10 LOL-Worthy Gag Gift Ideas for Christmas

All the Classic Gag Gifts to Make People Unwrap On Christmas Morning

So just be sure you pick out a gag gift you think is going to go over well with the recipient so that way you don’t totally derail their holiday. And if you want to play it extra safe you can even send them a digital GiftYa gift card along with the gag gift so that way they get an actual present as well. And then that way you can really have the best of both worlds. You can mess with them by giving them the gag gift, and then quickly bring a smile to their face when you reveal that there is more to the gift than just the gag.

But that’s enough of the introduction, I’ll get right to that list of 10 great gag gift ideas for Chriostmas that brought you here. And as always, thanks for the click and thank you even more for actually reading!

1 - Be Sure to Send Them A Great Gift Card Along With the Gag Gift!

A Gag Gift is Fun, But Make Sure You Don’t Leave Their Feelings Hurt And Make Sure There Is An Actual Gift Involved Too

Gag gifts are fun, but to make sure you don’t leave anybody with their feelings hurt on Christmas I would recommend sending a digital GiftYa gift card along with the gag gift. And you can get GiftYas to thousands of national businesses and brands. But to help you narrow down your search I’ll throw you some links to some of the more popular businesses that have partnered with GiftYa

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2 - Box of Nothing

Perfect Gift for the Holiday Stickler Who Refuses to Say What They Want

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A classic gag gift for Christmas or anytime. Image courtesy of Amazon.com

I’m sure everybody has someone in their life that refuses to say what they might like as a Christmas present every single year. And while I’m sure they think they are being nice and trying not to ask for anything extravagant, they actually end up creating a bigger burden by keeping silent. How are you supposed to find them a great gift if they won’t even give you an idea. Well if you’ve put up with this for years now and are getting a little sick and tired of it, then this might be the perfect year to give them a box of literally nothing. And they can’t even be mad about this one cause it is technically exactly what they asked for. If they’d ask for anything, then a box of nothing might seem rude, but since they didn’t ask for anything, nothing was the only gift option available.

3 - The Book of Unusual Knowledge

This Is One of the All Time Classic Gag Gifts; Perfect for the Holidays

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Image courtesy of Kohls.com

When you really don’t know what to get them for Christmas you can get them this cliched gag gift. The Book of Unusual Knowledge contains a wide arranging array of different facts about all kinds of different things. There’s facts about movies and television as well as nature and animals. No matter who picks up this book, I am sure that they will be surprised by some of the amusing facts contained within. And to top it off, you don’t even have to break the bank to get this one. It should only run you around $13 and that’s the hardcover version. So if you want a gag gift that is affordable and a classic then you can’t go wrong with The Book of Unusual Knowledge!

4 - Ring for A Kiss Bell

I Got One of These For Valentines Day And I Loved It (I Still Have It)

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Image courtesy of Amazon.com

Another classic gag gift you can get for Christmas this year is a ring for a kiss bell. I mean the name is pretty self-explanatory, but the idea is that you give them this bell, and then every time they ring it, you have to give them a kiss. So this one makes a fun gag gift when you need a fun way to mess with your significant other. The only downside is that after you give them this gag gift, the gag can quickly be turned around on you. When they start getting obnoxious or out of hand with the bell and demand an egregious amount of kisses after every ring of the bell. So just play it safe with this one unless you are ready to spend the whole afternoon at your SO’s beckon call. 

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5 - Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy (Mini)

A Really Fun Gag Gift You Can Give This Christmas

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Image courtesy of Amazon.com

THe Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy (Mini) is a great gag gift that I think will be appreciated by anybody who has to work in an office or at a desk. They are essentially a tabletop size of the giant inflatable tube guys that you always see outside of car lots and other businesses. Somebody had the brilliant idea to shrink him down to a fraction of his scale and now he sits comfortable on any table or desk. And the nice thing is there is just a little switch that turns it on or off. I know it’s a gag gift, but can you imagine how annoying it would be if it was on your desk and it was running all the time? That would be ridiculous and make you look ridiculous so luckily there’s a very easy on and off switch you can flick at a moments notice 

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Image courtesy of Giphy.com

6 - Whole Bottle Wine Glass

A Great Gag Gift for the Lush In Your Life

If you have a friend or family member who loves their wine then you can get them one of these classic gag wine glasses. The obvious joke here is that it’s just a normal sized glass of wine that’s attached to the top of a whole bottle of wine. Which is a great way to tease someone around the holidays about the way they drink their wine, but honestly, it might even be a gentle nudge to let somebody know their drinking is starting to get excessive and that it might be time to roll it back a little. And what perfect timing with New Year Resolutions right around the corner!

7 - Magic 8 Ball

The OG Gag Gift

Image Courtesy of Amazon.com

The Magic 8 Ball is one of the very first gag gifts that I know of. In fact they’ve been a popular gag gift since they were first introduced in 1946. And I’m sure you all know how they work. You ask the ball a question and shake it up. And then the die that is floating in the liquid settles with a side up that you can read. And while there are a variety of answers it can give to a question, the fun part is the random nature of its responses to questions. Frequently leading to plenty of laughs to go around!

8 - Shower Drink (Beer) Holder

Cause Sometimes You Just Need A Shower Beer

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Image courtesy of Amazon.com

This is another fun gag gift that I think makes a fun Christmas gift for anybody in their early 20s. People in that age range are widely known for their ability to consume alcohol in a way that would literally murder the rest of us who are over the age of 25. So if you want to poke a little fun at their late nights and even later mornings then getting them a beer holder in the shower might be just the perfect gag gift for you to give this Christmas!

9 - Mustache Pacifier

Perfect Gag Gift for Any New Parents

Image courtesy of Amazon.com

I don’t know what I need to say about this one. I mean, you get it right? It’s a pacifier with a fake mustache attached to it. So anytime a baby goes to use the pacifier it will look like they have a fully grown mustache which is crazy cause babies don’t grow mustaches afterall. But all snark aside, I am sure that you can see how your friends that are new parents might get a real kick out of this gag gift this Christmas!

10 - Womens Bikini Print Shirt

Another One of the All Time Great Gag Gifts

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Image courtesy of Amazon.com

The long shirt that has a woman’s bikini printed on it is one of the all time classic gag gifts. And they make a great gag gift all year long. Whether you are at the beach for a few days over the summer, or you just really want to mess with somebody on CHristmas morning, you aren’t going to be able to go wrong with this classic gag gift. And the nice thing about this one is that after the initial joke has worn off, they’ll actually just end up with a pretty nice long and comfortable shirt to lounge in. So while it starts out as a gag gift, it’ll probably grow on them by the end of the day!

And There You Have A List of Some Great Gag Gifts for This Christmas!

And there you have a list of 10 great gag gifts that you can give this Christmas. Now listen, not every gag gift is going to be appropriate for each and every person out there. So try to use a little judgment and pick the gag gift that is going to go over the best with the person you are giving the gag gift to. And like I said at the beginning of the article, if you really want to play it safe you can always send a digital GiftYa gift card along with the gag gift to one of America’s most popular brands or retailers. And that way no nobody feels like they got ripped off on Christmas day!

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