10 LOL-Worthy Best Funny Gag Gift Ideas

Don't Be an April Fool! These Gag Gifts Are Funny AND They Can Be Converted to Cash So Your Recipient Can *Actually* Use Them Too

Getting gifts for your friends is always a fun occasion. Figuring out what gifts to get your friends, however, can cause some serious stress! One awesome way to give gifts is with a bunch of small gifts instead of something big. Consumables are at the top of this list, like drinks, snacks, and gift cards! There are a lot of gift cards that come in just about any denomination, and if you can pick out one, you know they will use even a $5 gift card, which is exciting!

We do recommend making sure that they will spend any gift card you give them, as there are far too many cards that sit unused in wallets and drawers. When you buy gift cards to nice restaurants, hotels, or clothing stores, the recipient is likely going to pay most of the bill. This is especially true with five or ten-dollar cards. That doesn’t mean you should shy away from gift cards like these! On the contrary, we think that low denomination gift cards are a fantastic addition to a basket of fun gifts. Looking to get some funny gag gifts for friends and family? This list will cover gift cards and the gag gifts that fit perfectly with them to surprise your friends.

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Let’s jump into some of our favorite gift cards for funny gag gifts!

1. Fairmont Hotels

A gift card toward a luxurious vacation

Buy a Fairmont gift card


Gag Gift: Luggage tag, travel snacks

First on our list is Fairmont Hotels. Fairmont is a company that dedicates itself to creating the most relaxing and rejuvenating experience possible. Their resorts are immaculate, with spas, saunas, massage rooms, and so much more to soothe the body, mind, and soul. Is your friend planning a vacation in the future? A Fairmont gift card might be a perfect choice! This is one of the more limiting gift cards on the list, so ensure the recipient is interested in a vacation like this before purchasing a gift card here.

Travel gift cards work so well with a funny gag gift. Travel is expensive, and it is rare that anyone would give a gift card that can cover an entire stay. Enter the gag gifts! If your friend is planning a trip we are certain they would appreciate any amount of money they can cut off their stay. Adding a gift card along with little gag gifts is a wonderful way to give a personalized and memorable gift to your friend.

Buy a Fairmont gift card

2. Airbnb

A gift card for those interested in hotel alternatives

Get an Airbnb gift card


Gag Gifts: Coffee grounds, paper plates

Airbnbs are amazing alternatives to classic hotels. There are countless options all across the world, many of them boasting unique styles and amenities. A change of scenery, some peace and quiet, and a few days on an awesome vacation are just what the doctor ordered. If your friend has used Airbnbs in the past, this is a surefire way to get them a gift you know they will love.

With an Airbnb gift card, you can help them pay for the lodgings on their next journey. They can add the card to their Airbnb account, so they have no chance of missing out on the savings the next time they book a place!

Get an Airbnb gift card

3. Spotify

A gift card for music lovers

Buy a Spotify gift card

spotify premium

Gag Gifts: Playlists, Used CD

Does your friend love listening to music? If so, a Spotify gift card is an excellent way to say thanks! If they use Spotify, there is a high chance they are a premium member. A gift card lets them get a month, or part of a month, free. With a library of millions of songs by thousands of artists across countless different genres, the potential of discovering captivating new music is as high as ever. Store your favorite songs on your account to access them with ease, build playlists perfect for your mood, and enjoy your tunes no matter where you are by downloading them straight to your device.

Being able to play your favorite music whenever you want is nothing short of a musical miracle, but Spotify is a lot more than just a reserve of your tasteful music collection. Spotify will curate songs on your feed based on your listening history and allow you to find new favorites with weekly discovery playlists easily.

Looking for a funny gag gift to go along with it? You can make them some playlists beforehand, be they music you think they will like, music that will make them laugh, or some of your favorites. You can also take a trip to your local thrift store and look at the eclectic mix of used CDs they have. We assure you: you will never fail to find a funny CD this way.

Unfortunately, GiftYa does not offer Spotify gift cards at this time, but you can buy a Spotify gift card on Gift Card Granny!

2. Harry and David

This gift card opens the door to snacks, chocolate, and more!

Buy a Harry & David gift card

harry and david

Gag Gift: Dollar Store snacks, favorite beverage

A gift card to Harry and David is an excellent gift for anyone. Their store is filled with delicious food and dessert items, perfect for someone looking for a luxurious snack at the end of a long day. A box of chocolates, baked goods, fruits, gourmet food, and much more await the receptionist if you choose this gift card for them.

