Our Top 10 Birthday Gift Ideas for a Bhabhi

Want to know what you should get your sister in law this year for her birthday? We have 10 options right here.

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Does your bhabhi have an upcoming birthday and you’re absolutely at a loss over what to get her? You’re not alone! Lots of folks find it difficult to find the right present for people that conveys just how happy they are to celebrate another year with them. This can be especially true with family members, so if you’re struggling to find your sister in law a great birthday gift this year, you’re not alone. Luckily we’ve come up with 10 options in today’s list that are sure to please any bhabhi. We have a wide selection of gifts that should appeal to any budget, and can be mixed or matched together, so you can create the best birthday gift she’ll receive this year! 

Our gift ideas for bhabhi include:

  • Gift cards to all her favorite stores
  • Personalized gifts she’s sure to love
  • Gifts that will speak to her own sense of style

Send your bhabhi a gift card with GiftYa for her birthday!

If you really want an easy gift idea, or you need a great gift at the last minute, you can always send her a GiftYa digital gift card! GiftYa has thousands of merchants to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that she loves. Then all you need to do is choose the amount up to $250, personalize it with a photo, video, or message, and send it to her via text or email. She’ll never have to worry about losing her gift card because it’s stored in her phone, and she’ll always know just how much money she has left on it. 

1. Macy’s gift card

This is a great way to ensure she always has a cute outfit, no matter what the season is!

Text a Macy’s gift card

 Macy’s gift card

Does your bhabhi love to go shopping? Does she enjoy picking out new outfits each season? Then she’d definitely love a gift card to Macy’s! This iconic department store offers all kinds of styles for women, whether she needs something to wear into the office, is looking for a sundress, or needs to replace her worn shoes, she can do it all under one roof at Macy’s. They’re always rotating their merchandise so it’s on point with the season, so she can easily find a warm sweater in the fall or a new bathing suit in the summer.

Macy’s also offers a variety of home decor and other home items such as sheets, towels, small appliances, china, and furniture. Additionally, you can stop by their fragrance counter or check out the makeup department if you’re looking for a new look or new scent. One of the best parts about giving your bhabhi a gift card to Macy’s is that she is free to use it in a variety of departments, which means the sky is the limit for her birthday gift!

Text a Macy’s gift card

2. Birthday care package

Create a care package specifically for her birthday and include all her favorites

Birthday care package
A homemade care package is a great gift idea for your bhabhi on her birthday, and you can personalize it so it’s exactly what she wants. Image courtesy of Unsplash

Although you may think that care packages are just for students away from home, the truth is they can be for anybody, and for a lot of different occasions. If your bhabhi has a birthday coming up, why not take some time and put together a little care package for her? You can choose to wrap it and give it to her in person, or send it in the mail so she can open it and be surprised. You can include almost anything in a care package, as long as it’s something that the recipient likes and would use. You don’t have to go with a theme, but here are some popular options:

  • Snacks. If your bhabhi has a soft spot for snacks, then creating a snack care package is a great idea! Gather all her favorites, whether they’re salty pretzels, nuts, chocolate, or something sweet like gummy bears. You can choose to put all the snacks in the box as is, or create a little display with them by filling up cute bags and securing the top.
  • Tea & coffee. If she loves tea and coffee, you can also include a few of her favorite brands or flavors in a care package. You might also want to include what she likes to eat with her favorite beverage, like a delicious donut, bagels, or a pastry from a local cafe.
  • Movie night. Movie night care packages are great for those bhabhis that love watching a good flick at home. Include popcorn, sweet snacks, as well as a copy of her favorite movie or TV show.
  • Spa night. Gather some lotions, bath bombs, bath salts, a candle, and even a mani/pedi set, and put them all together in a cute basket. This is a great way to ensure your bhabhi is making time to pamper herself, especially on her birthday!
  • Wine & cheese. If your bhabhi likes to pair wine and cheese, then why not send her a package for her birthday? Get a few of her favorite wines and some cheeses that pair nicely with them, include crackers and a bottle opener and you’re all set.

3. Bath & Body Works gift card

A BBW gift card gives her the choice of what types of self care or home scent product she wants

Email a Bath & Body Works gift card

Bath & Body Works gift card

Bath & Body Works is one of the top places to buy self care products, as well as items that can make your home smell amazing. If your bhabhi likes to try out new scents, this is just the place to do it. Here she can decide whether she wants to enjoy white gardenia, rose and amber, or fresh cut lilacs in her lotion, body wash, shampoo, or face wash. With a gift card, your bhabhi can also choose to pick up a scented candle, hand soap, or even an air freshener for her car or home. You can never be too sure what kind of scent someone is looking for, so why not go with a gift card and let them choose what works for them?

