10 Funny Wedding Gift Ideas for the Couple Who Loves to Laugh

Dearly Beloved, These Gifts for Your Newlywed Friends Give Them a Chance to LOL with the LOML (LOTL?)

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A wedding is often a very serious occasion, and until everyone can wind down at the reception, everything will likely be more stiff than you’d like. Stressful events aren’t ideal, but you can lighten up the occasion a bit with a funny wedding gift. Get a funny wedding gift alongside a serious one, or get it on its own and your friends are likely to love it either way. And if they’re not already doing it by that point, it will remind them to lighten up and enjoy their wedding day. If you have friends that like to laugh and have a good time, even at their own expense sometimes, a funny wedding gift is very fitting, and we’ve got some great ideas for you!

1. GiftYa Gift Card

A gift card for a couple who likes to choose.

Send a GiftYa gift card

giftya funny wedding gift idea
Text a gift card to a married couple’s phones and they can use it in minutes.

If you want to get your friends a wedding gift, and don’t know where to start, a gift card from GiftYa is a great idea. With a GiftYa gift card, your friends will get to choose their own wedding gift out. You will pick out the store and they will get to pick out anything else. A gift card is always the perfect decision for a gift when you don’t want to make the final choice yourself.

To get a GiftYa gift card you need to visit their website and follow their prompts, and in a few minutes will be able to text the gift card right to your friends. You can pick from local and national stores and your friends can even change the store if they don’t like the one you picked out yourself. Try gift cards from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, The Cheesecake Factory, or Nordstrom.

Send a GiftYa gift card

2. Custom Couple of Bobbleheads

A bobblehead replica of your favorite couple.

silly newlywed bobbleheads
A couple’s exact replicas, but in much smaller frames. Image courtesy of Etsy.

Bobbleheads can make a funny wedding gift, especially when those bobbleheads are replicas of the couple. Any couple will appreciate a pair of bobbleheads that look like them. They’ll be able to display them in the car, in the living room, in their bedroom, or wherever they prefer it. Bobbleheads that look like them are a gift a couple will want to hold on to forever.

These custom wedding bobbleheads will memorialize your friend’s wedding in a funny way. These lifelike bobbleheads will look just like the couple, and can come decked out in wedding gear. Each bobblehead is made with the highest grade of polymer clay and handcrafted with simple tools.

3. Custom Pillow

A pillow that puts a couple’s faces on little bodies.

custom pillow wedding gift
Lay your head down on your own head. Image courtesy of Etsy.

For many newly married couples, the coming days will be their first time living together, so try getting them a pillow with their faces on it to make their new bed comfortable. They would have never known that something like this was missing from their bed until you introduced it to their lives.

This custom wedding couple pillow from Wander Prints will remind a couple of their wedding day whenever they get in bed or hit the couch. It will include any pictures of a couples faces on top of miniature bodies in wedding attire. You can also include their names on the bottom of their images.

4. Funny Picture Frame

A picture that is worth five words.

nice photo in a funny frame
This picture spells out what a couple means to each other in a funny way. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Something most couples like having is pictures of themselves, so a great gift will be a picture frame they would love displaying anywhere. A picture frame with a funny phrase on it will have one of their best pictures displayed in an entertaining way. It can give their guests a laugh, and them a laugh every time they take a look at it.

This funny picture frame from Amazon will help a couple reminisce about all the pain they cause each other. Anyone’s spouse can be a pain sometimes, and this picture frame will remind them that they are still each other’s favorite people through it all.

If you’re a fan of adding your own funny quote to a frame, this custom picture frame from Amazon will help you do it. Anything funny you can think of, or any inside joke can go on a picture frame to entertain your newly married friends for years to come.

5. Custom Puppy Mugs

Wedding puppies that represent the bride and groom.

cute matching puppy bride and groom mugs
These are representations of the bride and groom in puppy form. Image courtesy of Etsy.

Everyone loves a good mug, and for a newly married couple, a couple of mugs make a great wedding gift. If you get them mugs that are cool and different, and remind them of their wedding day, they just might become their new favorites. And if the mug is customizable, you can get them mugs that are cool and personal.

These personalized bride and groom mugs from Etsy will make drinking coffee a little more special and a little more funny for a bride and groom. The animals and names on the mugs are customizable, and everyday a bride and groom can see representations of themselves as married puppies as they enjoy their drinks for the day.

6. Custom Bride and Groom Socks

Socks for a couple that are full of love.  

funny socks with the newlyweds faces on them
These socks are different from all the rest. Image courtesy of Etsy.

