What Are Some Cute Gift Ideas for Teen Girls?

If you’re in need of some cute gift ideas for the teen girl in your life, we have 10 flawless options here!

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Are you looking for a cute gift idea for a teen girl? No matter if it’s your daughter, cousin, niece, or anything in between, it can be tough to search for a cool gift that she’ll actually want to use. Teen girls can be hard to buy gifts for, after all, they’re into different hobbies, sports, and fashion, which can easily leave someone clueless as to what to buy! Not to worry, it isn’t as hard as you might think to bring a smile to a teen girl when she receives your gift. 

No matter what she’s into, we have a list of cute gift ideas for teen girls that will appeal to a broad range of young women. After you snag one (or more!) of the gifts on this list, she’ll be saying ILYSM and thanking you for the cute gift. We have gifts that include:

💄 Must-have items for her beauty and fashion routine

👍 Practical gifts she needs rn

🎁 Gift cards perfect for teen girls

A great gift idea for a teen girl is a GiftYa gift card!

If you’re looking for a gift idea that is sure to please, then you can’t go wrong with a GiftYa gift card for anyone and everyone, including a teen girl! GiftYas are an all digital gift card platform that offers thousands of local and national brands right at your fingertips. All you need to do is choose the merchant, pick the amount you want to send, and then text or email to the recipient. You’ll never need to worry about losing gift cards again since it goes directly to their phone. You can even keep track of the balance as well!

Beauty gifts

1. Ulta gift card

Any teen girl who wants to expand her makeup or self care items will appreciate a gift card to Ulta!

Text an Ulta gift card

No matter if the teen girl in your life is just starting out on her makeup journey, or she has been a pro for years now, Ulta has everything she needs to complete her flawless look. Younger teens who are just starting to use makeup will appreciate that Ulta carries a variety of very affordable (and amazing) brands that won’t break the bank. Whether it’s e.l.f., Rimmel, or Ulta’s own in- house brand, they can start to try out different foundations, lipsticks, eye pencils, and blush and see what works best on their skin. 

Alternatively, if the teen girl you know is a makeup pro, she can choose from all her favorite brands that she already knows and loves like FENTY, Chanel, Drunk Elephant, and Two Faced.

Text an Ulta gift card

2. Cute cosmetic bag

An adorable cosmetic bag can keep all of her makeup and tools organized

Cute cosmetic bag
Whether she uses it to organize her makeup, her perfumes, or even something entirely different, this bag can do it all. Image courtesy of Amazon

The quilted pattern of this makeup bag made out of durable cotton definitely gives off some serious cottage-core vibes, and it is sure to be a hit as a cute gift idea for a teen girl. She can store all of her make-up in this size, 8.3”x5”, or she can use it to put all of her jewelry or even pencils and pens for school. The bag easily zips up so nothing will spill out, and she can easily  put it away and get it out when necessary. 

This bag also comes in two other sizes, small and large, so you could even consider getting her the entire set! This would ensure she has three cute bags to help her stay organized, and on trend, which we all know is very important to teen girls.

3. Silk pillowcases

Pamper the teen girl you know with a set of amazing silk pillowcases

Silk pillowcases
Give the gift of soft pillow cases that come in all kinds of colors and will really help her bed set pop! Image courtesy of Amazon

In case you didn’t know, silk and satin pillowcases are one of the best ways to keep the skin of your face looking fresh day in and day out. Of course it’s important to have a good skincare routine (which we’re sure the teen girl in your life does), but it doesn’t hurt to go the extra mile and include silk/satin pillowcases. The texture of these pillowcases is much softer and smoother than cotton, which means there is less pulling and tugging on her hair, which can lead to frizz or split ends. They are basically a must-have for curly haired girls!

In addition to protecting her hair from damage, silk and satin pillowcases also protect the delicate skin of her face from the dreaded sleep creases and premature wrinkles. They cool to the touch so she won’t have to worry about overheating while sleeps either. Did we mention they come in over 30 colors to choose from?

Practical gifts

4. Amazon gift card

You can’t get more practical than a gift card to the online store that has everything!

Email an Amazon gift card

 Amazon gift card

Amazon has really changed the way we shop, and in our opinion, for the better! Who else offers the convenience of shopping from anywhere, and getting exactly what you’re looking for each and every time? There are thousands of items on Amazon, everything from kitchen items, clothes, pet supplies, books, and even cute decor for the rooms of your house. No matter what the teen girl in your life is into, chances are she can find something she loves on Amazon. 

Did you know that Amazon gift cards can also work on their Prime Streaming or Music service? That’s right, if she has a show or an album that she’d love to watch or own, she can do it effortlessly with an Amazon gift card. 