We love H&D gift cards because it lets your friend pick out the perfect assortment, and it’s an excellent gift card to pair with some gag gifts like dollar store snacks or other consumables, like their favorite beverage. This lets them enjoy the gift now and put in an order to enjoy some gourmet treats at a later date. We do recommend larger denominations of Harry and David gift cards if you have it as part of your gag gift!

Harry and David offer a wide range of fine products. Unfortunately, Harry and David is not available on GiftYa, but you can snag one on Gift Card Granny!

4. Macy’s

A gift card perfect for seasonal shopping

Buy a Macy’s gift card


Gag Gift: Perfume/cologne sample, fashion magazine

Macy’s opens the door for your friend to get a new outfit for any time of year. Does they like to shop for clothes? If they like to shop at department stores, then Macy’s is perfect for them. Macy’s has a great selection of clothes in a wide variety of styles. A gift card to Macy’s lets them pick out something fun, get some new work clothing, or get a new outfit for summer!

A Macy’s gift card pairs very well with fashion-related gag gifts. We love the idea of a fashion magazine to give them some ideas about what’s in style. Bonus points if they are not really into fashion! The magazine is sure to be confusing in all the best ways.

Buy a Macy’s gift card

5. Yankee Candle

Step into this fragrant retailer and get lost in a world of sweet scents

Buy a Yankee Candle gift card

yankee candle

Gag Gifts: Bath Bomb, Wine

Candles are always a safe bet when buying gifts. Yankee Candle is a premium candle retailer that can be found in pretty much every shopping mall and retail outlet center in the country. With thousands of compelling fragrances and many convenient ways to indulge in your favorite scents, shoppers can fill their lives with enticing aromas anywhere they go.

Yankee Candles, and candles in general, are excellent tools for relaxation. There is no space that doesn’t get better with the addition of a lovely candle. We recommend other little gifts for relaxation as well, like bath bombs or a bottle of their favorite wine. Baths are an amazing time to relax after a long week, and with their new Yankee Candle it will be absolutely unbeatable.

Buy a Yankee Candle gift card

6. Walmart Gift Card

Walmart has everything your friend might need

Get a Walmart gift card

Buy Walmart Gift Cards

Gag Gifts: Anything!

Walmart is a popular big box store that just about everyone shops at. With a Walmart gift card, your friend can purchase just about anything they need.  Walmart gift cards are a great one because they can be used for any monetary amount and are still maximally effective. One problem with gift cards is that the monetary amount is only a small fraction of how much people usually pay at the establishment. For instance, imagine a $10 gift card to a store like Brooks Brothers. If the recipient doesn’t shop there, they will likely still have to spend a significant amount on their purchase, even after the gift card.

There are many retailers where a $5 or $10 gift card is perfect, and Walmart is one of them! You can pick out any funny gag gifts to go along with this card, as there are few Walmart-specific gifts like there are for some of the other stores on our list. GiftYa does not offer Walmart gift cards at this time, but you can snag one on Gift Card Granny!

7. Amazon Gift Card

You can’t go wrong with a superstore

Buy an Amazon gift card


Gag Gifts: Anything!

You can never go wrong with an Amazon gift card. Everyone has something they need on Amazon! If you are having trouble narrowing down the perfect gift card to go along with your funny gag gifts, then Amazon has you covered.

Amazon eGift cards are a great gift. Your friend can add them directly to their Amazon wallet, and You can choose to purchase traditional Amazon gift cards or Amazon eGift cards that are easy to deliver.

Buy an Amazon gift card

8. Dunkin’ Donuts

Free coffee and donuts? Yes, please

Buy a Dunkin’ gift card


Gag Gift: Coffee mug, fun syrups

A Dunkin’ Donuts gift card is an excellent way to show appreciation to your friend at any time of the year. Dunkin’ Donuts is, naturally, known for its coffee, making this gift card perfect for coffee lovers.

Tons of seasonal drinks are available at Dunkin’, making it an exciting gift card. While Dunkin’ is a safe bet because there are many stores nationwide, if you know they have a favorite local cafe, you can get a gift card there instead! There are so many local cafes that provide exceptionally delicious coffee.

You can pair this with your favorite funny coffee-related gag gifts. We love fun mugs, but your options are endless!

Buy a Dunkin’ gift card

These are our favorite funny gag gift ideas

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of funny gag gifts to go along with gift cards! There are so many occasions throughout the year to give gifts, and this is an excellent way to do it.

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