10 Great Gag Gift Ideas for Men

A List of the Best Joke and Gag Gifts That Any Man Will Love and LOL About!

If there’s a guy in your life that you are hoping to get a goofy gag gift for then you have come to the right place. Because in today’s post I am going to share a list of 10 great gag gift ideas for men. And the nice thing about this list is that all of the gag gifts on it are surprisingly affordable so anybody on any type of budget will be able to find a great gag gift for the guy in their life. I tried to get some variety on this list in terms of the level of goofiness to the gifts. So there are some gifts that are just goofs that he probably won’t really use, and some of them are goofy and silly, but practical as well so that way you don’t feel like you got him a gift that he won’t get any use out of. And if you can get any of the gag gifts with one of our digital GiftYa gift cards I’ll be sure to provide you with a link so you can grab it real easy.

If you are new to GiftYa and don’t really know what they are, I’ll try to explain real quick. A GIftYa is essentially a gift card that exists in an all digital format which means that you can buy and send them wirelessly in just a couple clicks and they’ll arrive on the recipient’s phone in mere seconds. And GiftYa has partnered with thousands of big national brands and plenty of small businesses across the country as well. So there is a great GiftYa for every gift giving occasion.

I’ll wrap up the introduction here though and get right to that list of 10 great gag gifts for men that brought you here in the first place. And as always, thank you for reading!

1 - A Beerholder For the Shower

This Is A Fun Gag Gift for Any Men Who Love A Cold Beer

shower beer holder is just one of many gag gift ideas for men
This is a fun gag gift for men in their 20’s. Image courtesy of Walmart.com.

This is a gag gift that I think most men would like, but I think it would be especially humorous for guys who are in their 20s. Mostly because most young people have a higher tolerance for alcohol and seem to be able to drink more than the rest of us without getting hung over. So getting him a beer holder for the shower can be a great gag gift for him. And this one is really affordable because you can get one for around $15. Which makes this a gag gift that almost anybody can give. And hey even if he doesn’t use it to take a beer in the shower with him, it’s not like beverages in other cans won’t fit in this. Soda and energy drink cans are the same size in diameter as a beer can so he’ll be able to find a use for this one even if he doesn’t use it for its intended purpose.

2 - Winter Coat Beer Cozies

You Can Get Him A Whole Set of These As A Great Gag Gift!

winter coat beer coozies in a variety of colors
These are a great gag gift for guys who love a cold one. Image courtesy of uncommongoods.com.

This is another beer related gag gift that he can enjoy with his buddies the next time they are all together enjoying a cold beer together. With this set of beer cozies it makes it look like every beer is wearing a little winter jacket, which is just kind of goofy and fun. But the cozies themselves basically are a jacket for the beer can. But instead of keeping the beer warm, they keep it cold and prevent outside air from warming it up. And this can make his whole experience a lot more enjoyable because there’s nothing worse than a room temperature beer is there?

3 - A Funny Coffee Mug

This Is An Easy and Affordable Gag Gift for Men

funny to do list coffee mug for men
A funny mug makes a fun gag gift for guys. Image courtesy of Etsy.com.

This is another great gag gift that you can get for men. Most Americans consume coffee on an almost daily basis, so this one is a gag gift that you can be sure he will actually get some use out of. And the nice thing about this one is that you can find a coffee mug with something funny printed on it at all kinds of places for pretty cheap. So this is a gag gift that is both easy to find and affordable which I think earns it a spot on the list today.

4 - A Gag Bar of Soap

This Is Another Gag Gift for Men That Is Pretty Affordable

blue viagra bar of soap resting next to the sink
This is a gag gift that is great for men who are middle-aged. Image courtesy of Etsy.com.

This bar of Viagra shaped soap is another great gag gift that you can get for him. The only thing with this one is that it's a little bit more adult themed than some of the other options on the list so be sure you aren’t giving this to him in front of his kids or something like that. It can just be a funny joke between the two of you, but you might embarrass him if you give it to him in front of people.

5 - A Goofy Pair of Socks

This Is A Great Gag Gift for Men of Any Age

men's socks with his face all over them
A pair of fun socks is a great gag gift that is easy and affordable! Image courtesy of sockologie.com.