Email a Bath & Body Works gift card

4. Sephora gift card

If your bhabhi loves the latest makeup and skin care, then a gift card to Sephora is a must

Text a Sephora gift card

Sephora gift card

Your one stop shop for all things makeup, fragrance, and skincare is Sephora, and if your bhabhi is into any one of those things, chances are she’d love a gift card to this French store. There are Sephoras located all over the place, and frequently you can find them attached to other large stores like Kohls or Target. This means that a gift card would finally give your bhabhi the chance to go out and spend some time taking care of herself. Or, she can also choose to use it online, and have her items shipped directly to her.

At Sephora you’ll find all kinds of popular cosmetic lines like Chanel, Fenty, Kat Von D, Lancome, and Rare Beauty among so many others. You never know what she might be running low on, so it’s always a safe bet to go with the Sephora gift card, that way she can get the exact item she needs.

Text a Sephora gift card

5. Beautiful jewelry

Find a piece of jewelry that will make her feel great on her special day

Beautiful jewelry
If you really want to give your bhabhi a gift that she will remember for years to come, consider going with a great piece of jewelry. Image courtesy of Tarinika.

One of the best gifts you can give to your bhabhi is a beautiful piece of jewelry, and you don’t have to go over your budget to do so. Just think of the type of jewelry she likes to wear: does she prefer necklaces, bangles, earrings, or rings? Then think of the colors she would like and do a little research to see what’s out there. A necklace like this one from Tarinika is a fantastic way to wish her happy birthday, and she’s sure to be thrilled to wear it. Made from a brass alloy with antique plating, and only $44.99, the bright reds and golds are going to look stunning on her.

6. Personalized mug 

A personalized mug showing her how you feel would make a great birthday present

A personalized mug is a great birthday present for any bhabhi. Image courtesy of Amazon

Does your bhabhi like to drink tea or coffee in the morning? Then she’s going to love it if you get her a personalized mug for her birthday. This one spells it out like it is, that she’s the best bhabhi in the world! Made of durable ceramic, this mug features a soft pink color scheme and is dishwasher safe, so she can feel free to use it at home or in the office. This mug would be a great gift paired with one of the gift cards on this list.

7. A perfume set

If your bhabhi is interested in new scents, then a perfume set is the way to go

A perfume set
A perfume set lets your bhabhi choose the scent she wants to wear each day. Image courtesy of Amazon

Sometimes it’s hard to just pick one scent, so why not give your bhabhi four to choose from instead! This tester set is great for a woman who likes to try out a fragrance before totally committing to it—each scent is 80mL and can easily fit in her purse or bag. Let her choose which fragrance she wants to wear:

  • Senorita is a fruity, flirty scent
  • Rose is fresh and floral
  • Date is muskier and woody
  • Glam is fruity and sweet

8. UberEats gift card

Let her order from her favorite restaurant and have it delivered to her door!

Email an UberEats gift card

UberEats gift card

One of the best gift cards to give for a birthday is the gift of a meal. And not just any meal, but something delicious from your bhabhi’s favorite restaurant. While she could always go there or order take out, there’s something indulgent about having your meal delivered right to your door. Give her the opportunity to stay at home and relax, and have her lunch or dinner come right to her!

Email an UberEats gift card

9. Framed photo of you together

Get a nice photo of you two together and put it in a beautiful frame

Framed photo of you together
Framing a photo of you both is a sentimental gift that is sure to make her smile. Image courtesy of Etsy

You might not think of it at first, but wouldn’t something that’s personalized and includes you both make a great birthday gift idea for your bhabhi? You probably already have a lot of photos of you together, so why not pick out a lovely frame and gift it to her. This frame is made out of fir wood and features a shaped edge that can hold a 4x6 picture either horizontally or vertically. Give a birthday gift that she can display in her home and treasure for years to come!

10. Customized Visa gift card

You can’t go wrong with a customized Visa gift card as a birthday gift for your bhabhi

Text a Visa gift card

Visa gift card

If you’re ever in doubt about what to give your bhabhi for her birthday, consider heading over to Gift Card Granny and creating a customized Visa gift card. You can choose the amount you wish to send, and personalize it with an image of you two as well as a customized message for her birthday. A Visa card can be used anywhere, from her local bakery, to a lunch with friends, or even for purchasing something online. Give her the gift of choice with a Visa!

Text a Visa gift card

Those are our favorite birthday gift ideas for bhabhi! 

Regardless of what you decide to get your bhabhi, she is going to appreciate the effort you went through to make her birthday extra special. After all, birthdays only come around once a year and the fact that you went out of your way to make her day is what counts!

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