10 Gifts the RV Owner In Your Life Will Enjoy

Owning an RV is a lifestyle choice that comes with adventure, and you can make your gift just as exciting as one.

Image courtesy of Lake George RV Park.

A person who owns an RV is someone who likes to have a good time outdoors. They like to travel and enjoy the drive as much as they enjoy nature when they take their stops to enjoy it. If you are not sure of what to get such a person, a gift that reflects their love for adventure or makes the journey easier is something they are likely to appreciate. We have searched the internet and compiled a list of gifts that RV owners are sure to love. So read on and get to shopping as soon as you can for a gift that will knock the socks off your RV owning friend. 

1. GiftYa Gift Card

A gift card that gives an RV owner options. 

Send someone a GiftYa gift card

A gift card an RV owner can use straight from their phone. 

An RV owner could use a gift card from GiftYa. GiftYa is a digital gift card supplier that will allow them to get their pick of gifts from any store you choose. With GiftYa, you can send someone in your life a gift card without even going outside. You can choose a store that you know they would love to shop at, including one that offers supplies they can use for their RV.

With GiftYa, you can purchase a gift card online and then text or email it to the RV owner in your life. You can purchase it straight from your phone and then they can use it straight from theirs. You will get to choose from several different local and national establishments. These places include Home Depot, Target, Best Buy, and Lowes. 

Send someone a GiftYa gift card

2. Rainbow Hammock

A hammock that can be put up anywhere. 

Lay out in the sun or the stars. Image courtesy of Amazon

Something that RV owners love to do is lounge outside of their RVs enjoying nature. You can make those moments even more relaxing and comfortable by giving them a hammock for a gift. A hammock will make it easy to stretch out and rest anywhere outside. They can use it to sleep or just to lay out in the sun or stars and relax. 

This rainbow double hammock from Amazon will allow an RV owning friend to relax anywhere they want to outside of their RV. It comes with a stand that allows it to be set up anywhere, and when you are done with the stand, you can just fold it up and place it into a backpack. It is really easy to assemble and disassemble, and the hammock is made of woven cotton. This hammock will make your loved ones RV adventures even better!

3. Slow Cooker

A convenient way to cook on busy days. 

A meal in this pot doesn’t need much attention. Image courtesy of Walmart

When someone is out exploring and using up energy all day before heading back to their RV, a slow cooker can end up feeling like a lifesaver. Instead of coming back to camp to cook, they can get there to a pot of food that has been slowly cooking the whole time they were out. They will get to enjoy a great meal without much effort and not have to use up more energy prepping food each time when they are tired after a long hike. 

This slow cooker from Amazon will make soups, stews, and other foods. All your friend will need to do is put together ingredients, turn the slow cooker on, and then go off to do whatever it is they plan to do outside the RV. So while everyone is out hiking, fishing, or visiting a museum, a meal will be slowly cooking in the RV, waiting for them to come back. It is a really convenient way to have a meal when out traveling and exploring the surroundings. 

4. Portable Telescope

See the stars up close on any camping trip. 

This telescope can help you see the stars up close from anywhere. Image courtesy of Best Buy

If you know an RV owner who likes to go camping, a good gift for them could be a telescope. A telescope can give an RV owner and their family something fun to do while they are staying outside at night. If they manage to be in a dark outdoor space surrounded by stars, they can whip out this portable telescope and check out outer space from a closer lens. 

This portable Travel Scope from Best Buy can make nights out in the RV even more fun than usual. Everyone on the trip will get to see sights that they are not normally used to seeing. This little telescope is collapsible, comes with a full height tripod, and a backpack to keep it in. And when your loved one is not using it for looking at the sky at night, they can use it for birdwatching during the day! 

5. Portable Fire Pit

A small fire on the go. 

These flames will toast your marshmallows. Image courtesy of City Bonfire

Something that is often good to have at any outdoor camping trip is a nice fire, which is why a portable fire pit makes a great gift for an RV owner. An average sized fire pit may be too large to carry around in the RV that everyone is staying in, but this mini one provides a helpful solution. With this, they don’t have to put in much work to set up their own fire, and they can still enjoy melting some smores by a fire. 

