DIY Valentine Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Need some inspiration for a DIY Valentine’s Day gift this year? Look no further than these top 10 options!

Valentine’s Day is a great reminder to celebrate those you love. While the emphasis is often put upon romantic relationships, you can also apply this to other loved ones in your life. Consider getting a Valentine’s day gift for one of your besties (Galentine’s Day anyone?) or for a beloved family member. Of course if you have a partner, you’ll definitely want to get them a little something this February 14th to show you that you’re thinking of them and that you care for and appreciate them.

While candy and roses are very sweet to give, why not change it up this year and get them something you’ve made yourself? There’s just something extra special about DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that just seem to go the extra mile. 💘

Need some inspo? Afraid you can’t do DIY? Not a problem, because we have some easy-peesy suggestions that anyone can do, and that everyone would appreciate, including:

  • Gifts you can create and send digitally
  • DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that require minimal supplies
  • Gifts that can be used long after Valentine’s day

1. GiftYa customizable digital gift card

Because gift cards are always appreciated for Valentine’s Day!

Send a GiftYa gift card

GiftYa on a phone
Send your valentine a digital gift card in seconds! Image courtesy of GiftYa.

It’s super easy to send a GiftYa gift card to your loved one for Valentine’s Day! You may be wondering how a gift card can be DIY, but hear us out. First, head over to their site and choose from over 230K local and national brands that are sure to make them smile. Then, choose your amount and personalize your gift card with a photo, video, or other themed design (there are Valentine’s Day options!) You can choose to text or email it over to the recipient—you’ll even get a notice when they open it and use it! So get them a gift card to their favorite place and include:

  • A photo of you two together
  • A nice Valentine’s Day message

Text a GiftYa gift card

2. DIY heart map

Show off the places that are important to you and your Valentine

valentine maps
These cool maps will showcase places that are important to you two. Image courtesy of Primer Magazine.

Everyone has a place (or places) that are special to them. Whether it’s where you first met, where you got engaged, or where you decided to move to together, there are all kinds of options to choose from with this DIY idea. The tutorial for this is pretty straightforward, you’ll just need:

  • Download the Photoshop file to create the hearts
  • Find high res Google map images of the places special to you
  • Add the files to your Photoshop editor
  • Save and print at your local Costco or Fedex
  • Frame it!

3. Cupcake toppers

Top your favorite Valentine’s Day treats with these cute toppers

diy valentine cupcakes as a gift idea
This DIY Valentine’s Day gift is super easy, and super sweet. Image courtesy of Today’s Creative Life.

If you and your valentine have a sweet tooth, and who doesn’t for this holiday, then why not take their favorite dessert and add a little something extra? You don’t need too many supplies for this, plus, you can either choose to bake your cupcakes at home, or purchase them from your favorite bakery, Target, or grocery store. Just make sure to get their favorite flavor! All you need to make these easy toppers:

  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Long toothpicks or popsicle sticks
  • Tape
  • Either pre printed designs, or draw your own!

You can cut the topper into a heart shape, or any shape you want, then write them a message or let the pre printed design speak for you! You can include quotes they love from movies, books, or TV series, or just speak from your heart.

4. Compliment jar

This is the gift that gives long after Valentine’s Day is over

diy compliment jar
Reading compliments from you is sure to bring a smile to their face. Image courtesy of Belle Melliore.

Who doesn’t enjoy a little pick me up when you’ve had a rough day, or a rough week? A compliment jar is a sweet Valentine’s Day gift that they can enjoy on the day itself, as well as long into the future. You can create compliments that will last for a month, or as long as you want! All you need is a jar and small pieces of paper you can fold or roll up. Just write a little something nice on each piece, and place it in your jar. Then decorate it with a bow or a ribbon. Your valentine can pull out compliments each day to really boost their mood.

Some great ideas to include in your jar:

  • I love you, always
  • You are my sunshine
  • You’ve got this
  • You make my day brighter
  • I’ll always be here with you

5. Care package

Who wouldn’t want to receive a fun box of all their favorite things!

snack nation valentine care package
Care packages are always fun to make and receive. Image courtesy of SnackNation.

This is a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift you can really personalize to the recipient! There’s nothing better than getting a DIY care package, but in this case, you don’t have to worry about paying for postage. In order to assemble your package, you can choose to either go with a theme, or just add lots of items you think they’ll appreciate. Some popular ideas include:

  • Traditional Valentine’s Day. This is a great way to include all the fun Valentine’s Day candy and products that come out around February 14th. Conversation hearts, chocolate, lolly pops, and hot cocoa are just some of the items you can include in this type of package. Add a stuffed animal or a cute Valentine card and you’re all set.
  • Cozy items. Spending Valentine’s Day at home? Make sure your partner is cozy! Add in their favorite tea/coffee/hot cocoa, a pair of slippers or socks, maybe even a new sweater or sweatshirt to curl up in. Add some snacks and a movie, and you’re all set.
  • Snacks. Speaking of snacks, you can create a whole care package that includes their favorites! Whether that’s sweet, salty, or savory, putting together this package is fun and easy to do.
  • One of their interests/hobbies. Does your valentine like to game, read, or watch movies? Creating a care package around one of their favorite things to do is a very heartfelt way to show you care.

