Celebrate Your Love And Look At These Last Minute Anniversary Gifts For Him!

January 6, 2023
Gift Ideas
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Your anniversary is coming up and you’re looking for something a little extra for your partner just to make this day a little more special than it already is…

Well we’ve got you covered with a list of the best last minute anniversary gifts for him! From clothes, food, and fun frozen treats, to useful home renovation tools, nice smelling self care products, and more, these gifts are sure to bring a smile to their face! And you can enjoy the convenience of getting these gifts instantly with GiftYa!

GiftYa serves as a “virtual warehouse” to thousands of gift cards to well known retailers, online stores, fast-food chains, local favorites, and more all over the country. You can buy the card through their website or mobile app then send the card to them via email or text! It’s done all online so you don’t have to worry about looking for a physical card in stores. You can even add a message with the card and personalize it with a fun design to make the gift special for your anniversary.

Learn more and buy your GiftYa gift card to any of the locations below here!

1. Amazon

Fast shipping, thousands of products, and not too shabby prices!
Buy An Amazon Gift Card

Amazon, you know it, you’ve probably used it before, it’s fast, convenient, and they’ve got so. many. products. On their website you can search for almost anything you could think of, from home furnishings and state of the art electronics, food and drinks, clothes and jewelry, everyday essentials, and much much more! If you’re a frequent user of Amazon, you might have/or heard of Amazon Prime which is their service that allows you to access same day or two-three day shipping, Amazon Original shows, movies, and music. It’s an awfully convenient service, so if you are a subscriber or that sounds like something you’re interested in– Amazon Prime is a great way to make your future online shopping easy. (Aka you can’t go wrong with an anniversary gift for him here).

You can Purchase an Amazon GiftYa Gift Card here!

2. Foot Locker

A footwear and sportswear company selling products from top brands!
Text A Foot Locker Gift Card

Foot Locker is all about celebrating sneakers and youth culture all around the world, and they have a big portfolio of brands like Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker, Champs Sports, atmos, WSS, and Sidestep. They boast about their record selling numbers as they should, with 2,800 stores in 25 different countries, and 9 billion sales in 2021, it’s safe to say that their products are well made and well loved. If your partner is a sneaker-head or is simply looking to get a new pair of shoes for either everyday use, working-out, or something else entirely, Foot Locker is the place to go. They have brands like Adidas, Birkenstocks, Champion, Converse, Jordans, New Balance, Nike, and Vans. There’s plenty of shoes (and athletic wear) to buy, so this would make for a pretty great gift.

You can Purchase a Foot Locker GiftYa Gift Card here!

3. Baskin-Robbins

Calling all sweet tooths, you got your choices of ice-cream, milkshakes, cakes, and more!
Email A Baskin-Robbins Gift Card

Listen. Sometimes life calls for a sweet treat, either for your upcoming anniversary, a birthday, a life achievement, or simply because you want to have something nice at the end of a long hard day. Well, do we have a place for you. Baskin-Robbins! Baskin-Robbins has a ton of sugary-goodness like cakes, pies, Polar Pizza® (which looks a-mazing, it’s essentially a mix of ice cream, a cookie crust, and toppings), take home essentials & DIY kits, sundaes, bakery treats, cones, beverages, and Dunkin’® coffee! Like we said above, if you have a sweet-tooth, a Baskin-Robbins gift card makes for a fun gift.

You can Purchase a Baskin-Robbins GiftYa Gift Card here!

4. H&M

Update your wardrobe and feel like your best self with a variety of cool fits!
Buy A H&M Gift Card

Clothes shopping is fun, especially if you haven’t for a while, and H&M is a great place to go to if you’re looking to freshen up your wardrobe (or just picking out a couple new shirts). Grab a new pair of pants, a brand new jacket for the cold weather, or jeans, accessories, shoes, sleepwear, and even puppy outfits/accessories. H&M can rebuild your entire wardrobe to something that’s the new you, they’ve got great stylish clothing that’s right in brand with what’s trendy now. So take a look on their website and see if you think your partner would like the clothes sold at H&M, and get them a gift here.

You can Purchase a H&M GiftYa Gift Card here!

5. Lowe's

Looking to freshen up your home? This department store has got the materials you need!
Text A Lowe’s Gift Card

If you’re moving into a new place or simply want to refresh your home, then you definitely need to go to Lowe’s. Lowe’s has building materials for both indoor and outdoor big projects, new appliances to replace your old ones, paint, lighting fixtures, flooring, and more! Sometimes you need a change in scenery and Lowe’s is here to provide the products to do that. They also have a team of professionals to help answer any questions you might have and have people who can help install your new products so you don’t have the stress of making sure everything is set up correctly. They’re here to make sure you have 100% customer satisfaction from selecting out what you need, to getting it into your home. Lowe’s makes any home re-inventors dreams a reality and a gift here would come in pretty handy.

