10 Easter Gift Ideas Perfect For Men

Give the many men in your life a gift that will make them smile this Easter with these perfect gift ideas!

Easter is around the corner and if your family happens to be one of millions that celebrate the special holiday, then it’s about time you start putting together a shopping list for all the important people in your life. Parents, significant others, children, and good friends are all possible contenders for thoughtful Easter baskets and gifts during this time of year. 

In this blog, we are going to be focusing on the many special men in our lives who make us feel loved and appreciated. From dad and husband to uncle and brother, there are so many male figures in our families and friend groups who influence our lives for the better. Since Easter commemorates a time to find joy with those you care deeply about, giving heartfelt gifts to the men who play important roles in your life is a simple way you can honor what the Easter spirit is all about. 

Give any man you know a simple yet generous gift for Easter he can use to purchase the things he wants. With the many digital gift cards available on GiftYa, you can browse through a wide array of gift card options for all sorts of merchants, from local stores to national chains and brand names. Gift cards purchased via GiftYa can be sent to your recipient in a quick, convenient text message and they can use the funds to buy anything they want from a retailer they love. 

Some of the digital gift cards we’ll talk about below include:

  • Gift cards for food and restaurants 
  • Gift cards for sporting goods and apparel
  • Gift cards for entertainment and hobbies

1. Home Depot

Help Him Get Those Home Improvement Projects Finished

Send a Home Depot gift card

Home Depot gift card

Easter is usually synonymous with spring, and spring is as good a time as ever to start getting work done on those projects you’ve been putting off. Husbands, brothers, and dads can likely all relate to the difficulty that often comes alongside getting DIY home improvement and other projects started, which is exactly why a Home Depot gift card can be a game changer for the men you know. 

Whether it’s new tiles for the bathroom floor or installation for a brand new washing machine and dryer, Home Depot has the supplies you need to make your house into the home you want it to be. Get building materials, appliances, power tools, patio furniture, paint, cleaning supplies, electrical wires, and so much more for a good price at Home Depot. Any men with a knack for building, fixing, and DIY-ing will be certain to get tons of use out of a Home Depot gift card. 

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2. Benihana

He Can Enjoy Dinner and a Show All at Once

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Benihana gift card

Men who appreciate a good hibachi restaurant are sure to be fans of a Benihana gift card. Japanese cuisine is delicious with its rich and distinct flavor, and combining a tasteful meal with impressive theatrics performed tableside by chefs only serves to make the experience all the more memorable. 

Benihana operates as a sushi and Japanese steakhouse that entertains guests equally as much as it feeds them. Personal Teppanyaki chefs attend groups of guests at communal tables and cook up impressive dishes that taste heavenly. Some of the items available on the Benihana menu include specialty sushi rolls, fresh sashimi, teriyaki steak, and twin lobster tails. Any man with a preference for seafood is practically guaranteed to get his fill out of a Benihana gift card. 

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3. Sunoco

A Man Needs Fuel to Get Where He Needs to Be

Give a Sunoco gift card when you click the link

Sunoco gift card

Some men do not want any big gestures or expensive gifts. For more practical men, they would most likely appreciate a gift that can be used to help them in their daily lives. A Sunoco gift card is perfectly suited for guys who value gifts that serve a real function. 

With one in nearly every neighborhood, the Sunoco gas company is one of the largest independent fuel distributors in the United States. Sunoco takes gas seriously and is one of the only major retailers of fuel in the country to sell four grades of retail fuel, ensuring that drivers get the proper octane level for their vehicles. Ensure the men you know get the most out of the cars and other machinery they operate with high quality gas supplied by Sunoco. 

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4. REI

Give Him the Gift of Gear From the Best Brands

Buy an REI gift card with the link

REI gift card

There are a lot of guys out there who love spending time surrounded by the tranquility of the outdoors. If you have a brother or husband who relishes the refreshing feeling brought about by being out in nature, then you should definitely consider if a gift card to a camping store like REI is the right move for this Easter. 

At REI, outdoor enthusiasts can purchase all sorts of equipment and gear tailored for outside adventures. REI carries products for a variety of popular outdoor activities such as camping, climbing, kayaking, skiing, cycling, and hiking. REI sells an expansive collection of apparel for all activities and weather conditions, from warm snowsuits to men’s swimwear. One trip to your local REI and you’ll be walking out of there with all the outdoor living essentials. 

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5. GameStop

Entertainment is a Gift That Keeps on Giving 

Get a GameStop gift card when you follow the link

 GameStop gift card

Video games are a common hobby among many younger men, but there is no age restriction when it comes to enjoying yourself. If you know a man in your life who likes to unwind with a video game controller in hand, you can indulge his pastimes for Easter this year with a gift card to GameStop. 