6. DIY Valentine tea bags

Create homemade versions of their favorite teas

tea with heart shaped tea bag
Enjoy a cup of homemade tea. Image courtesy of Honestly Yum.

Does your valentine appreciate a cuppa tea? Then they’re going to love this DIY version! While it’s never wrong to go out and purchase their favorite tea (whether already in bags or loose leaf), why not take it up a notch and create something they can use whenever they need a little break. Sipping on a hot cup of tea is very relaxing, plus they’ll think of you everytime they do! All you’ll need for this craft is:

  • Card stock to trace a heart outline
  • Coffee filters
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Loose tea
  • Optional - crepe paper and glue

Just use your card stock to outline and cut out two heart shapes in the coffee filters. Layer the two filters and start to sew it shut. When it’s about halfway, add the loose tea, then sew up and seal the paper. Cut around the heart and use the excess string to glue on the crepe paper for a dipper that will reside outside of the cup.

7. Homemade etched wine glasses

For a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner at home

home meade heart wine glasses
Fill this DIY craft with their favorite beverage! Image courtesy of HGTV.

If you and your loved one are looking forward to crafting a homemade Valentine’s Day dinner, then chances are you’re going to want something to drink with that! No matter what you choose to make, whether it’s fancy like steak and lobster, or something more low key like soup and salad, all that counts is that it’s made together and it’s made with love. Not a fan of cooking on the day? Then there’s nothing wrong with ordering out from UberEats or DoorDash. Add a little romantic touch to your meal with these heart etched glasses. All you need are:

  • Regular wine glasses
  • Heart stickers
  • Painter’s tape
  • Etching cream
  • Foam brush
  • Paper plate

Just tape off where the stem starts and the inside of the lip of the glass. Then apply your stickers to the glass in a random arrangement. Pour the etching cream onto a paper plate, and use the brush to apply the cream all over the glass (including the stickers). Allow to dry for 15 minutes, then wash off the cream in the sink, and remove the stickers. You’ll be left with a beautiful glass you’ll want to pull out for all romantic occasions!

8. Make your own Valentine’s Day candle

Give your valentine a homemade candle (or two!) that can fill your space with wonderful aromas

custom hand made valentines day candle
Making candles is a lot easier than you might think. Image courtesy of Unsplash.

If you’ve always loved the aroma and ambiance that candles can create, then what better way to enjoy Valentine’s Day than with a DIY candle? This is especially handy if you tend to go through a lot of candles and you already have jars laying around the house that you don’t know what to do with. You can create these candles with just a few supplies, and it is much cheaper than buying new candles all the time. To make them you’ll need:

  • 4 cups of soy wax or beeswax pellets
  • 2 wicks
  • Dried herbs or essential oils (optional but can really help the candle smell amazing!)
  • Small saucepan
  • Wax melting pot that’s heat safe (one that you won’t use for cooking again)
  • Two 8 ounce jars for the candles
  • Clothespins
  • Wooden skewer to stir the herbs/oils

Start by bringing the water to a simmering boil and place your heat safe bowl on top so it isn’t sitting in the water (this is the double boiler method). Add the wax and allow it to completely melt, around 15 minutes or a little longer. Turn off the heat and dip the ends of the wicks into the melted wax and place at the bottom of the jar in the center until the wax cools and holds it in place.

Then straighten the wick and secure it with a clothespin, and start to slowly pour the melted wax into the jar. Once the wax is in the jar, add your oils or herbs and stir with the skewer. Allow to cool for 24 hours, then trim the wick and it’s ready to burn!

You can use dried herbs or oils like roses or lavender to keep with the Valentine’s Day theme, or even add heart stickers to the outside of the jars.

9. DIY bath bombs

These easy to make bath bombs are sure to be a hit for Valentine’s Day

easy diy rose petal bath bombs
Relax and enjoy a bath with these DIY bath bombs. Image courtesy of HGTV.

One of the best ways to destress after a long day is with a nice warm bath, and bath bombs only make that experience better! If you have a valentine that loves a good soak, they’ll enjoy these special bath bombs that you made. These can be made in all kinds of fun shapes, so see what kinds of molds you can find. You’ll need:

  • Baking soda
  • Citric acid
  • Fragrance of your choice
  • Moisturizing oil like avocado oil
  • Flower petals
  • Few spritzes of witch hazel

Combine your ingredients in a bowl so they’re the consistency of wet sand. Then place in your mold and let stand for 10 minutes. Pop them out and then let them dry for 24 hours. Drop in the bath and enjoy!

10. Gift Card Granny custom Visa gift card

DIY a card they can use anywhere!

Grab a Visa card from Gift Card Granny!

A Visa card can be used for almost anything. Image courtesy of Gift Card Granny.

If you want to get your valentine a gift they can use just about anywhere, consider sending them a personalized gift card from Gift Card Granny! Just head over to their site and choose the amount, upload a photo, and include a personal message. You can also arrange to have it arrive as an e-gift card or as a plastic gift card. Paired with one of these other DIY ideas, and your valentine will be on cloud nine!

Grab a Visa card from Gift Card Granny!

That’s it for our DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas!

DIY doesn’t have to mean hard or labor intensive. Choose one of these fantastic Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your special someone this year!

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