10 Funny Gift Ideas for Friends They Won’t Be Able to Stop Laughing About

Split Their Sides With These Laugh Out Loud Funny Gifts Any Friend of Yours is Sure to Appreciate

Sometimes gifts are heartfelt and sincere, but not all of them are so sentimental. Gifts can also be goofy, silly, and downright zany. If you’re looking to master the art of the gag gift, you’ve come to the right place – today we’re talking about all of the best funny gift ideas for friends new and old. If you think your friendship can withstand a solid prank, we’ve got you covered.

Whether it's a special occasion or just a random Tuesday, gifting something hilarious is the perfect way to spread joy and laughter. After all, who doesn't love a good chuckle? That's why we've scoured the internet and beyond to curate a collection of side-splittingly funny gift ideas that are bound to elicit some serious chuckles. From quirky gadgets to witty books and everything in between, our list has something for every sense of humor. So get ready to dive into a treasure trove of comedic delights and find the perfect gift that'll have your buddy doubled over with laughter in no time!

Stay tuned for our best funny gift ideas for friends, like:

  • Hilarious clothing they might actually still wear
  • Easy to use labels that make normal stuff funny
  • Stuff that’s downright goofy

Get to Know GiftYa, the Gift Card You Can Text

Gift cards don’t have to be boring, unfunny, or lame. GiftYa, you can deliver the ultimate gift – gag or not – directly to your friend’s phone or email.

Just choose from thousands of local and national brands like Delta Airlines and Playstation that your friend already loves, customize with a photo or predesigned wrapper, add a message, and it’s off. Schedule it in advance or send it instantly – it’s up to you!

Plus if your friend isn’t a fan of the brand you pick for any reason, there are several ways to exchange, cash out, or otherwise swap their balance – so they’re guaranteed to get something they really love!

1. Send a Funny Gift Card

This Silly E-Gift Easily Transforms Into Something They’ll Actually Enjoy

Text or email an egift card in just a few clicks

Funny Gift Card

Traditional prank gift card? Boring. Over done. A waste of money.

GiftYa prank gift card? Now you’re onto something!

In the age of the internet, your friends can have your prank and enjoy it too. If you got someone a silly physical gift card, the best they could really do with it is chuckle and re-gift it to someone who would like it more. But with a digital gift card, you can both laugh it up at the funny gift, but they can also exchange it for a digital gift card they would actually use in just a couple of clicks. 

Or at least, you can exchange in just a couple of clicks with GiftYa! Hey can exchange their balance for one of thousands of local and national brands in the catalog, swap it for a physical Visa gift card they can use just about anywhere, or even cash out the balance to a bank account using Zelle to spend on whatever they’d like. You can customize with a wacky photo or funny video clip before you send your gift, plus there are multiple ways for your recipient to cash it in.

But what kind of gift card would actually be a funny gift for your friend? Here are a couple of ideas to jog your creativity:

And when it’s all said and done, they can exchange it for a Barnes & Noble gift card, Target gift card, or any of the thousands of other national and local brands in the catalog. 

Text or email an egift card in just a few clicks

2. Dramatic Vintage T-Shirt With Your Face on It

Swap the Early Aughts Wolves for Your Very Own Face

a person wearing a black vintage shirt
Get creative with this funny gift idea for your friends – instead of your face, you can also use their pet or even a character from their favorite show. Image courtesy of ShaneCanadaShop on Etsy.

These vintage t-shirts have been sweeping social media — but you don’t have to take it as far as putting your face on your boyfriend’s shirt before he heads off for a bachelor party to get an lol out of this gift. Countess creators on Etsy are selling these bootleg rap shirt-style tees in a variety of styles, which means you can shop around to find the design that speaks to you.

But you don’t have to stick with your own face if you think it would be too much of a gag. You can slap practically anything you want on a t-shirt these days, like perhaps:

  • Majestic photos of the pet that they’re obsessed with
  • Pics of them throughout your friendship (yes, even – or especially – those awkward middle school dance photos)
  • The heartthrob in their favorite band or television show
  • And maybe the funniest option of all, their favorite cartoon character

Yeah, they’ll probably wear it as a sleep shirt – but they’ll get a kick out of it every time they look into their pajama drawer.

3. Animal Butt Anything

Add a Little Humor to Their Refrigerator or Home Office

a mouse pad and keyboard
Let them rest their wrists on the cutest of all butt themed gifts – a corgi butt mouse pad that’s almost as floofy as the real thing. Image courtesy Temu.

No matter how long ago your school days were, butts are just funny. And what better way to prank your pals than to get them a gift they’ll hate (butt gift) but make it so cute they actually have to kinda appreciate it? Plus, these gifts won’t break the bank, which means they can just be the opening act for a real gift that will knock their socks off.

Not only can you find desk accessories like this mouse pad or animal butt sticky notes, you can also find gaming accessories like cute animal butt joystick covers or animal butt magnets, so there’s a funny gift in this idea for anyone.

