Fall Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

Gifts That Will Make Her Fall for You All Over Again

With Autumn quickly approaching you might be trying to think of a great gift for your girlfriend. Some people just love the fall season, which is perfectly normal. Everybody kind of has their favorite season out of the four so there’s a pretty good chance that your girlfriend’s favorite happens to be fall. Otherwise I’m not so sure how you ended up on this page. Well to help you out today, I have a list of 9 great fall-themed gifts that you can get for your girlfriend that she will love. 

And I wanted to make sure that everybody out there could get their gf one of these fall-themed gifts so I tried to keep the list pretty budget conscious. In addition to that I will also throw you a helpful link anytime you can use one of our convenient GiftYa gift cards to get one of these great fall-themed gifts for your girlfriend.

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But I’ll wrap up the introduction right here and get right to that list of fantastic fall gift ideas for your girlfriend that brought you here. And as always, thank you for reading!

1 - Some Fall Themed Decorations

These Should Be An Easy Fall Gift to Track Down

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A lot of retail stores you visit are going to have plenty of fall decorations out for sale as the season approaches. And if your girlfriend likes to decorate for the different seasons then this is going to be a great fall gift for her. She’ll be able to celebrate the season and decorate her apartment or home with fall themed decorations. And the nice thing about this option is that the decorations themselves aren’t going to break the bank. 

You should be able to get them at a fairly reasonable price so you should be able to get her a couple different ones and gift her a set of fall-themed decorations. The hardest part about this gift is going to be picking out decorations that she is going to like. So if she is more into the changing of the leaves than she is with the harvest then go with leaf-themed decorations. Or if she’s more into the spooky nature of the fall season you can get her plenty of fun jack o'lanterns to decorate her home with. Just be sure to try and find decorations you know she’ll like. And if you can’t find the perfect decorations in person you can always order some online.

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2 - Check out Etsy for Fall Themed Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Custom and Themed GIfts Make A Great Option for Your Girlfriend

Finding a fall-themed gift for your girlfriend is easy at Etsy. Image courtesy of Etsy.com.

You can find your girlfriend all kinds of great fall-themed gifts at Etsy. The nice thing about Etsy is that they have gifts for almost any scenario. Which means that you can specifically search for fall-themed gifts for your girlfriend. And on top of that, a lot of Etsy sellers will even let you customize or personalize the gift so that way it is unique for your gf. Adding that personalized touch to a gift can make it all the more special for the recipient. Plus most sellers on Etsy are individuals or small businesses so you can feel good about where your dollar is being spent when you go with this option!

3 - Barnes & Noble

Nothing Beats Curling Up With A Good Book On A Nice Autumn Day

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If your girlfriend likes to read then getting her a good book can be a great fall gift for her. There’s not much better than curling up with a good book on a nice fall day. So you can help your girlfriend have a really nice fall the whole season long by getting her a couple of great books. And the nice thing about Barnes & Noble is that they are the largest book retailer in the country which means they have an enormous selection of books. So no matter what your girlfriend likes to read you will be able to find her something she will love at Barnes & Noble. 

They have everything from Dr. Suess to Shakespeare and everything in between. And if you can’t find exactly what you want in person at one of their 600 stores, then you can always shop online at their website and check out their entire selection. And I have no doubt you’ll be able to find the perfect book for your girlfriend when you shop at Barnes & Noble.

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4 - Plan A Trip Away Together

Fall Is A Great Time to Go Away Together and Watch the Leaves Change

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If you really want to blow your gf away with a fall-themed gift then you can plan a trip away together somewhere rustic to watch the leaves change. There are few gifts that are more romantic than a weekend away together so you are going to score some serious brownie points with this one. But also there really is something to be said about the overwhelming beauty of the leaves changing in a wide open wild space. As somebody who grew up in the northeast I’ve always been a little spoiled by it. 