Email an Amazon gift card

5. Crossbody phone case

This case will ensure she always has her valuables close by

Crossbody phone caseThis case will ensure she alwa
Phones are an essential item for every teen girl, so help her always keep tabs on it with this sleek case. Image courtesy of Amazon

Teen girls always have their phones on them, so why not help her keep it secure when she’s out and about with a cute phone case? Crossbody bags are some of the most popular types of purses around, and this phone case draws on the same style, but is much smaller. This is a great gift idea if the teen girl you know doesn’t want to carry around a large purse, or she wants to ensure she always has her hands free. The crossbody phone case includes room to hold her phone (plus protect it in case it drops) as well as space for credit cards, driver’s license, cash, and other small necessities. 

Made with supple leather, this case comes in three color combos, and is sure to be her new go-to when she’s going out. 

6. Wireless headphones

Any teen girl would love having a new set of headphones for her fav music

Wireless headphones
Wireless headphones would make an amazing gift for any teen girl in your life. Image courtesy of Walmart.

While they are on the more expensive side, wireless headphones are a must-have for teens these days. So why not get her a great new pair from a fantastic brand like Beats? These headphones are available in four colors, and include noise canceling technology and are foldable for easy transport. Once charged, they offer 40 hours of battery life, and reviews state that they fit well and the music streamed through them sounds amazing. Not to mention the controls are directly on the head phones so she can easily turn the music up or down.

Apparel gifts

7. Stitchfix gift card

Help the teen girl in your life keep up with the latest fashion!

Text a Stitchfix gift card

Stitchfix gift card

Is the teen girl in your life a fashionista? Does she enjoy keeping up with the latest trends and looking her best? Then you can’t go wrong getting her a Stitchfix gift card. The pros at Stitchfix will take into account her sense of style based on a quiz, and they’ll send items that she might like directly to her to try out. You only pay for what you keep, and you can choose to receive wardrobe suggestions as much or as little as you want! She’ll definitely be able to keep her closet full of cute clothes with the help of one of these gift cards.

Text a Stitchfix gift card

8. Cute loungewear set

She’ll love the look and feel of this stylish (and comfy) loungewear set

Loungewear is all about comfort, but she can also stay stylish with this set! Image courtesy of Amazon

Loungewear isn’t just for hanging around the house anymore (although you can definitely do that too), it’s also a fashion statement. If your teen girl is all about being cute and comfy, then consider picking up this soft loungewear set for her. This set is fashionable and breathable, and features an adorable daisy pattern that is sure to have her smiling. It includes a pair of high waisted shorts and a loose fitting cropped sweatshirt with puffy batwing sleeves. You can also choose from over 20 colors!

This outfit would be perfect for lounging or sleeping, but it can also be worn outdoors paired with a cute pair of sneakers. Another option is to wear the set separately, and pair the sweatshirt with a pair of jeans or jean shorts, and the cotton shorts with a tank or a tee. Both the top and the bottom are machine washable, so this set is definitely going to get lots of wear. 

9. Large tote bag

Help a teen girl in your life carry around all her items in style

Large tote bag
She can carry anything she might need for the day in this stylish cotton tote. Image courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

Marc Jacobs is a designer known for his sleek handbags that are both durable and stylish. If a teen girl you know needs a lot of space to carry around her items, then this tote will definitely make an impression. The bag features double top handles, a zip top enclosure, and two interior slip pockets. Not to mention the brand’s logo right on the front for everyone to see. 

She can easily use this bag for all of her school books, to take her items to practice, or for a weekend away with the family. In addition, the dimensions are large enough that it will also hold other small bags easily should she need to. 

10. Customized Visa gift card

Let the teen girl you know choose exactly what she wants for a gift!

Email a customized Visa gift card

customized Visa gift card

One of the best gifts you can give a teen girl is the gift of choice, and you can do just that with a Visa gift card. When you head over to Gift Card Granny, you can even customize it with a personal photo and message! Just choose whether you want to send an e-gift card or as a traditional gift card. Then pick the amount and customize with a photo and text, and have it sent over! It’s that easy to give the teen you know the freedom to choose exactly the gift she wants. 

Email a customized Visa gift card

Those are our favorite cute gift ideas for teen girls!

Any teen girl in your life would love to get the cute gifts on this list. With a little something for everyone, you can feel free to mix and match some of these suggestions as well, like pairing a Visa gift card with the cosmetic bag. So no matter if it’s for her birthday, graduation, or any other celebration, she’s going to love any one of these items.

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