10 Cool Gifts for the Coffee Lover

From Upgrading Their Home Brewing to Coffee Related Gears and Gadgets, We’ve Got Everything Your Favorite Coffee Lover Wants

Mmmmm… for 66% of Americans, there’s no better way to fuel their day than sipping a delicious cup of joe. Whether it’s cold brew or drip coffee, picked up from the hippest local coffee shop or a national chain, it’s hard to beat a cup of coffee for easy, tasty caffeine.

Looking for a gift for a coffee lover, unfortunately, isn’t quite as easy as picking up some bean juice on your morning commute. That’s why we’re here today! You don’t have to know all the benefits of pour over vs. cold brew, or drop $1000+ on a fancy espresso machine to get them something they’ll totally love.

We’ve pulled some of the best gifts for the coffee lover in your life, including:

  • Gift cards that are almost as cool as their cold brew
  • Coffee gadgets that will upgrade their home caffeination station
  • Coffee gifts and apparel they can’t help but love

But that’s enough about that – let’s get into it!

1 - GiftYa Digital Gift Card

So They Can Fill Their Cup With Anything They Want

Text or email a digital gift card in just a few clicks

When shopping for someone who knows exactly what they want, gift cards are a great option. Despite getting a bad reputation as a lazy or thoughtless gift, studies have shown that gift cards are actually at the top of many people’s wish lists. That’s especially true with options that are as easy to use as GiftYa.

GiftYa digital gift cards can be personalized and sent in seconds, and the catalog includes thousands of local and national brands. Whether they prefer shopping small cafes or national chains, you’re sure to find something they’ll love. 

Plus there are several ways to redeem – in just a few clicks, the coffee lover in your life can use their balance from the GiftYa app, connect it to a Visa or Mastercard they carry everyday anyway, cash it out to their bank account using Zelle, swap it for a physical Visa gift card, and more.

Not sure where to start? Consider a couple of these options for last minute designer gifts in our catalog:

And beyond these national options, you can also search by city or zipcode to see which of your favorite local coffee shops are currently accepting GiftYa. Be sure to check back often – we’re always adding more local and national brands!

Not feeling the digital options? You can always customize a physical Visa gift card with Gift Card Granny’s build a card feature, too. Just choose a photo for the front – like perhaps a photo of them in their natural habitat, with a coffee mug in hand? – add a personal message, and a physical card is on its way. Most custom cards print same day and ship out the next, so you’ll have your custom coffee-themed gift card in hand in notime flat.

2 - Grounds & Hounds Gift Set

Give Them A Coffee Set That Does Good in the World

Grounds & Hounds Gift Set
The Sunrise Rescue Coffee Kit from Grounds & Hounds contains some of their most popular blends. Image courtesy Grounds & Hounds.

Concerns are sometimes raised about whether coffee is sourced ethically – but when you support small businesses like Grounds & Hounds or Trash Cat Coffee, you don’t have to worry about things like that.

Beyond being organic and eco-friendly, the Sunrise Rescue Coffee Kit from Grounds & Hounds supports shelter dogs with every purchase – just like everything else they offer. This set comes with three of the brand's most popular blends, a coffee mug, and a reusable tote. 

Similarly, Trash Cat Coffee has equally excellent options benefiting shelter cats.

GiftYa Recommends: Are they a coffee-loving dog parent? Consider rounding out the gift when you text them a Petco gift card so they can spoil their own furry friend, too.

3 - Mini Espresso Grinder

Perfect for Coffee Lovers Whose Drink of Choice is Espresso-Based

mini espresso grinder
This mini espresso grinder won’t take up too much space on their counter – or in your budget. Image courtesy Seattle Coffee Gear.

Seattle is known for many things – rain, whales, grunge – and one of those things is coffee. Buying espresso-related gear can get expensive quickly, but this mini espresso grinder from Seattle Coffee Gear comes complete with a mini price tag.

This updated model features a sleek, modern look and scratch-resistant body, making this hand-turned espresso grinder a great addition to any coffee lover’s gadget collection.

4 - Mug Warming Coaster

One liner about restaurant include key words if possible

This mug warmer is made from terra cotta. Image courtesy 

Warming coasters are all over the place – and they happen to be the perfect gift for any coffee lover who prefers to sip and savor their beverage of choice. Whether digital or analog like this one, a mug warmer will keep their beverage toasty much longer than a normal coaster.

This mandala warming coaster from SERRV can be warmed in the oven, placed in its grass basket, and will keep their beverage nice and warm. There are also electric models available from stores like Target, which simply plug into the wall.

5 - Atlas Coffee Club - 3 Month Subscription

Travel the World with This Coffee Subscription

Atlas Coffee Club - 3 Month Subscription
Atlas Coffee Club sources its offerings from all over the globe. Image courtesy Atlas Coffee Club. 