Turn everyone’s least favorite gift, socks, into something funny that a newly married couple will love wearing. Socks are often an anticlimactic gift, but it will be a whole story when a bride and groom see their own faces on the socks. A pair of socks with a couple’s faces on them will be fun for them to wear whenever they’re lounging around the house together.

These custom wedding socks from Etsy will give a couple a good laugh on their wedding day. They are custom made by hand in just a few days, and have lots of past happy customers. On top of pictures of the bride and groom, you also get to add images like paw prints, hearts, bones, and custom text.

These custom socks can include the bride and groom and the faces of multiple friends. If you want some married friends to be reminded of their wedding and some of their favorite audience members, put all of your faces on these socks and make them laugh on their wedding day.

7. Playful Decision Makers

Can’t decide where to go out as a couple? These can help!

funny but also legitimately helpful decision making dice
A roll of the dice can have you headed out the door in no time. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Couples can have a hard time deciding where to go together, especially on date night. Sometimes you just feel like going right out the door without the back and forth, and there are gifts out there that will help couples make decisions. Some of these decision makers come in the form of notes in jars, spinning wheels, dice, and more.

This set of decision dice from Amazon will help a couple make decisions from their wedding day forward. They are covered in types of food rather than numbers, and they will help you choose from sandwiches, seafood, burgers, and Italian. So whenever a couple doesn’t want to go back and forth about what to get for dinner, they can pull out these dice and start rolling.

Open up this bottle from Amazon and you’ll find 50 date ideas. Dates can be hard to figure out, especially when you’ve already gone on hundreds of them, but this bottle will help a couple of newlyweds figure things out. Just shake the bottle, pull out a piece of paper, and repeat if you want another option.

8. His and Hers Whiskey and Wine Glasses

A whiskey glass and a wine glass that remind a couple of their awesome rings.

funny his and hers wine and whiskey glasses
Put your ring fingers up and show them off. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Something that every newlywed couple needs are new glasses. There are funny ones made just for married couples, and you can get your friends a pair or more that remind them of their wedding day whenever they want to enjoy a drink. Wine, beer, or whiskey glasses with a wedding theme and a couple’s wedding date on it can be a newly wedded couple’s nightly staple.

These funny wine and whiskey glasses from Amazon make some entertaining glasses. They display a finger on each glass, a bride and groom’s, throwing up their ring fingers. These glasses are premium quality, unique, and will stay in top shape for many years.

Remind a couple of the vows they took with these ‘til death do us part’ glasses from Etsy. These glasses are cool and decorative, and will remind them that they promised to stay together until they die. They will be a fun pair of glasses to bring out whenever a couple wants some wine.

9. A Candle With A Message

A message your friends can get behind.

cute funny candle for newlyweds gag gift
This candle comes with a message and an amazing scent. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Every couple loves living in a house that smells nice, so scented candles will make a great wedding gift. They will also make a funny wedding gift when they include a message about your friends’ relationship. You can get a funny candle in any scent, with any funny phrases written on them that can completely apply to your newly wedded friends.

This funny scented candle from Amazon is perfect for a couple of weirdos. If you know a pair so weird you thought they might never find anyone, this is a candle you should get for a wedding gift. Let them know how happy you are that they found each other despite the odds.

Every couple gets on each other's nerves sometimes, and you can remind them of that with this lavender candle from Amazon. Whenever someone wants to express that their last nerve has been crossed, they can light this candle and bring on the fights.

For competitive lovers, this rose scented candle will make a room smell nice and prove a point. Who loves the other the most and therefore wins? Whoever lights this candle first does!

10. Custom Visa Gift Card

A gift card with more meaning.

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

custom visa gift card

A custom Visa gift card will let your newly married friends shop wherever they want, which is ideal for a newly married couple who need a lot to start their new life. Whether they want clothes, food, or furniture, they will be glad you left it up to them, and Gift Card Granny will allow you to do that. On top of getting your friends a gift card that works anywhere, you will also get to add anything you want to it, including pictures, messages, and videos.

Gift Card Granny will allow you to create a custom Visa gift card in a simple way. You will have to choose a Visa or a Mastercard, add your personal image to the card, maybe a funny picture of your friends, add a personal message, and send the gift straight to their messages or their email.

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

Weddings can be stressful, and you can lighten up the mood a bit with a funny wedding gift. Every wedding gift doesn’t have to be serious, especially when you have friends who love to laugh and joke around.

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