Celebrating Your Child’s Birthday And Unsure What To Get? Here’s The Best Gift Cards For Teens On The Market!

From clothes to coffee, teens have a lot of fun things they could want, so here’s a list of what to get!

Calling all parents, guardians, siblings, friends, and loved ones who know a teen who’s birthday, event celebrating them, or simply just a regular day of the week, this article is the one for you! We’re here to discuss where all teens would like to get a gift card, from famed well-known brands, to grabbing a coffee on their busy school/work schedule, and useful essentials that will surprise them. You’re sure to bring a smile to their face with any of the picks on this list, so let’s get going with finding out the best gift cards for teens!

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1. Amazon

For anything you could want, from clothes to electronics…or really anything else.

Text your favorite teen an Amazon gift card

If you’ve ever shopped online, you’ve probably shopped at Amazon. Amazon is the online shopping hub filled with almost anything you can think of. From “virtual” shoes you can try on in your own home, to PC parts for your new gaming computer, and merch from your favorite movie, Amazon has got it all! It’s truly the perfect place to get whatever you want, whenever you want.

It’s also perfect for any teen, as they can browse through hundreds and thousands of products for anything they’d like! This way, anytime they want to get something fast, might we add, with Amazon Prime you can get products anywhere from the same day you order it, to the next day, or 2 days from your order, Amazon has got them covered!

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2. Bath & Body Works

Help Your Favorite Teen Discover Their Signature Scent with a Bath & Body Works Gift Card Texted Directly to Their Phone

Send a Bath & Body Works gift card

Bath & Body Works may seem like a pretty girly choice to have landed on a list of the best gift cards for any teen, but hear me out. Yes, Bath & Body Works made its name selling fun perfumes, but their collection has expanded in recent years to include masculine scents, room sprays, car air fresheners, aromatherapy, and of course their cult-classic three-wick candles.

Part of growing up is figuring out your own unique style, and that can include choosing a signature scent. Help your favorite teen express themself – or pamper themself – with a gift card to Bath & Body Works.

Send a Bath & Body Works gift card

3. GameStop

Give the gift of games with a gift card they can spend on everything from gear to the latest releases

Buy a GameStop gift card

Moms and dads everywhere might be battling their teens to put down the video games and do their homework, but games and gaming gift cards make great gifts for teens. GameStop is your one-stop shop for all things video game related – from all the gear they need to build a TikTok-worthy gaming setup to the latest video game releases. They can grab a copy of games to play with their friends (See? Video games are a social activity!) or cozy games to relax with after a long day of school. The possibilities are endless.

Buy a GameStop gift card

4. Target

This department store is full of goodies that will leave you browsing the aisles for hours!

Buy a Target gift card

Target! One of the country's biggest department stores with almost anything you could want! Fill up your shopping cart with clothes, make-up, bath products, electronics, toys, room-decor, and more! And you don’t just get to get cool stuff at Target, but you also get to go in store and have a fun shopping experience with you friends.

Whether it be trying on clothes or browsing the aisles and goofing off, Target makes for a great stop before you head out to the movies or your friends house. And you don’t just have to go in-store, you can also shop online and experience same-day pick up/short time delivery options!

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5. Dunkin’

Get your coffee! Get your pastries! Get your sandwiches! Teens Run on Dunkin’

Text a Dunkin’ gift card

Dunkin’. A door, or drive-thru, every teen will go through as they start to develop a craving for coffee, and what better to satisfy that craving than Dunkin’! With locations all around the country, Dunkin’ is known for their coffee, sandwiches, and of course donuts for the early morning breakfast rush or that quick afternoon snack. And with the seasons changing soon comes fun and festive drinks that will leave you wanting to go back for more!

Text a Dunkin’ gift card

6. Sonic

The perfect pit-stop for teens who just got their first set of wheels

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The anticipation of driving, waiting to be of age to get your permit, learning the mechanics of a car, and then finally passing your drivers test. It’s a freedom most teens get to experience, and it’s their first step into the adult world. Whether it’s something as small as going to the movies with your friends or taking your first road trip together, driving is something that’s quintessential for everyone no matter the age! 

Fast food restaurants are road trip staples, but Sonic goes above and beyond your traditional drive-thru experience with delicious sandwiches, drinks, and snacks delivered right to your window in one of their pull-up spots. It’s the perfect place to refuel before getting back on the road, and with lots of fun drunk options like slushes, even the pickiest teen will be thrilled to see a Sonic gift card light up their phone.

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7. DSW - Designer Shoe Warehouse

That last special touch added to your favorite outfits, it’s DSW!

Text a DSW gift card

That new shoe feeling, nothing quite like it, from the moment you try on shoes and realize those are the ones, to the second you get to wear them out on the town for the first time, it’s amazing, and what’s even more amazing is where you get your new kicks and what place better than DSW! DSW has over 500 stores around the country selling a wide variety of shoes, from fancy, to athletic wear, everyday, sandals/flip-flops, and more! 

And since you know DSW has such a beautiful array of shoes, finding your future favorites won’t be a problem…it might just take some browsing first. Getting a gift card to DSW will be a great present as more and more teens are using shoes to express more of their personality every day.

Purchase a DSW gift card

And there you have the most popular gift cards for teens – and all of them can be sent to their phone in seconds with GiftYa.

There you have it! Those are some of the best gift cards for teens on the market right now! Now obviously every teen is different, and these options might not appeal to everyone, so make sure to take a look around or talk to that teen in your life to see what they might like. There’s a gift card for almost anything, and that’s what makes them so great!

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