outdoor recreational fun. Bass Pro Shops also has clothing for kids and youth, from shirts and jeans to rain gear and hunting boots.

Help Scouts stay prepared with a Bass Pro Shops gift card!

7. Skechers

Scouts Can Stay Comfortable While Remaining Active

Get a Skechers gift card


Having too many shoes is never a problem when you live an active lifestyle as a Scout, which is exactly why there is no such thing as too many gift cards for footwear retailers. For a brand that’s known for its athletic shoes, a Skechers gift card is certain to go a long way to support a Scout on their outdoor ventures.

Skechers is a great brand for younger kids and teens due to their stylish footwear that provides comfort along with functionality. Youths who are more conscientious of trends and popular designs will appreciate how easy it is to find fashionable footwear that still feels good with Skechers. Skechers shoes would be great for Scouts who need reliable support during athletic and other outdoor recreational activities.

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8. Fandango

The Superior Way to Shop For Your Movie Tickets

Buy a Fandango gift card


Experience may be its own reward, but a trip to a local movie theater couldn’t hurt either. Give a Scout a thoughtful gift they can use for their own entertainment with a Fandango gift card. Funds on this gift card can be used to purchase movie tickets for upcoming releases and showtimes at nearby theaters, making the process of purchasing movie tickets way more convenient for the customer.

Scouts of all ages are certain to get their money’s worth out of a Fandango gift card. Whether they are into action and superhero films or fantasy and sci-fi spectacles, Fandango makes it easy to secure tickets to shows at your preferred theaters.

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9. Eddie Bauer

Functional and Fashionable Apparel For a Mature Scout

Send an Eddie Bauer gift card

eddie bauer

Earning the title of Eagle Scout is a sign of growth and maturity, which is why it is only right that a Scout has clothing that will make them feel confident and respected by others. Consider if a gift card for Eddie Bauer would be the right choice for your Eagle Scout’s wardrobe.

Apparel from Eddie Bauer is high quality and made to last, providing folks with an easy solution to stay warm while looking good. Eddie Bauer clothing is ideal for individuals who lead a more active lifestyle and sells a wide array of outerwear for various outdoor activities. Browse parkas, vests, rainwear, wind jackets, tote bags, travel accessories, drinkware, and tons of additional gear when you shop at any Eddie Bauer store.

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10. Jamba

Sweet and Nutritious Food That Any Scout Will Love

Send a Jamba gift card


Young folks tend to like things on the sweeter side, and there is definitely no shame in that. As long as you make smart food choices, you can easily satisfy your cravings while filling up on important nutrients your body needs to function. For a healthy food chain that tastes good, a Jamba gift card could never disappoint.

Jamba Juice is a quick-service restaurant and juice bar chain that provides fresh and delicious menu items to customers. Blended fruits and veggies come together in made-to-order smoothies, or you could go for freshly squeezed juices and shots with flavors like ginger lemon cayenne, orange carrot, and wheatgrass. For those who would rather eat their fruits, Jamba has filling bowls packed with whole fruit and toppings like granola, bananas, coconut, and peanut butter. It’s easy to get your fill with a nutritious smoothie or fresh bowl from your local Jamba Juice.

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11. Visa

Send a Visa gift card

Our last gift recommendation for any Eagle Scout you may know is a Visa gift card. As they grow up and become more responsible, Scouts can show that they are capable of handling money and spending with Visa gift cards. Since Visa gift cards can be used to make purchases at a variety of retailers, Scouts can purchase pretty much anything they desire, which gives them a lot of purchasing power that may be new to them.

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Showing an accomplished Eagle Scout how proud you are of their growth can be as simple as giving them a small gesture of kindness. A gift card signifies that you care without coming across as too excessive, and it gives the recipient power of their own purchases. Rewarding your Scout with a gift card is a symbolic way to show that they have grown to take on more responsibility.

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