Explore Old Town, San Diego and Spoil Yourself With These Seven Tasty Restaurants

If you want to explore this new and exciting part of San Diego, then you need to try out these seven restaurants once you start to feel famished!

Have you ever travelled and explored Old Town, San Diego? If not, you’re missing out on experiencing what colonial life was back in the early 1800s in California. Known for the Old Town State National Park, Whaley House Museum, and even festivals like the Fiesta Old Town Cinco de Mayo, and so much more, you can enjoy endless amounts of different places, activities, and of course experience authentic Mexican food that the area is known for. With the mention of food, we know that after having fun journeying through Old Town, you’re going to get hungry, so try out these top seven restaurants there today!

Tasty Restaurants in San Diego

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Cosmopolitan Hotel and Restaurants

Enjoy this historic hotel and restaurant that is over 200 years old that makes some fantastic food!

There’s nothing tastier than the Cosmopolitan Restaurant’s tasty food located in the historic hotel building in Old Town, San Diego! Image courtesy of PassPort to San Diego. 

2660 Calhoun Road | Old Town | oldcosmopolitan.com 

Are you staying at the Cosmopolitan Hotel while you’re visiting and venturing around Old Town? If so, you need to try the food in the restaurant part, named the Cosmopolitan Restaurant! The hotel has been around for 200 years, watching the years of San Diego unfold into what it is today, along with serving some tasty food!

If it’s more convenient for you to stay in the Cosmopolitan Hotel and get your food in the restaurant, or you just want to have a relaxing day, just know that their food is delicious! With a selection like overstuff chili relleno, huevos rancheros, fish tacos, tostada stack, and so much more. Stop by the Cosmopolitan Restaurant today for some great food in your journey through Old Town!

“The staff is top notch who treat you like family and the food is really good- we usually stay in the bar for drinks and apps.” - Yelp Review 

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Barra Barra

Try out a tasty margarita, endless tequila drink options, and authentic Mexican food at this restaurant!

If you want endless margarita options and tasty Mexican food, then you need to come try out Barra Barra today! Image courtesy of King of Happy Hour.

4016 Wallace Street | Old Town | barrabarrasaloon.com

There’s nothing better than some authentic Mexcian food and a margarita. That’s why we think that if you’re in Old Town, you need to come try out Barra Barra today! Barra Barra was named the “Best New Restaurant in 2009” because of their tasty Mexican-fare food, and they’re also known for having the best $6 margaritas in San Diego.

So you’re feeling Mexican food at Barra Barra, but you want to know what they have. We got you covered there! With classic favorites such as enchiladas, chicken mole verde oaxaca, the carne asada platter, and chicken burritos, you’re bound to find something here that you love. Try out Barra Bara today!

“Blended Margaritas thee best. Today we have returned for peach flavored margaritas. Delicious. Complimentary crispy chips, salsa and the best black bean dip.” - Yelp Review 

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Casa de Reyes

Eat your tasty Mexican dish in a beautiful outside garden overlooking the Old Town San Diego State Historic Park! 

Enjoy sitting outside on a beautiful day in a lovely garden eating a delicious plate of Mexican food at Casa de Reyes. Image courtesy of TripAdvisor. 

2754 Calhoun Street | Old Town | casadereyesrestaurant.com

Do you want to experience eating Mexican food outside in a beautiful garden overlooking the Old Town San Diego State Historic Park? If you said yes, then you are correct! Of course you want to because what an experience it would be to go to Casa de Reyes, one of the most popular restaurants in Old Town, San Diego. This restaurant features beautiful outdoor seating along with some live entertainment while enjoying your tasty meal.

Casa de Reyes sounds delicious right? We think so too, so here are some of their most popular dishes to get there! With favorites like enchiladas, tamales, shrimp ceviche, chips and salsa, soft corn tacos, and their tasty and chilled margaritas to go along with your meal, you will enjoy every bit of this restaurant. Make sure to try out Casa de Reyes today!

“I had the chilaquiles with red sauce and they had so much flavor along with a blended margarita. Their salsa was very good along with warm chips.” - Yelp Review

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Rockin’ Baja Lobster

Come here to experience a fish and lobster taco restaurant that has some of the best tacos around!

Experience eating some of the best fish and lobster tacos around when you stop at Rockin’ Baja Lobster today! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor. 