If you want a gag gift that is safe to give him in front of everybody then you could always get him a goofy pair of socks. These particular socks let you print them with a person’s face on them. But you can always design your own pair of goofy socks on a platform like Etsy. And that way you can be sure to get something printed on them that you know will make him chuckle and laugh each time he goes to put them on.

The custom/personalized nature of this gift is what I think that’s what makes it such a gag gift. You can target it specifically towards his sense of humor so that way you know he gets just as much of a kick out of it as you do.

6 - Day of the Week Boxer Shorts

You Can Get Him A Whole Set of These As A Gag Gift

boxer shorts set with the day of the week on the waist band
Another affordable gag gift that’s great for men. Image courtesy of Amazon.com.

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but you can get him a set of boxers that all have days of the week on them. So that way he never has to go a day without a clean pair. And hey it might even help him keep track of the days of the week. And you can find a great set of these on Etsy for only around $25, which is honestly a pretty great deal on 7 pairs of boxer shorts.

7 - Make Him A DIY Gag Gift At Home

There Are Tons of Gag Gifts That You Can Make At Home Pretty Easy

"crappy" toilet paper gag gift for a man
A DIY gag gift can be a ton of fun to make at home! Image courtesy of perpetualkid.com.

One option for a great gag gift for him is to make him a custom gag gift right at home. And there’s all kinds of different options you can do for this one, but the trick is to try to think of something that will appeal to his individual sense of humor. If you are having trouble coming up with ideas for a DIY gag gift be sure to check out this post that lists several great ideas for gag gifts you can make right at home!

8 - A Basketball Hoop Garbage Can

This Is A Fun Gag Gift Any Guy Will Enjoy

trashbasket basketball hoop for his office
This is a gag gift you can be sure he will get tons of use out of. Image courtesy of uncommongoods.com.

This is a gag gift that pretty much all men out there are going to have fun with. They are going to have garbage throughout the day no matter what, so by making the garbage can into a basketball hoop you can make the whole process a lot of fun for him. He can work on his bankshot or go for nothing but net with this one. And this is a gift that he could even take to the office with him to make his day job a little bit more fun every time he has to throw something out!

9 - Adult Mad Libs

This Is A Gag Gift for Men That You Can Be Sure He’ll Have Fun With

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adult mad libs book
Mad libs make a great gag gift for guys. Image courtesy of barnesandnoble.com.

I’m gonna guess that most of you out there are pretty familiar with what MadLibs are. But just in case anybody doesn’t know, they are essentially prompts and short stories that have blank spaces built into them where the reader gets to decide what word to put in that sentence. And the whole general point is to try to come up with the funniest or most ridiculous version of the prompt you possibly can.

So you can be sure he will have fun with this because everybody gets to make the joke their own version. So it is literally designed to appeal to his specific sense of humor. And you can even pick up the book in the picture for like six bucks at Barnes & Noble.

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10 - Visa

Turn A Custom Gift Card Into A Funny Gag for Him

Get a Visa gift card in just seconds by following the link!

visa gift card

If you made it this far down the list and nothing looked like the perfect gag gift for the guy in your life then I would go with one of these custom Visa gift cards. The nice thing about these cards is that since they are Visa brand they are pretty much accepted by every business. Which means he’ll be able to use it to shop wherever he wants to and makes this a gag gift that you can be sure he’ll get some actual use out of.

The way to make this one into a gag gift is by selecting a custom photo and composing a custom message to send along with it. You can pick out one of his favorite jokes for the message and find a funny saying or picture to make the front of the card. And that way he’ll get a chuckle out of it every time he goes to open his wallet.

Anybody can grab a Visa gift card in an instant when they use the link!

And There You Have A List of 10 Great Gag Gift Ideas for Men!

I hope something on the list looked like the perfect gag gift for the guy in your life. I think this list had some fun items on it, but what I really wanted to make sure of was that these were gag gifts that were affordable for people on any type of budget. There’s no need to break the bank when you are getting somebody a joke gift so just about everything on this list you can get for $25 or less. But no matter what gag gift you end up going with I am sure he will be happy you brought some laughter into his big day!

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