Most video game players who prefer gaming on consoles will be able to get a lot out of a GameStop gift card. New releases from major studios, collector’s items, pop culture merchandise, apparel, electronics, and more are all for sale at your local GameStop. Shop major brands like Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox at GameStop stores and browse thousands of titles for contemporary gaming platforms. 

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6. Texas Roadhouse

No Guy Can Turn Down a Filling Steak Dinner

By a Texas Roadhouse gift card with the link

Texas Roadhouse gift card

Any man can appreciate a hearty meal, whether it’s home-cooked or served at a restaurant. Cooking at home takes time though, and it’s nice to get out of the kitchen every so often to enjoy a good meal out. A gift card for Texas Roadhouse is a great gift idea for any food-oriented man you know, ideally with a big appetite and a preference for legendary steaks. 

Texas Roadhouse brings a slice of its namesake state to every location. Serving up savory steaks in a Texas and Southwestern cuisine style, Texas Roadhouse has portions that will satisfy any hungry guy who steps through their doors. Though steaks are their forte, customers can try tons of other menu items including made-from-scratch sies, prime ribs, country fried chicken, cheeseburgers, and other classic American fare. Texas Roadhouse has many beverage options to pair your meal with as well, from beer and wine to cocktails and margaritas. 

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7. Bass Pro Shops

All the Quality Sporting Goods a Man Needs For a Good Time

Purchase a Bass Pro Shops gift card when you click the link

Bass Pro Shops gift card

Lots of men have hobbies that include spending prolonged periods of time out in nature. Fishing, hunting, boating, camping, and tons of other outdoor recreational activities are enjoyed by people on a daily basis. If you know any guys who like to spend their free time soaking up the outside and having fun, then a Bass Pro Shops gift card may be exactly what you need. 

Bass Pro Shops is a retailer of sporting goods that is curated for the men who feel most inspired when engaging in outdoor fun. Shop for high quality goods for a range of outdoor pastimes, including fishing, boating, shooting, hunting, camping, and other popular activities. Alongside great gear, Bass Pro Shops also has plenty of comfortable apparel that offers wearers support and style during all kinds of adventures. Bass Pro Shops can even help give your home a little makeover with tasteful decor, furniture, cooking accessories, toys, and outdoor cooking essentials. 

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8. The Honey Baked Ham Company

Get Delicious Meat On the Table With This Gift Card 

Buy The Honey Baked Ham Company gift cards right here

The Honey Baked Ham Company gift cards

Any men in the family who like to spend time in the kitchen know how hard putting together a home-cooked family meal can be. From work schedules and school to attending to the kids’ extracurricular activities, finding time each day to whip up something delicious in time for dinner is sometimes impossible. A gift card for The Honey Baked Ham Company is a major help for families who want the quality of homemade food and the convenience of pre-cooked dishes. 

The Honey Baked Ham Company sells a deliciously tempting selection of premium meats that you can make the centerpiece of any meal. Spiral ham, turkey, beef, pork, sides, full course meals, and plenty of decadent desserts are available at The Honey Baked Ham Company. Get delicious, high quality food on the table at home and put some flavor into the Easter season this year. 

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9. Eddie Bauer

Good Looking Clothing to Keep Him Protected 

Buy an Eddie Bauer gift card when you follow the link

Eddie Bauer gift card

Many men may not give a second thought regarding what they wear, but that doesn’t mean they should settle for just anything out of the closet. When you give the gift of an Eddie Bauer gift card, you are giving far more than clothes – you’re giving a guy a chance to show that he’s not afraid of a little fashion. 

Eddie Bauer has been manufacturing clothing for more than one hundred years and continues to supply its customers with high quality apparel that can withstand harsh mountain climates. Eddie Bauer clothing is made to last a long time and endure severe weather, keeping the wearer secure while looking good. Men can find all kinds of apparel items for sale at Eddie Bauer, including hiking shoes, baselayers, jackets, thermals, rainwear, boots, and fleece. 

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10. GNC

Vitamins and Supplements Can Help Improve Any Man’s Life

Buy a GNC gift card through this link 

GNC gift card

We all want to give the gift of a long and happy life to the people we care about most in the world. While it’s not in our power to do something quite on that scale, we can help lead our loved ones to healthier lifestyles in little ways. A GNC gift card is a great way to give the men you know and care for the motivation they need to take care of their minds and bodies. 

At any GNC location, men can pick up all sorts of health and nutritional products designed to improve the quality of your life. Browse vitamins, supplements, protein powders, minerals, herbs, diet, sports nutrition, and energy products. From taking care of your skin health to looking after your immune system, GNC offers a variety of health-boosting products that have the potential to turn your life around for the better. Filter through GNC products by the brands you love or by your own personal wellness goals. 

Send a GNC gift card in an instant when you click the link!

There are a lot of ways you can give to the men you love most for Easter this year and every year. Though there is no gift that can possibly show the extent of your affections, digital gift cards from GiftYa are a good way to start.

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