10 Beach Gift Ideas for Him

From Catching Rays to Catching Waves, These Are the Beach Gift Ideas Any Guy Will Be Glad to Have

With summertime quickly approaching a lot of people are going to be heading to the beach to soak up some fun and sun. So if there’s a guy in your life who loves the beach and you are trying to find a great gift for him then today’s post is going to come in handy for you because today I have a list of 10 great beach gift ideas for him. And the nice thing about beach inspired gifts is that there are plenty of them that are really quite affordable. So I think there is a great gift option on this list for anybody on any type of budget out there. But I also made sure to include a couple options that you can go a bit more extravagant with if you want to. And anytime you can use one of our convenient GiftYa gift cards to get one of these beach gifts I’ll be sure to include an easy to use link that you can click on.

If this is your first time here at GiftYa let me be the first to welcome you! I’m guessing you’re a little unsure of how GiftYas work so be sure to check out the video on this page if you want to learn everything you need to know about them. But if you don’t have time to open a new tan and watch a video then I’ll let you know a couple of the key features that make GiftYa so great. They are essentially a gift card that exists in an all digital format which means that you can buy and send them wirelessly in just a few clicks. And you can have GiftYa instantly text the gift card to the recipient’s phone as soon as you buy it so you never have to worry about your gift arriving late. And on top of that, GiftYa is partnered with 1000s of leading national brands as well as plenty of smaller local businesses in most major American cities.

But that’s enough with the explanations about GiftYa. I’ll get right to that list of 10 great beach gift ideas for him that brought you here in the first place. And as always, thank you so much for taking the time to read!

1 - A Beach Umbrella

A Beach Umbrella Can Be A GIft That Makes the Whole Way Nicer

A trip to the beach sounds like a really great idea until you get there and you aren’t actually prepared to spend 10-14 hours in the hot sun all day. So if you want to help him be prepared for his trip to the beach you can always get him a nice beach umbrella. And then he can use the umbrella throughout the day to block out the sun. Which is helpful for everything from preventing sunburns to blocking out the light so you can take a nice nap by the shoreline. No matter what you plan on doing at the beach, a beach umbrella is going to come in handy and that’s why it’s in the number one spot on the list today!

2 - A Nice Cooler

That Way He Can Take Drinks and Food to the Beach With Him

A nice cooler can make or break a day at the beach! Image courtesy of menshealth.com

Another way that you can be woefully ill prepared for a day at the beach is if you don’t have a nice cooler to take with that has plenty of room for food and lots of cold water as well. One of the worst things you can do on the beach is get dehydrated, but it happens from being in the hot sun for hours. So getting him a nice big cooler that has plenty of room so he can take along a nice lunch, maybe some snacks, and plenty of cold water you are really getting him a gift that is going to be make or break for his entire beach going experience.

3 - Sunscreen

This Is A Gift That Is An Absolute Essential for A Day at the Beach

If you are looking for a fast and easy gift to get him for the beach then you can never go wrong with sunscreen. NO matter how ready you think you are for the sun’s ultraviolet rays, reality says different and if you spend 12 hours in the sun with no sunscreen it’s going to do some serious damage to your skin. So it’s always best to just play it safe and use sunscreen. But there’s a good chance he overlooks it when he’s thinking about all the things he;ll need for a day at the beach and you’ll have him covered!

4 - Airbnb

Help Him Have A Great Place to Stay On His Beach Vacation

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Airbnb has over 600,000 locations in the United States alone. So if he is planning a weekend getaway to the beach then you can really help him make the whole trip more affordable by getting him a gift card to Airbnb. That way he can get a nice place to stay at night and cool down from his hot days at the beach. And in my opinion Airbnbs are just such a more comfortable experience than a hotel. ANd with the way hotel prices are these days they are usually cheaper as well. So help make sure every part of his beach trip is perfect by hooking him up with a couple nights at a nice Airbnb close to the beach!

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5 - Help Him Get Some New Swimwear

Guys Never Think to Shop for Clothes LIke Swimming Trunks So Just Make Sure He Didn’t Forget

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Guys aren’t always the best at remembering to shop for clothes. And with everything else you need to remember to pack to have a truly pleasant day at the beach can get a little overwhelming so it's easy to forget things. So if he hasn’t gotten a new pair of swim trunks yet, take him out to a clothing store and have him get a new pair. Your body can change a lot from one summer to the next so he’ll want to be sure to have swim trunks that fit well for his day at the beach!

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6 - Some Fun Beach Toys

There’s Honestly A Lot of Fun Beach Toys for Adults

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There are plenty of great beach toys that are great for adults. Image courtesy of Amazon.com

If you need a fun beach gift idea for him that won’t break the bank then you can get him some fun adult beach toys that he can enjoy in the sun. They have plenty of advanced kits for sand castle building, there’s Nerf footballs that will float in the water so they’re great to play catch with, and you can even get a beach themed Cornhole set to keep him and his buddies entertained for hours. There’s honestly a ton of great options that you wouldn’t think of at first that you can find if you do a little Googling around

7 - Make Sure He Has A Sober Drive Home From the Beach

You Can Rest Easy Knowing He Definitely Has A DD If He Needs One

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Npot every beach allows for the drinking of alcohol, but certain beaches in popular beach towns do allow you to consume alcohol at the beach. And even if they don’t most little beach towns have plenty of bars right along the shore’s edge. So if you think there’s a chance he’s gonna be drinking while he’s at the beach you can get him a gift card to Uber or Lyft and rest easy knowing that he has a sober ride home. There’s no need for him to take a risk and try to drive home if the ride is already paid for.

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8 - Help Him Cover the Cost of Traveling to the Beach

A Trip to the Beach Can Be Pricey So Try to Help Ease the Burden

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If he has to fly to take his trip to the beach then one great gift you can get him is a gift card to an airline like Southwest or Spirit Airlines. And then that way he can use the gift card to help cover the cost of his flights there and back. And when he saves money on his flights it means he’ll have more money to spend on his trip to the beach and his trip will be all the more fun because of it. So be part of the reason his trip is more fun and help him cover the airfare.

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9 - Amazon

Help Them Get Overnight Shipping On Anything They Forgot to Pack

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Amazon is the largest online retailer on the whole planet with over 12 million different items for sale. And on top of that, they offer overnight shipping on a staggering amount of the products they sell. So you can get him an Amazon gift card and then in case he forgot to pack anything for the beach he can order it from Amazon as soon as he notices it and have it there the next morning. And then he’ll have it for most of his trip and the crisis will have been averted all because of your forward thinking.

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10 - A Custom Visa GIft Card

Help Him Cover Expenses at the Beach

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These Visa gift cards are accepted everywhere that takes Visa Card. Which means they are basically accepted at every business in the country. So you can help him cover some of his coast during his stay in the beach town with one of these prepaid gift cards that are accepted everywhere!

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And There You Have A List of 10 Great Beach Gift Ideas for Him!

I hope something on the list today looks like the perfect beach themed gift for the guy in your life. The nice thing about beach inspired gifts is that they aren’t crazy expensive in most cases. So I think there is something on the list today for anybody on any type of budget out there. But I also tried to include a few options that were a bit more lavish so that way you can really spoil him if you want to. But no matter what kind of beach gift you get for him, I am sure he will just be psyched that you thought to get him a gift in the first place!

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