You can Purchase a Lowe’s GiftYa Gift Card here!

6. Bath & BodyWorks

For feeling good and smelling good, that’s what everyone needs!
Buy A Bath & BodyWorks Gift Card

Everyone deserves to feel good and smell good, we’ve said it above and we’ll say it here too. Bath & BodyWorks is all about that. They have scented candles, bath products, fragrances, plug-ins, and more that will leave you saying “ahhhh” in pleasure from the aromas of your favorite scents in any of these products. If your partner is a fan of seasonal scents like Winter Citrus Wreath or Winter Candy Apple, then they might enjoy Bath & BodyWorks’ hand soaps. 

Or maybe he’s a fan of the simple smells like White Tea & Sage or Afternoon Rainfall, then he might enjoy the candles. They’ve got hundreds of different scents ever rotating throughout the year, so you can spend a little here and there all year round!

You can Purchase a Bath & BodyWorks GiftYa Gift Card!

7. Panda Express

A fast-food chain serving delicious American Cuisine that can be ready in minutes!
Text A Panda Express Gift Card

Panda Express is a fast casual American fast food restaurant selling tasty American-Chinese foods. This place is perfect for a weekend takeaway meal or a quick stop before you head out on the town. If this food is your partner’s vibe then they will definitely love all of the menu options they have. You can have bowls, plates, or a la carte filled with your favorites like fried rice, Chow Mein, steamed rice, orange chicken, black pepper angus steak, beyond orange chicken, veggies, and more! Panda Express is a perfect gift for a comfy date night out.

You can Purchase a Panda Express GiftYa Gift Card here!

8. GameStop

Is your partner a gamer? Well, here’s where you can find new releases and old classics!
Email A GameStop Gift Card

Welcome to GameStop. “The world's largest retail gaming and trade-in destination for Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo games, systems, consoles & accessories.” Like we asked above, if your partner is a gamer, then they’ve probably been to GameStop. They have locations all over the country distributing game and game-like merchandise. 

You can get old games for your PS2 or highly anticipated upcoming releases. Fan of merch or collectibles? They have Funko Pops!, shirts, other figurines, and framed photos of your favorite game, tv show, and/or movie. And if games aren’t their thing- they also sell iPads, headsets, and other electronics. Plenty of products at GameStop that will bring a lot of fun to your home.

You can Purchase a GameStop GiftYa Gift Card here!

9. Target

A department store for all the shopping-lovers out there to spend hours in.
Buy A Target Gift Card

You’ve probably heard of Target before, it’s a popular department store chain that has stores all throughout the country, it's a store you can get lost in for hours. Honestly? 

You don’t even need to have a list! You can walk on in, grab a cart, and go! Walk through the aisles and see what catches your eye– (it’s even better knowing you have a gift card and you don’t have to worry about racking up a big number on the registar). But if you know exactly what you want/need, that’s a-okay too!

Find clothes for any temperature, self-care products to make you feel like the best you, art prints to spruce up your home, the latest movies & games, new electronics, a grocery selection, and more. For a last minute anniversary gift for him, Target is a pretty nice option.

You can Purchase a Target GiftYa Gift Card here!

10. REI

A fan of the outdoors? Check out all their high quality camping equipment!
Text A REI Gift Card

Planning on making your anniversary trip somewhere that’s outdoors? It might be smart to stock up and where better to stock up than REI aka Recreational Equipment, Inc. which is an American retail store selling all things outdoor recreational equipment. High quality products from a range of activities like camping & hiking, climbing, cycling, paddle boarding & kayaking, running, exercising, snow sports, clothing, and more can be found at REI. It’s truly a great place to get any outdoor things you might need for a trip or that new hobby they’ve been talking about getting into.

You can Purchase a REI GiftYa Gift Card here!

There you go! Those are some last minute anniversary gifts for him that are sure to delight. From food, to clothes, gaming, and outdoor fun, any of these places will be a great addition to your anniversary plans, and with GiftYa it makes the “last minute” aspect nothing to sweat over. They make getting gifts to any of the places we mentioned fast and easy.


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Trae Bodge is the shopping expert here at GiftYa. Trae helps people find the best deals and ideas on popular new items to purchase.

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