10 Excellent Experience Gift Ideas for Couples

Gifts to Help Them Share Romance, Thrills, and Laughs Together!

Couples can be hard to shop for when you need to get them a gift. The real issue is that it’s hard to find a gift that both of them are going to like an equal amount. And you don’t want your gift to overly favor one member of the couple at the detriment of their partner. So if you are in search of a great gift you can get for a couple in your life then today’s post is going to be just the thing you need. In my opinion the best type of gift to get for a couple is an experience that they can share together. 

So that way not only do they get an awesome gift, they also get a nice memory that they will always share. If you get them a gift that gives them an experience your gift can keep on giving as they have a lifelong memory of an amazing day they shared together. So today’s post is going to be a top 10 list of the best experience gift ideas for couples that I could find. I tried to get some more romantic experiences on the list as well as some more fun filled options so hopefully there’s something on the list for every couple out there. And anytime you can use one of our convenient GiftYa gift cards to get one of these gifts I will be sure to include a link for your convenience.

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But that’s enough about GiftYa, I’ll get right to that list of experience gift ideas for couples that got you to click on this page in the first place. 

1 - Treat Them to A Romantic Dinner Out

This Is Pretty Much A Surefire Way to Guarantee They Have A Great Experience Because of Your Gift

A couple holding a glass of wine
A romantic dinner at a nice restaurant is a great experience gift that you can get for the couples in your life!

If you are looking for an experience gift for a couple in your life and you want it to be a surefire thing, then treat them to a nice dinner out at a restaurant that they love. It might be a little hard to know exactly what restaurant to pick cause they might have different favorite restaurants, but I’m sure if you know them well enough you’ll be able to find a restaurant that they’ll both love. And that way they get the experience of sharing a great meal together. 

They get to enjoy spending some intimate time together and also have an amazing meal which all around sounds like a pretty great experience. And they’ll always share the memory of the great night they had together because of you. So it’s really a gift that keeps on giving.

2 - Get Them Tickets to the Local Symphony

A Symphony Can Be An Amazing Experience for A Couple to Share Together!

a group of people in a concert hall
The symphony can be a great experience gift for a couple in your life. Image courtesy of pittsburghsymphony.org.

If they are a classy kind of couple then you could always get them tickets to the local symphony. I realize this one is a bit more difficult if you don’t live in a major city cause there aren’t a lot of small town symphonies, but for those of you who do live in a city with a good orchestra this can be a great experience gift for a couple. And you can even watch ahead for special events. Sometimes symphonies will stream movies and play the soundtrack live. Or one time my partner and I saw a three piece Beatles cover band that had an entire orchestra to back them up. And it's without a doubt one of the most memorable experiences of my life. So be sure to keep an eye out for a unique and interesting event the symphony is putting on!

3 - Treat Them to A Night Out At the Movies

This Is A Great Way to Ensure They Have A Great Experience and A Nice Memory to Share

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a person and person smiling at each other
A gift card to the movies can be a great experience gift that you can get for a couple! 

I mean is there a more classic couples experience than a night out at the movies? I’m definitely a little hard pressed to think of one. So what you can do to get them a great experience gift is get them a gift card to the local movie theater. And be sure to put enough of a balance on the card that it covers the cost of both of their tickets, as well as plenty of popcorn, snacks, and drinks at the concession stand. 

What I think makes a movie a great experience gift is not only do you get the thrills from watching the film and the dopamine from all your favorite snacks, but you also get to talk about the movie with each other after it's over. Share what you liked, what you didn’t like, your thoughts for a sequel, and whatever else the movie made you think of. And then they really get two experiences out of this gift. The experience of watching the movie as well as the experience of discussing the movie together!

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4 - Get Them Tickets to A Theme Park

This Makes A Great Experience Gift for Couples In the Summer!

a ferris wheel at night
Theme park tickets guarantee they will experience thrills, adrenaline, and delicious theme park food all day long.