4. Funny Wine Bottle Labels

Nothing Pairs with Wine Quite Like Funny Labels

a group of bottles with different colored labels
DIY some funny wine bottle labels or pick up a pack from an online shop like Etsy to give the classic gift of wine some lol-worthiness. Image courtesy of iCustomHome on Etsy.

Looking for a gift that will have your friends laughing until they spill their wine? Look no further than funny wine bottle labels! These cheeky labels add a hilarious twist to any bottle of vino. Whether it's a birthday, housewarming, or just a regular Friday night, funny wine labels are the perfect way to inject some humor into any occasion.

With witty puns, clever jokes, and outrageous designs, these labels are sure to bring a smile to your friend's face as soon as they lay eyes on them. Plus they're easy to use – just peel and stick them onto any bottle of your friend’s favorite wine for an instant dose of hilarity. From labels that poke fun at wine snobbery to ones that celebrate the joys of drinking with friends, there's a funny wine label out there for everyone. So upgrade your gift of wine today!

5. Unicorn Horn for Pets

Your Friend Will Love it Even if Their Pet Does Not

a cat with a unicorn horn on its head
Nothing is funnier or cuter than pets in little costumes, like this inflatable unicorn horn for cats. Don’t worry, they make a dogImage courtesy of Gag Works.

Want to add a bit of magic to your friend's day? Think about grabbing a unicorn horn for their pet. These funny little accessories promise lots of laughs for both pet and owner – well, maybe we aren’t so sure about the pets, but at least for the owner. 

Just picture the look on your friend's face when they see their furry buddy prancing around with a unicorn horn on. From dressing up for photos to goofing around the house, this horn brings some fantasy to their pet's life. And the best part? It's all about the laughs and smiles it brings. Just don’t be surprised if you see a unicorn peek out of next year’s Christmas photos.

6. Desktop Punching Bag

For the Friend Who Wants to Upgrade Their Job

a person holding a red ball
Wham, pow! Bad day be gone! Image courtesy of Target.

We don’t all have jobs we love at every point in our lives. If your friend hates their boss, has an annoying coworker, or simply works in a high stress industry, a desktop punching bag will be a welcome addition to their cubicle. Now after a difficult meeting or grating conversation, they can head right back to their desk and give it a stress-relieving whack. So since you probably can’t get  your buddy a new job as a gift, get the next best and much funnier thing.

7. Funny Kitchen Gadgets

Invade Their Kitchen with Quirky Alien and Dinosaur Gadgets

spaghetti monster
This spaghetti monster collider guarantees their pasta will be scary good. Image courtesy of Sweet Lulu.

Kitchen gadgets don’t have to be boring. From this brightly colored spaghetti monster collider to the Nessie standing ladle to this crabby spoon holder, they’re sure to appreciate this gift that is equal parts fun and functional. 

8. Banana Phone Handset

Ring Ring Ring Ring… Banana Phone!

a person holding a banana to her ear
Classic gag. Handy hand set. Image courtesy Banana Phone.

This is so much more than a piece of fruit. The bluetooth enabled banana phone works as a handset or speaker for all iPhone, Android, Alexa, Siri, Google, and other Bluetooth devices with full voice assistant capabilities. Plus, even though it’s a silly gift, everyone can feel good about it – 1% of all sales is donated to Gearing Up 4 Gorillas through 1% for the Planet. What could be better than that! So say “hello” to the funniest gift your friend will ever get!

9. Underpants Dispenser

Keep Your Pals Out of Some Stinky Stituations 

Underpants Dispenser
Backup underpants at their fingertips. Image courtesy of Archie McPhee.

Need a backup for your backup underwear? This underwear dispenser will cover your buns with emergency polyester underpants dispensed like tissues. 

And I think that’s enough about this one. 

10. Visa Gift Card

Design a Funny Gift Card They Can Use on Practically Anything

Build a custom Visa gift card

Custom Visa Gift Card

Still feel like you’re searching for the ultimate funny gift idea for your friend? Then consider building them a custom Visa gift card. Accepted anywhere that Visa credit cards are accepted, this gag gift can be used for anything they want – but you can make it look as silly as you want.

Plus, in just a few clicks you can customize the gift card with a preset design or a photo of your own – maybe an embarrassing picture of them, or something else they’ll find hilarious?

Most customized Visa gift cards print the same day and ship out the next, so you’ll have this side-splittingly funny gift in hand in no time. 

Build a custom Visa gift card

That’s it for our funny gift ideas for friends.

Nailing the perfect funny gift for friends is like scoring a bullseye in the game of gift-giving. Whether it's a desktop punching bag for those stressful work days or a unicorn horn to jazz up their pet's style, these quirky presents are guaranteed to crack a smile. Sowhen you're on the hunt for a gift that's actually hilarious, look no further. After all, who says gift-giving can't be a laugh riot?

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