Change up their coffee menu with a subscription box, like the 3 Month Atlas Coffee Subscription. Each month, your coffee lover will receive an exotic, single-source coffee blend in the format of choice (whole bean, ground, Keurig, Nespresso). They’ll also get a postcard featuring the country of origin and information on the tasting profile and country of origin.

Freshness guaranteed! This is the gift that gives them adventure in a cup.

6 - Barnes & Noble Membership

Because Coffee and Books Make the Perfect Pairing

Books and coffee go together like, well… books and coffee. So it’s no wonder many Barnes & Noble locations have a cozy cafe right in the store. 

Barnes & Noble membership has many benefits – like 10% off almost everything in the store, a free tote bag, and free shipping with no minimum online. But the perk that your coffee lover will be most excited about? They get a free upgrade to the next size when making drink purchases in the Barnes & Noble Cafe for the whole year long.

GiftYa Recommends: Complete the gift when you send a Barnes & Noble gift card – so they can grab a book and read in the cafe today!

7 - Cold Brew Coffee Maker

So They Can Make One of Their Favorite Drinks at Home

Cold Brew Coffee Maker
Cold brew makers can be really cool. Image courtesy Nispirara.

Even if they already have a cold brew maker, they certainly don’t have one like this. In a stunning retro design, this Retro Ice Cold Brew Dripping Coffee set makes a maximum of 600 ml of coffee – the perfect amount for 5-8 servings. 

Thanks to the unique retro design, this coffee maker is a little bit higher in price point – this model will run you about $95 from Nispira. However, we think any coffee lover would be happy to have it, making it well worth the cost!

8 - Cold Foamer

Turns Out, It IS Possible to Make Cold Foam at Home

This Frother is perfect for hot and cold foam. Image courtesy Keurig. 

Your favorite coffee lover doesn’t have to shell out $6 every time they want a cold foam drink. It is surprisingly easy to make copycat versions of all their favorite Starbucks beverages right from the comfort at home… if they have the right tools.

This Hot and Cold Frother from Keurig is exactly what they need to take their home setup to the next level. 

9 - Fun Coffee Mug

Like this Folk Art Coffee Mug From Natural Life

women holding glass of coffee
Fun coffee mugs are always appreciated – so grab one for your favorite coffee lover today!

As a coffee lover, mugs are a necessity. It doesn’t matter if they prefer sleek minimalist mugs or fun folks mugs, this one is sure to be a hit. Bonus points if you fill it with some coffee pods, tea bags, and other small gifts.

If you’re looking for something fun, Natural Life has several collections of unique coffee mugs like the Folk Art Coffee Mug collection this Francis The Fox mug comes from.

Not quite the right vibe? You can always find mugs that make great gifts on eBay or Etsy. From a superhero coffee mug made from real comic book strips to an aesthetic beachy ceramic mug, from stained glass designs to mugs with a personalized figurine of their dog, you’re sure to find something they love.  

10 - Le Creuset Pour Over Coffee Cone

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Le Creuset coffee mug
Le Creuset is known for its excellence in ceramic products, and their Pour Over Coffee Cone is no exception. Image courtesy Williams-Sonoma.

If you know your way around a kitchen, you probably know the name Le Creuset. Whether it's the dutch oven of your dreams or a cast iron skillet, chances are a Le Creuset item is somewhere on your wishlist. For the coffee lover in your life, it’s surely the pour over coffee cone. 

The individually sand-molded stoneware is finished with the company’s iconic glaze – here, shown in French Grey. With plenty of room to brew coffee for a cup or a crowd, this vintage design is surely to become one of your favorite coffee lover’s favorite tools. 

GiftYa Recommends: Williams-Sonoma offers a wide range of luxury kitchen items, from pour over coffee cones to high end ground coffee. Send a Williams-Sonoma egift card to your favorite coffee lover to complete the gift. 

That’s it for our list of amazing gifts for the coffee lover.

Coffee lovers can be tough to shop for. After all, if they have strong opinions on whether blonde espresso or dark roast cold brew, they probably have strong opinions on what gizmos and gadgets belong in the coffee corner of their kitchen. From mug warmers and espresso grinders to memberships and subscriptions, we’re certain that these gifts will put a smile on any coffee lover’s face.

Still not seeing the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life? Check out the full GiftYa catalog for more inspiration. The catalog has thousands of local and national brands to choose from, so whether it’s their favorite little hole-in-the-wall coffee shop or the cafe in their favorite national book store chain, you’re sure to find something they’ll love.

And if for any reason’t they don’t love it (unlikely!) they can easily exchange their gift balance for any of the other brands in the catalog or cash it out to a Visa gift card or bank account. Not many gifts can guarantee they’ll get something they absolutely love, but with GiftYa you have that peace of mind!

Happy shopping!

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