But if you live somewhere that doesn’t have a lot of natural spaces with lots of trees I truly can’t describe how beautiful it is to see a whole forest splashed with different colors as all the leaves change. If your girlfriend loves fall then this gift will blow her away. But this one is probably the priciest option on the list today which is why it is a little further down the list. But you can have a really nice trip together and even save some money if you plan on staying at an Airbnb on your trip. And it’ll be a heck of a lot more romantic than a hotel.

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5 - Take Her to See A Scary Movie

This Is A Great Gift If She Loves the Spooky Part of the Fall Season

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This one makes a nice fall gift for your girlfriend for a couple of reasons. First of all, if she likes the spooky part of the fall season then there’s a good bet that she likes scary movies. On top of that, around Halloween lots of new horror movies will be released and small independent theaters will screen lots of horror classics. So you can turn this gift into a great memory the two of you share together. 

I took my girlfriend to a double feature of the Evil Dead a few years ago and she still talks about it! So if there’s a classic horror film being streamed that she loves, definitely take her to that. But if not, a date at a scary movie still makes a nice fall gift if you go see one of the newly released horror movies at the bigger theaters! And theaters are really struggling after the pandemic so there’s never been a better time to support them. This is another one where you can feel good about where your dollar goes!

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6 - Bath & Body Works

Help Her Make Her Whole Home Smell Like Fall

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Bath and Body Works is a company that basically specializes in selling all the things that smell good. They have soaps, body wash, moisturizers, candles, air fresheners, and everything else you need to make your house smell like home. And if she loves the fall season then you can pick out a selection of gifts that are all fall themed that will feature some of her favorite scents. And then you can pick out a couple of different items and put together a pretty amazing gift for between $60-$80. So this is another one that won’t break the bank, but will go a long way in helping her celebrate the fall season!

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7 - Take Her Out On A Nice Coffee Date

A Coffee Date Makes A Great Fall Gift for Your Girlfriend

Take her out to a nice coffee date. There’s few times of the year better to enjoy a hot beverage than at fall time when the weather first starts to get brisk. So if you need an easy fall-themed gift for your girlfriend then take her out to her favorite coffee shop on a date. And most coffee shops will have fall-themed coffee and tea blends that I’m sure she’ll love.

8 - Get Her A Fall Themed Gift Basket

A Great Fall Gift for Your Girlfriend When You Are Hard Up for Ideas

A fall-themed gift basket can make a great gift idea for your girlfriend! Image courtesy of gourmetgiftbaskets.com.

You can find all sorts of great fall-themed gift baskets online at a place like Gourmet Gift Baskets. And they have a huge variety of different baskets that are just themed for the fall season. So just shop around a little and find the one it seems like she’ll like best and have it shipped to her doorstep just in time for fall. And this one offers a lot of variety in the price range. You can get them for between $40 and $180 a piece. So you can choose to go as extravagant as you want.

9 - Visa

Customize One of These Gift Cards With A Fall Themed Photo

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If you need a little something to add on otp of your fall-themed gift, but ar4e having trouble thinking of something then I would advise one of these custom Visa gift cards. Your girlfriend will be able to use it to shop anywhere she wants since they can be used anywhere that accepts Visa card. But on top of that you can keep it as part of your gifts fall theme because you can pick out a fall themed photo like the changing of the leaves or some goofy pumpkins and then you can pad your gift a little bit, but still keep everything on theme!

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And There You Have A List of 10 Fantastic Fall Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend!

I hope something on the list today looked like the perfect fall gift for your girlfriend. I tried to get a variety of options on the list so that way there would be something for everybody on the list. But it’s impossible to get every good idea on a list with only 9 spaces. So even if you didn’t find the perfect fall gift here, I hope I at least helped spark some ideas for other fall gifts for your girlfriend. But no matter what gift you decide to go with I am sure she will just be thrilled that you went out of the way to get her a gift that celebrates her favorite season of the year!

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