Say “Let’s GO!” to These Cheer Gift Ideas for the Whole Squad

Need to get the whole cheer squad a gift? You can’t go wrong with any of these ideas!

Cheerleading is a great way to meet new friends and be a part of a team. You’ll find cheer squads at all kinds of games, at both the high school and college level. Cheerleaders are an important part of the atmosphere of these sports contests, as they lead the charge when it comes to infusing energy and spirit into the event. You’ll find cheer squads at both men’s and women’s sports, because what game doesn’t need a little more liveliness? The crowd gets amped up when they do their cheers, and they love it when they’re out there doing dance numbers or amazing acrobatic feats. 

If you know someone on a cheer squad that has had an amazing season, or they just won a big competition, chances are you’d like to show a little appreciation. We have 10 great cheer gift ideas right here that everyone on the team can enjoy including:

  • Gift cards perfect for any cheerleader
  • All the right accessories to show off their cheer pride
  • Must-have items that can help them stay organized

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1. Sephora or Ulta gift cards

These beauty shops have everything a cheerleader needs to put their game face on!

Email an Ulta or Sephora gift card

Ulta gift cards

Cheerleaders always need to look their best, no matter what even they are attending. One of the coolest parts of being a part of a squad is having your makeup look 100% all the time. Once your squad has chosen a look (eye makeup, lipstick color, etc.) every member needs to make sure they have the right items to complete the uniformed look. And what better to find all your makeup needs than Sephora and Ulta. Here you’ll find a wide array of cosmetics that any cheer squad could use.

Not to mention you can also find all kinds of skincare and haircare items that will complete your look. Whether it’s hairspray, brushes, or hair accessories, you can find all you need at either of these two helpful stores.

Email an Ulta or Sephora gift card

2. Personalized tumbler

Give the squad their own personalized tumbler so they can hydrate in style

Personalized tumbler
Never worry about grabbing the wrong water bottle again when you have these personalized tumblers. Image courtesy of Avada.

Every cheer squad needs to stay hydrated, especially if they’re outdoors during the warmer weather at a football game cheering their team onto victory. When it’s time to take a break, you don’t want to grab someone else’s water bottle, so why not give the squad their own personalized tumbler? This is a fantastic way to increase the group dynamic, but let everyone have a little something of their own. 

These tumblers can keep their water cold, but they can also keep coffee or tea warm for any early morning bus rides to a competition or to a rival school. You can also get these bottles in the school’s colors to ensure everyone matches!

3. Cheer bows holder

All those competition bows need to stay organized, and with this holder your cheerleaders will never lose a bow!

Cheer bows holder
Don’t let a member of the squad worry about losing a bow with this handy organizer. Image courtesy of Avada.

If your cheer squad members are involved in a lot of cheer competitions this season, chances are they’re going to have a couple of different outfits. And with those outfits comes accessories like cheer bows. These cute items help hold everyone’s hair in place, not to mention they help everyone look put together and as a part of the team. Bows aren’t that big, and they’re easy to lose or misplace in a large cheer bag, which is why this cheer bow organizer is such a great find! 

The little clips easily attach to the scrunchie end of the bow and hold it securely in place. Then they can hang up the clip on a hanger or on a closet hook so a bow will never get lost again. 

4. Bath & Body Works gift cards

Help your cheer squad get their favorite scents

Text a Bath & Body Works gift card

Bath & Body Works gift card

Everyone likes to smell good, especially on a game day or on a competition day. Your cheer squad wants to look and feel their best, and a gift card to Bath & Body Works can help them do just that. They can choose to pick out a new moisturizer, a lotion, shampoo, or a body wash so they arrive ready to go with their game face on. B&BW is also a great place to pick up a wonderful candle or air freshener in their favorite scent. The best thing about this gift card is that it allows the recipient to choose the scent they like the best, so you don’t have to worry about giving them something in a scent they would never like! 

Text a Bath & Body Works gift card

5. Glitter bag tag

A wonderful cheer gift to keep everyone’s cheer bag organized 

Glitter bag tag
With these cute personalized cheer tags, you’ll never have to worry about squad members getting their cheer bags mixed up again. Image courtesy of Avada.

When the squad travels, they need to bring their bags with them. How else are they going to bring along makeup, hair items, their uniforms, shoes, a change of clothes, plus any other miscellaneous item they might need (like a snack!)? Cheer bags are a must, no matter if they’re traveling to cheer at another school’s football or basketball game, or are heading to a far away competition. When you’re traveling together as a team, there’s a good chance the bags are all the same color, so why not help differentiate them with these cheer tags?

