Fun and Practical Basketball Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

These gifts are sure to be a real slam dunk!

Is your partner a big fan of basketball? Has March Madness left him feeling amped up to get onto the court himself? Then you’ve come to the right place on the internet as today we’re going over a list of basketball gift ideas for your boyfriend that he will absolutely love. And these ideas aren’t just for someone who likes to dribble in the gym’s court, we’ve also got great merch items and a few cheesy gifts that’ll be sure to get a laugh. Investing time and interest in something like sports can be super fun and basketball has been the love of many for decades, so let’s make all his swishes come true and get to the gift guide!

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A Foot Locker Gift Card

Get shoes that aren’t worn down by years of use and enjoy the new squeaks on the court!

Buy A Foot Locker Gift Card

Any player on the court knows how much a pair of shoes can impact time on the court. Uncomfortable shoes that don’t fit right can mess with your flow and shoes that are falling apart at the seams can cause a few different problems. So having the right shoes while you’re out playing with your friends and even for just living your everyday life is key to a good time and where better to get your new pair of kicks then Foot Locker?

Foot Locker is an American sportswear and shoe retailer that specializes in footwear that will keep your game in high gear. They’ve got the brands you love like Nike, Jordan, New Balance, Puma, Timberland, Converse, and more. You’ll be able to get the pair that fits your feet well along with picking up some much needed athletic gear like new gym shorts, tank stops, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and jerseys. Foot Locker has got a bit of everything for those a fan of sports apparel and those ready to hit their home court.

You can Purchase a GiftYa Gift Card to Foot Locker here!

Now moving onto the main crux of the list in no particular order or category—we’ve got a list of gifts that’ll be sure to be a ball:

Novelty Basketball Mug

  • We’re starting a little silly with this MAX’IS Creations The Mug with a Mini Hoop on sale for $23.96 on Amazon. It’s exactly as it sounds, it’s a basketball shaped mug with a mini hoop at the top you can toss little extra goodies in to make your drink extra special like mini marshmallows or other candies. It’s the perfect gift for someone who enjoys goofing off and hot sweet drinks.

Insulated Water Bottle

  • And speaking of drinking receptacles we can’t mention a mug and not talk about a water bottle for game day. If we’re keeping in the novelty theme then your partner will love this O2COOL Mist N’ Sip Insulated Water Squeeze Bottle-20oz on sale for $12.99 also on Amazon. This bottle has a cool simple basketball design and has double-wall insulation which means your drink will stay cool all throughout practice.

“Basketball” Ice Cubes

  • No we aren’t talking about actual mini basketballs floating around in your drink to keep it cool, we are instead talking about these ACOOKEE Silicone Basketball Ice Cube Molds for $9.99 on Amazon. Pour water or any other liquid into these molds and have them freeze overnight where the next morning for the big game you can crack 'em open and put them in your drink as you watch your team. Great for a family viewing or a game-day party.

Basketball Bottle Opener

  • Just like the basketball ice cubes can make for a fun party addition, this Magnetic Basketball Bottle Opener with Cap Collector Catcher for $22.99 on Amazon. It’s your regular bottle opener but when the bottle cap falls it lands in a little basketball net. Plus it comes with a little basketball decal so it can work in your basketball themed room or wall.

Free Four People Playing Basketball Stock Photo

You’ve always gotta have the right apparel to get some hoop time in with the boys.

Indoor Basketball Hoop

  • We can’t have a basketball themed gift guide without an indoor basketball hoop. You know the ones- you hang it on the back of a door or on a wall and you can shoot plastic blown up basketballs through it? This Indoor Basketball Hoop for Kids and Adults with Scorer on sale for $27.39 on Amazon. It comes with a scoreboard that counts anytime a basket goes in so you can have your indoor throw-off with a little incentive.

NBA League Pass

  • If your partner doesn’t have a NBA League Pass then you’ve got the perfect gift to give! The NBA standard League Pass is $14.95/mo. and the League Pass Premium is $22.99/mo.

-With the standard League Pass you can “stream select round-one playoff games live or on-demand, plus around-the-clock NBA TV postseason coverage.”