If you want to get the couple in your life a great experience gift then get them tickets to the local theme park. And then they can have a great day together riding all the fun rides and enjoying all the delicious theme park food. I mean where else are they gonna be able to experience the joy of Dippin’ Dots together?

5 - Get Them A Book With All Kinds of Date Ideas

That Way They Can Plan A Bunch of New Experiences to Share As A Couple!

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Barnes & Noble gift card
A book filled with date ideas is a great experience gift for couples. Image courtesy of barnesandnoble.com.

This one isn’t so much an experience gift in and of itself, but it is a gift that will lead them to a lot of great experiences together. Anybody who’s been in a long term relationship knows that it's easy to fall into a rut or routine. Well with a book full of amazing date ideas you can make sure they never get bored spending time together because they’ll always have a new experience or adventure from the book they can try out!

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6 - Help Them Plan A Vacation Away Together

A Vacation Together Is An Experience Every Couple Should Get to Enjoy!

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a person and person holding hands on a beach
A vacation together is a great experience gift for any couple out there! 

If you know they have been dying to go on a trip away together then a great way to get them an experience gift is to help them achieve their dream vacation together. There are lots of ways you can do this, but I would recommend sending them an Airbnb gift card or a gift card that helps them cover the outrageous prices of air travel these days. And they’ll surely appreciate you helping them finally take the vacation they’ve been dreaming of!

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7 - Get Them Tickets to A Local Museum

A Trip to the Museum Together Is An Experience That Will Give the Couple Lots to Talk About

a museum room with art on the wall

If you (or they) live near any sort of major city then there are probably a whole plethora of different museums that the city has to offer. So put a little thought into what kind of museum you think they’d have fun at together and hook them up with some tickets. It could be an art museum, a natural history museum, a museum of local history, or a weird off the wall museum that only exists in your town. But no matter which one you choose to go with I’m sure they’ll have a great time experiencing the museum as a couple!

8 - Get Them Tickets to A Thrilling Experience

Rock Climbing, Zipline, and Ax Throwing Are All Great Experience Gifts for Couples

a couple of people in a rope park
Ziplining can be a great experience gift for a couple if they have one locally!

If they are the thrill seeking kind of couple then you could always get them tickets to an adrenaline pumping activity. Ziplining is a great choice if you have one nearby. Rock climbing and scuba diving can also be fun ones that are pretty beginner friendly. And if they are real adrenaline junkies then you could always sign them up for a skydiving course and see which one chickens out 😂

9 - StubHub

Let the Couple Pick Out the Experience They Want As A Gift for Themselves!

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StubHub gift card

If you don’t know exactly what kind of experience they might like, or if you don’t want to buy them tickets to something because you have no idea if they’ll be free that day, then you can always get them a gift card to StubHub. And then they can use the gift card to pick out the experience that’s right for them and works with their schedule. This way you’ll never have to worry about accidentally getting them tickets to something they won’t enjoy 😅

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10 - Get Them Tickets to Mini-Golf

This Is A Laid Back Experience Any Couple Will Enjoy!

a person and person walking on a mini golf course
Mini-golf is an easy and relaxing experience any couple can have fun with! Image courtesy of datenightguide.com.

My partner and I have played mini-golf together many times and we’ve always had a great experience together when we do. So I think that tickets to a mini-golf course can make a great experience gift for a couple. And besides, these days mini-golf courses are getting more creative and more refined and every course seems to have its own gimmick or theme. So this is a gift they can have a ton of fun with that won’t break the bank on your end!

And There You Have A List of 10 Great Experience Gift Ideas for Couples!

I hope something on the list looks like the perfect experience gift for the couple in your life that you need a gift for. I tried to get a little bit of variety on the list with all sorts of different experiences. I was hoping to get a little something for everybody on the list today so I hope at least one of the options works perfectly for the couple you are getting a gift for!

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