You can get them in school colors and have each of the members’ names on them. That way no one will be sifting through all the bags just to find theirs!

6. Uber Eats or Doordash gift cards

Allow the whole squad to fill up without having to leave practice

Grab an Uber Eats or DoorDash gift card

Cheering is hard work, and practices can be tough. You’ve got to learn new routines, new cheers, new dances, and new acrobatic sequences. Chances are after practice the squad is going to be hungry. When it’s time to fill up, but you don’t feel like driving anywhere, you can always use an Uber Eats or DoorDash gift card to have the food come to you. No matter if they’re craving Asian, Indian, pizza, or hoagies, you can find some amazing national and local restaurants on these apps.

The best part? They’ll deliver the food to you wherever you are! That means if practice went late at the gym, you can have food delivered right there and keep the whole squad satisfied. 

Grab an Uber Eats or DoorDash gift card

7. Competition hair kit

Each cheerleader is going to need an easy way to keep all their hair supplies organized

hair kit
When your cheer squad’s hair has to look its very best, you’re going to need a way to keep everything organized and ready to go. Image courtesy of Etsy.

If you’ve ever watched a cheer competition, chances are you’re blown away by how well they execute their routines with precision. The squad needs to move in unison and they need to make sure they meet their marks all of the time. If they don't, their acrobatic moves can be thrown off, and someone can get hurt. Cheer squads are judged not only on the technical difficulty of their routines, but also how they appear to the judges. 

You’ll notice that lots of cheer squads make it a point to look the same, so the effect of moving in unison together is even better. Not only do their uniforms all look the same, but their hair and makeup does as well. Cheer competition hair needs to look good, but it also needs to be out of the way of their eyes so they can safely perform. That’s why lots of squads use bows, clips, ties, bobbie pins, and a lot of hair spray to keep things looking fantastic. 

A great way to keep all these little items organized is with a competition hair kit. This kit is small enough to put in their cheer bag, but has 12 small compartments to hold any kind of hair accessory they might need to keep their hair looking its best. 

8. Cheerleader era sweatshirt

Keep everyone warm (and show off a little squad pride!) with this cheer gift

Cheerleader era sweatshirt
This is a great gift for down time before a competition, or when the squad is relaxing in the off season. Image courtesy of Etsy.

Another great cheer gift idea that works when the squad is together, as well as on their down time, is a comfortable, warm sweatshirt. This cute one is available in a variety of colors and sizes on Etsy, and would make a great gift for any cheerleader. The back of this sweatshirt is adorned with the phrase “In my Cheerleader Era” and features a silhouette of a cheer squad member similar to the Taylor Swift merch for her Eras tour. The front features a smaller version of this phrase that is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

So if there are squad members who are Swifties, and even if they’re on the fence, they’re sure to love this comfy sweatshirt perfect for when they’re waiting their turn at competition, or when they’re relaxing on the weekends. You can easily purchase this sweatshirt as a crew shirt with no hood, or as a hoodie. 

9. Lululemon gift cards

The perfect place to find all kinds of practice outfits

Text a Lululemon gift card

Lululemon gift card

Cheer squad members practice almost everyday, and they’re going to need some athletic apparel that will let them move around and perform all kinds of athletic acrobatic moves. One of the top places that offers lots of supportive, comfortable, and stylish athletic clothing is Lululemon. Here you’ll find everything from yoga pants, bike shorts, tanks, sports bras, tee shirts, and long sleeve hoodies, perfect for working out or practicing in all kinds of weather.

A Lululemon gift card would make a great gift for a cheer squad who is always in need of new practice attire!

Text a Lululemon gift card

10. Customized Visa gift cards

Allow the whole squad to pick out something they want!

Email a Visa gift card

Visa gift cards

One of the best gifts you can give a cheer squad is the gift of choosing exactly what they want with a Visa gift card. Visa is accepted almost everywhere, and it allows them the opportunity to buy something they’ve had their eye on for a while. You can even personalize each gift card with a background image and a gift message to let each member know how important they are to the team.

Email a Visa gift card

Those are our top cheer gift ideas perfect for the whole squad

If you know a cheer squad that deserves a little recognition for all of their hard work over the season or during competitions, then consider picking up one or more of these gifts! Gift cards and personalized items are always sure to please.

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