Get Your Scissors And Glue Out, We Have The Best Last Minute DIY Gifts For You!

Sometimes a gift bought at the store isn’t cutting it, so here’s some DIY ideas to make your gift stand out!

Picture this: an anniversary, birthday, and/or celebration is coming up and you begin to think of gifts to get but nothing is really standing out as “the one.” 

If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place! Today we’re here to talk about last minute DIY gifts. DIY aka do it yourself gifts have been gaining in popularity every year due to Pinterest boards, Youtube videos, and blog posts from creative minds out there that want to share their ideas with the world.

There’s so many different avenues you can take with a DIY gift, so let’s discuss some options for romance, your parents, and your friends that will surely make them feel loved.

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1. DIY Gifts For Your Partner

Looking to add a little fun to your romantic life? Look no further than these unique gifts…

Free Teenage couple sharing headphones against blue sky Stock Photo
Getting out and doing simple things like listening to music is a great way to spend time together, especially if it’s custom made…

In this first section we are covering DIY gifts that will be perfect for those of you with a romantic partner in your life. If you have an anniversary coming up, a birthday, or you simply just wanna do something fun for your partner- these next few gift ideas are going to be a wonderful surprise for them.

The “Date Night” Adventure Jar

  • For this craft you’ll need a jar, it can be a Mason Jar or a container from your last take out meal you haven’t gotten rid of yet, a marker or pen, paper, and scissors.

The “Date Night” jar is going to be for those occasions when you and your favorite person want to do something a little different than normal. You can have date night ideas like: getting dressed up and going to a new restaurant, making a picnic basket to take to the park, going to a museum, and/or going on a drive to somewhere that looks interesting for the weekend. You can make new memories going on adventures you wouldn’t normally go on with this simple DIY idea.

The Ultimate Gift Basket Of Favorites

  • For this craft you’ll need a basket and possibly some scrap paper and a marker.

Gift baskets have been a tried and true DIY gift for a long time. They are given on many different occasions, so why not make one for your partner- but in a way that’s special to them? What you can do is get an array of their favorite things like any candy/snacks they love, games they talk about, memorabilia from their favorite TV shows/movies, and if you still wanna do more, you could make “coupons” that have some of their favorite activities that you can do together for an afternoon. Get those ideas flowing and decorate the gift basket however you’d like!

A Personalized Playlist

  • For this DIY gift you’ll need access to a music streaming app and a phone/computer.

Music connects us all more than we might think. There’s something personal about the way music speaks to us that can’t be easily replicated, so what better than to make a playlist for your partner showing them through the power of music how much you appreciate them. You can name the playlist something that only you two would understand and put a picture of the two of you on the album cover section, that way whenever they listen to your playlist they can see that picture and be instantly reminded of you. It’ll be fun for both you and them, you can find new songs that might become their favorite and old ones that remind them of special moments in their lives. Sharing this with them is going to be a really sweet moment.

2. DIY Gifts For Your Friends

Show how much you love some of the most important people in your life with these super cool gifts.

Free Group of Friends Singing while Sitting on Beach Sand Stock Photo
Make wonderful memories to look back on when you’re all sharing stories together down the line.

Friends, best friends, are important. They are the ones that hear your stories, your complaints about work, the latest dating gossip, and will be there for you when you need it. So doing something special for them just because or you’re celebrating something special in their life is a way to strengthen your bond making you both feel good.

Can’t Go Wrong With A Baked Treat!

  • For this DIY present you’ll need a variety of baking supplies and equipment. (Check to see what each recipe we recommend needs and prepare accordingly).

There’s something about a homemade meal, and in this case, a homemade baked good that really shows your love for someone. Food is a love language and there’s nothing quite like warm baked goods for your friends that’ll make for a delightful surprise.

  • We have a few recipes that will have to become a repeat make, first up we have “The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Ever” from the joyfoodsunshine website. With over 7,000 reviews, giving it an average of a 5 star rating, this recipe makes the best cookie. Crispy and soft in all the right places.
  • Next we have “The Best Chocolate Cake Recipe” from the addapinch website which features the “one bowl” technique where all the ingredients come together to make a chocolate cake you’ll definitely make again.
  • Finally we have a “The Best Cheesecake Recipe” for those who don’t love chocolate from the sugarspunrun website. It’s rich and makes for a great desert to have with a meal.