This portable fire pit from City Bonfire comes in perfectly sized tins and can be taken anywhere. It’s portable and convenient, and lasts for 3-5 hours at a time. They can easily be reused and are easy to put out. And unlike a regular fire, this city bonfire won’t have flying flames, ashes, or smoke. You can get packs of just one, and up to 24 city bonfires. 

6. Portable Charcoal Grill

A small grill for all your outdoor grilling needs. 

This small grill can tackle many meals. Image courtesy of Target

One thing that people enjoying themselves out in nature are going to need to do on occasion is eat, and one of the perks of eating outside is enjoying grilled food. A portable charcoal grill will allow an RV owner in your life to carry around a grill without taking up too much space in the RV. It is one of the best devices you can use to make a meal, especially when you are outdoors.  

This portable charcoal grill from Target is lightweight and easy to travel with. It has four legs for stability, a dual vent system for temperature control, and an air vent at the bottom. The cooking grate is large enough to feed a small crowd at once, so your group of friends and family won’t have to wait too long for each batch of food to cook to get some. This charcoal grill can work in any outdoor location. 

7. Portable Grill Table

A compact table that carries what you need. 

This can hold onto several food items at once. Image courtesy of Amazon

A gift that would be ideal for an RV owner is a portable grill table. When someone is out in an RV for hours or even days, at some point they will need to stop to eat something. That something may very well involve grilling, and even if they just want to exit the RV and eat a pre packed meal out in the sun, a grill table will give them all the space they need to store their food, drinks, and condiments. 

This deluxe portable grill table from Amazon is strong, durable, and has lots of shelf space. It is easy to travel with and easy to carry. It has a lightweight steel frame and an aluminum top that can handle lots of weight. It is an ideal table top to use when out in nature enjoying a meal. 

8. Black Sierra Camping Chair

A foldable chair that is comfortable to sit in. 

Have a seat right outside of the RV. Image courtesy of Camping World

Every RV owner needs a few camping chairs. The point of an RV is to travel around and camp out in nature, so it will be a great idea to get an RV owner a new camping chair or a few. With a good camping chair, someone with an RV can sit comfortably on grass, sand, or gravel. And the more camping chairs you get for someone, the more people can sit and enjoy themselves outside the RV when they are stopped. 

This scoop quad camping chair from Camping World makes sitting outdoors really comfortable.  It has a high back with a back pillow added in for comfort, and supports up to 300 pounds. The polyester fabric is weather resistant, something that is important for outdoor lounging, and it comes with a bag with a strap for easy carrying. It also folds up for easy storage, something that is much needed in any RV. 

9. RV Travel Ideas Book

Travel Ideas for the frequent traveler. 

Fun places to travel to that you don’t yet know about. Image courtesy of Amazon

A friend with an RV might want some advice about new places they can visit on occasion, so get them a book of travel ideas! RV owners are typically adventurous people, and so they might really appreciate learning about places they might not have thought to visit on their own. Even the most frequent adventurer can need help finding travel ideas sometimes.

50 states 5000 ideas will show an RV owning loved one where they can visit and have a good time all over the country. Locations featured in the book include dinosaur trails in Colorado, the oldest street in New York, and the best spot to watch sea otters. Many of these suggestions are places your friend might not have heard about without this book!

10. Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom gift card an RV owner can shop with anywhere. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom Visa gift card will be a good gift for an RV owner because it will allow them to buy whatever they need for their RV. You can make this happen for them with a gift card from Gift Card Granny. Gift Card Granny lets you create a custom gift card that can be used anywhere in just a few minutes. It also lets you add whatever you want to the custom gift card to make it more personal. 

Gift Card Granny makes building a custom gift card easy. All you need to do is visit their website and follow a few steps to end up with a great looking card with your own personal touches. You will get a chance to add a personal photograph, a message, and a video message to a Visa or Mastercard, add in the amount of money you want on it, and then you’re ready to send it to your RV owning friend!

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

RV owners are adventurous people, so some of the best gifts you can get for them are gifts they can take along on their adventures. Help them have a good time with any one of the options of this list, and your RV owning loved one won’t forget it!

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