3890 Twiggs Street | Old Town | rockinbaja.com

Have you ever been to a restaurant that is known for their fish and lobster tacos? If not, you’re missing out if you haven’t come to Rockin’ Baja Lobster yet! This place is known for their signature fish and lobster dishes, but also their other seafood and Mexican dishes that are perfect after a day of walking around the treasures of Old Town.

Rockin’ Baja Lobster has lots of tasty options besides their signature fish and lobster tacos, and we know that you’re going to enjoy them! They also have other dishes such as lobster bucket, surf and turf, tequila lime shrimp, a seafood skillet melt, and even a lobster lovers plate. With all of this goodness, we recommend making your way to Rockin’ Baja Lobster today! 

“The food (Shrimp bucket and Steak Fajitas) was delicious, and don't miss the Watermelon Margarita! The flavored butter for the tortillas is AMAZING! We'll be back, Rockin Baja is always a great time!” - Yelp Review 

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Old Town Mexican Cafe

Taste some of the most authentic Mexican food known to Old Town, San Diego today!

Old Town, San Diego is known for its Mexican restaurants, so why not try Old Town Mexican Cafe today! Image courtesy of Old Town Mexican Cafe. 

2489 San Diego Avenue | Old Town | oldtownmexicancafe.com

Do you want to try some of the best hand made Mexican food since 1977? If so, you found the right place because Old Town Mexican Cafe is the one of the best restaurants to go to in Old Town, San Diego! This restaurant is known for their hand made tortillas that go along perfectly with their tacos and burritos, along with being named one of the “best restaurants in the world”.

We know you want to stuff your face full of Old Town Mexican Cafe’s hand made tacos and burritos, but let’s list some of their tastiest dishes so you have an idea of what they offer! They serve dishes like street tacos, cheese enchiladas, fish tacos, cinnamon tortilla chips and salsa, and even chile relleno. Sounds delicious right? Make sure to go to Old Town Mexican Cafe today!

“I ordered a carne asada plate which came with rice, beans, and your choice of corn or flour tortillas. They make them fresh and right in the front of the restaurant. The flour ones are amazing!” - Yelp Review 

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Harney Sushi

Indulge in some tasty sushi rolls along with some creative cocktails to go along with your meal!

Try out some tasty sushi that is to die for at Harney Sushi along with a cocktail to go with it! Image courtesy of King of Happy Hour.

3964 Harney Street | Old Town | harneysushi.com

If you’re craving sushi, we have just the right restaurant for you! At Harney and Sushi, you can have the most premier sushi in all of San Diego in a fine dining setting. They feature forty gourmet sushi rolls and some of the best cocktails that you will ever have that pair perfectly with the sushi, or whatever dish you prefer there.

You know that Harney Sushi serves some of the best sushi around, but what kind of rolls do they have? We got you covered there! Some of the best rolls that they offer include the flaming lip, “rollz” royce, pirate roll, spicy tuna, rainbow rolls, and even shrimp tempura, miso harney, and so much more. Check out Harney Sushi for their delicious sushi rolls and cocktails today!

“My boyfriend and I love this spot! Our favorite sushi spot in San Diego and such a hidden gem in Old Town.” - Yelp Review 

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Pizza Bella Italian Bistro

Maybe you’re just craving pizza. Try out this pizza joint known for their thin-crust pizza and pasta!

2707 Congress Street | Old Town | pizzabellsd.com

Who doesn’t love some carbs every once in a while? If you’re craving some pizza or pasta, make sure to check out Pizza Bella Italian Bistro today! This pizza joint in Old Town is known for their thin-crust pizza, along with signature and delicious pastas. They are considered “The Best Kept Secret in Old Town” because of their award-winning recipes that many people have fallen in love with.

So what kind of dishes does Pizza Bella have? There are lots of choices, so buckle in for some of the best in Old Town! They have classic spaghetti, sigma-chi pizza, chicken marsala, calzones, bruschetta, lasagna, and even a build-your-own pizza option to customize it however you like with their signature pizza. Make sure to try out Pizza Bella Italian Bistro to discover their “best kept secret” today and why they’re so good!

“Great pizza and crust. Fast delivery to our hotel.  We had other family order salads that were great, also minestrone soup and breadsticks. All good!” - Yelp Review 

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Old Town, San Diego is full of adventure. From different museums that you can go to, to festivals, and even to restaurants, there is always something to do to enjoy the time that you spend there. Make sure to dive into their well-known authentic Mexican food and other food options at the seven restaurants that we mentioned and we hope that you have the time of your life in Old Town on a full stomach!

Is there a restaurant in Old Town, San Diego that you love, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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