A Fun Scavenger Hunt

Now this one might take a little more effort then some of the other gifts but oh boy will it be worth it. If you haven’t participated in a scavenger hunt, you probably have heard of one or at least have an idea of how it’s done. 

For this DIY idea there’s a few different directions you can go in, you can go simple  by making a “checklist” with a bunch of items on it like: find someone wearing a baseball cap, skip a stone in water, or buy your favorite candy from the store. Or you can make your own puzzles, gather some friends and set up a “quest” of sorts that’ll be like your own roleplaying game in the real world.

There’s plenty of directions to go and we’re sure you’re gonna have a lot of fun no matter where you go.

Grab Some Paint And Get Creative

Even if you’re not the best painter in the world, goofing around and painting something silly with your friends is fun, plus you both get to enjoy the DIY process this way!

Grab some canvases, paints, and brushes and either look at something to paint together or surprise each other with your art piece at the end for ultimate laughs.

And if you find yourselves wanting a bit more structure in this endeavor, look up local painting classes. They’ll have all the tools you’ll need and you can meet some like minded people while you’re there. Plus you get to go home with a new art piece!

3. DIY Gifts For Your Parents And/Or Guardians

Mother’s and Father’s day are right around the corner, and they’ll love nothing more than something homemade!

Free Family Gathering for a Group Hug Stock Photo
Grandparents and parents all coming together with their kids is a really special occasion, and a last minute DIY gift is just a bonus!

These last few DIY gifts are all for the people who look out for us. The parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and guardians in our lives that have raised us to be who we are. They don’t ask for a lot, so doing something special, especially something thoughtful will really show them the love they deserve.

It’s A Classic: Homemade Card

  • For this homemade craft you’ll need paper, glue, scissors, markers, colored pencils, and crayons.

Now this one might seem basic, but trust us when we say a homemade card makes for a really great gift. You can be as creative as you want, adding cut out drawings of your own creation, writing a sweet message, and making it something they’ll keep on their fireplace mantle for all to see.

A Custom Calendar And/Or Photo Album

With phones getting better than ever, having physical copies of photos isn’t as popular anymore. But, recently disposable cameras and Polaroids are becoming more popular alongside our trusty smart devices and those give us photos that we can make a DIY project out of them.

  • One idea is a custom calendar with different photos for each month. You can set specific friends and family members for months that mean something like a birthday or anniversary. 
  • And another idea that can pair really well with the custom calendar is a photo album! You can make this one yourself by buying a blank one, add the photos yourself, and write in some captions to go along with those memories.

Some services that can help you make that calendar and photo album are Shutterfly, Vistaprint, Mixbook, and Snapfish!

A Surprise Trip Somewhere New

The biggest gift of them all, surprising your loved ones with a vacation to a new place is a huge gift- but when they find out where they’re going, wow will it be worth it!

And an easy way to show your family the plan is an Airbnb gift card:

Airbnb offers a new way to travel, places that are available all over the world in stunning locations. You can look at the many different places on the Airbnb website where they have their vacation homes and condo rentals by the lake, beach, countryside and more!

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4. A Custom Visa Gift Card From Gift Card Granny

When in doubt, why not go with a simple but great DIY gift?

Preview of your Build-a-Card

If none of these DIY gifts are standing out to you, or you want to add a little something extra to one of those DIY gifts then why not go with a custom Visa Gift Card from Gift Card Granny? You can make someone's day with this present and it’ll take minutes to make. 

You have a few options to choose while you’re buying the card, you can go for a plastic card that’s sent by mail or an eGift that’s delivered digitally, then you can select an amount from $10 to $500, add a picture and gift message and you have your very own custom gift card!

Your loved ones deserve to treat themselves to whatever they want and a personalized Visa Gift Card is the way to go!

You can Purchase a Custom Visa Gift Card from Gift Card Granny here!

Now that you have a list of ideas for these last minute DIY gifts, it’s time to get your craft supplies and creative juices flowing to make these some of the best presents your loved ones will get. Go on and craft!

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