-And with the League Pass Premium you can “stream select round-one playoff games commercial free on 3 devices at a time, and get access to in-arena streams.”

Or if your partner is a one team only guy you can get him the Team Pass for $13.99/mo. – Find all the passes here on the official NBA website.

A Basketball

  • Can’t go wrong with getting him a new basketball, especially a Wilson Evolution Game Basketball for $79.95 on the Wilson website. Known for their great basketballs, Wilson has been making great quality products for decades and in 2020 it was announced that the NBA will be making Wilson their game day ball.

Basketball Light

  • If your boyfriend has a “basketball-centric” room or wall that he likes to keep decorated with basketball themed things then he will definitely enjoy the soft glow from this Olee Odee Basketball Night Light for $19.99 on Amazon. It’s around 5 inches and is a great small addition to the home for any basketball fan.

Vintage T-Shirts

  • Everyone loves a good vintage tee and basketball lovers are no different- in fact a lot of people who don’t even watch and know the game get these shirts just for their style and meaning. Vintage Rare has a collection of Original NBA T-Shirts and we’ve got a couple recommendations for you to take home:




Basketball Plush

Your Own Basketball Jersey

  • Wearing basketball jerseys is always a good time, especially around game day but what if you had a custom jersey that you can wear on the court? Fansidea makes custom jerseys and their Custom Cream Hunter Green-Royal Authentic Throwback Basketball Jersey for $27.00 gives off a great clean look that’ll be perfect to hang up or wear out. Put a team name, last name, and custom number on the jersey.

Basketball Bag

  • If your partner’s old duffle bag’s straps are starting to fray and the bottom of the bag looks like it has seen better days then you need to introduce them to a MIER Basketball Backpack Sports Bag with Ball Compartment for $34.99 at Mier. It can fit clothes, a water bottle, and any other game time essentials including obviously the basketball. It comes in seven colors.


  • The WNBA has been killing it this year and has been all the talk in the basketball circles so it’s only appropriate to add some WNBA merch in the gift roster too.

Unisex WNBA Nike Cream Team 13 Standard Issue Crew Performance Sweatshirt priced at $84.99 on the WNBA Store.

This WNBA Men's Nike Fleece Pullover Hoodie for $70 at Nike is super comfy and flashy. It comes in five colors.

Rickea Jackson: Superstar Pose LA priced at $32.00 from BreakingT comes in this sweet purple and you can get the t-shirt as displayed above or in sweatshirt form.

Basketball Scrunchie

  • Getting hair in your face while you play, work out, or simply do anything is not fun and anyone with long hair knows that annoyance. If your partner has longer hair then this Basketball Scrunchie for $5.98 at Amazon is a nice inexpensive gift for our boys with long hair.

Basketball Socks

Custom Funko Pop!

  • This gift is for our creative friends, the ones looking to go a little bit outside the box. The famous Funko brand makes Funko Pop! Figurines as we all know and they have a Create Your Own Pop! Figurine feature where you can make your partner in Pop! form. So picture making him a basketball player just like his favorites in the league- how cool would that be next to all his other memorabilia?

Free Close-Up Shot of a Person Sitting on Wheelchair while Holding a Ball Stock Photo

Playing basketball with your friends is great and meeting new players on the court is even better!

Basketball Shorts

  • We can’t end this list without giving you a list of basketball shorts to buy. Along with t-shirts and jerseys, basketball shorts are, well, meant for basketball and there are a lot of good pairs out there built to last even the toughest of games. Here are a few of our favorites:

Nike DNA Men's Dri-FIT 6" Basketball Shorts on sale for $30.97 at Nike are made with sustainable materials and come in ten different colors.

PacSun Brown Mesh Basketball Shorts are on sale for $25.00.

And anyone that’s a fan of compression shorts will love these 121 Performance Line Compression Shorts on sale for $26.00 at YoungLA.

There are so many cool basketball gift ideas for your boyfriend out there and these are only scratching the surface. Whatever you decide to get we’re sure he’s going to love the thought you put into it as paying attention to someone’s hobbies is a very sweet thing to do.

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