Awesome Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts That Can Come Directly From Baby!

Let a new mom know what a great shopper her baby is.

Shopping for a new mom can be difficult, especially when the person doing the shopping is a baby! Now you will of course be heavily involved in the shopping, but letting your baby participate in this gift giving process will be fun for both mom and baby! Every gift on the list we compiled is something your baby can be proud to hand over to mom, even if he’d rather hold onto it and put it in his mouth. Even if you’re almost out of time, any one of these gifts will make Mother’s Day really special for any tired mom with an adorably tiring infant. 

1. Bath & Body Works

Sweet fragrances made for your body and for your home.  

Get a Bath & Body Works Gift Card

A great mother’s day gift for a mother who loves great fragrances will be a gift card for Bath & Body Works. Bath & Body Works sells fragrances that will make a mother’s home smell beyond amazing. This store is known for having great fragrances displayed in really pretty packaging. They also give in person shoppers the option to try just about all the fragrances. Their fragrances come in many different forms. They come in body mist, perfume, handsoap, and body lotion. They also offer wallflower plugs, room sprays, car fragrances, and hand sanitizer. 

Anyone who is doing any shopping at Bath & Body Works will have a load of great options to choose from. They might even find a new signature scent they might want to wear all the time! They have some classic fragrances, seasonal scents that change with the weather, and they also get cool new scents from time to time. Some of the fragrance options are Waikiki Beach Coconut, peony + basil, champagne toast, and pink peach blossom. 

Get a Bath & Body Works Gift Card

2. Crate & Barrel

Furniture store with great style options for any home. 

Get a Crate & Barrel gift card

Something that makes a great gift for a new mother is some new home decorations. Crate & Barrel is a furniture store that sells furniture that can really improve someone’s home. And sometimes, one of the most exciting things to do after a new milestone like having a baby is to make your place look totally different. Even one new piece of furniture can totally change the look of a room. This store’s furniture is cool and modern, and will give someone’s place a sleek look. 

Crate & Barrel displays all the furniture they sell in a way that shows off how it would look in someone’s house. A new mom could get everything from indoor furniture, to bedding, rugs, outdoor furniture, and other home goods. Just one visit to this store can have her place look significantly better than it did before. She can also find plenty of seasonal and holiday items there.

Get a Crate & Barrel gift card

3. DSW

Designer shoes at low prices. 

Get a DSW gift card

A new mom could always use a new pair of shoes. She’ll be spending lots of time running after her baby all day, so a DSW gift card will make a great last minute gift for her. DSW is a designer shoe warehouse that sells designer shoes at lower prices than what you would find at most department stores. So instead of having to spend a bunch of money on just one pair of shoes, a new mom can find several pairs for much less!

And the brands she’ll find will be of the highest quality. She’ll find Adidas, Alexander McQueen, Nike, Michael Kors, and more. These brands are very high quality for the prices this store gives them away for. The new mom in your life may already enjoy wearing several of the brands they have in stock. This store also often offers sales, so one gift card can go a long way for a mom when she’s shopping at DSW. 

Get a DSW gift card

4. Yankee Candle

Fragrant candles that come in different amazing scents. 

Get a Yankee Candle gift card

For someone who loves being in spaces that smell good, a gift card from Yankee Candle will make a great gift. Candles from Yankee Candle will make a new mom’s home smell great, which is something that can make her feel more relaxed. Whatever someone’s favorite fragrance is, they will likely find it at Yankee Candle. They sell a variety of great fragrances, some of which are only around during certain seasons. While a new mom may be spending lots of time at home, she can always make home smell like the outdoors or a tropical vacation. 

This summer, the store is dominated by tropical, beachy, and fruity fragrances. Some fragrances you’ll find are tropical starfruits, coconut beach, and juicy citrus & sea salt. These fragrances come in a variety of sizes and forms. A new mom will get to choose from personalized candles, signature candles, and original jar candles, and even room sprays or a plug-ins. 

Get a Yankee Candle gift card

5. Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa 

Relaxing spa treatments in a calming atmosphere. 

Get a Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa gift card

Every new mom deserves a chance to relax sometimes, especially when it’s Mother’s Day. One of the best things you can give to a new mom is a massage or facial with a Hand & Stone Facial Massage gift card. Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa offers everything that a tired mom needs to make her Mother’s Day special. She will get to choose from different kinds of massages and facials that will leave her feeling relaxed and ready to get back to the baby once she’s done. 

This spa offers the kinds of services that will make Mother’s Day beyond relaxing for a new mom. They offer visitors a chance to get a Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, or a Himalayan salt massage. And when it comes to facials, they can get a rejuvenating facial, a detox facial, and a classic facial. These high quality services are offered at low prices, so a mom will have the chance to enjoy a lot more for less!

Get a Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa gift card

6. Sephora

The best beauty products in stores.

Get a Sephora gift card

A new mom who hasn’t had much time to pamper herself lately would love a gift card from Sephora. Sephora is a beauty department store that sells many luxury skincare products from some of the best brands around. They sell skin products, hair products, makeup, accessories, and much more. Their hundreds of brands are known for bringing customers great results. They even have their own brand called the Sephora Collection.

The Sephora Collection offers lip scrubs, eye masks, and night cream among other things. Most of America’s favorite beauty brands can be found at Sephora, and some of those brands are Fenty, Moroccan oil, and Anastasia Beverly Hills. There are also tons of helpful store clerks all around who are there to help customers with anything they need. They even offer samples, so if a customer wants to try something out, they will help them get it on!

Get a Sephora gift card

7. Uber Eats

Convenient food delivery service. 

Get an UberEats gift card

One of the most useful gifts a new mom can get from her baby is food, and one way to get her that is with an UberEats gift card. UberEats is a food delivery service that will bring food from nearby restaurants right to a new mom’s door. It is one of the most convenient ways for people to enjoy great restaurant meals without even having to leave the house! UberEats will deliver everything a customer orders within an hour. This is especially convenient for a busy and tired mom. 

Many of her favorite restaurants might already be on UberEats, and she might also discover some really cool ones. They will have a long list of options to go through when choosing a meal to order. They also allow customers to filter the types of food they choose from, so if someone likes Chinese food, Italian, or Morrocan food, they can easily choose the option for it on the UberEats app and search from there. This will really take a load off a mother’s back on Mother’s Day. 

Get an UberEats gift card

8. Baskin Robbins

Specialty cake and ice-cream for great celebrations. 

Get a Baskin Robbins gift card

There aren’t many people who don’t like cake and ice-cream, and for Mother’s Day, you can treat a new mom to some with a Baskin Robbins gift card. Baskin Robbins is a specialty cake and ice-cream store that sells delectable treats that any new mom could appreciate. There are so many things on the menu meant for people to enjoy. They have lots of ice-cream flavors, from triple mango, to cotton candy, and pistachio almond. Their list of sundaes includes a classic banana split, a warm brownie sundae, and a banana royale sundae. 

And each Mother’s Day, Baskin Robbins even makes custom cakes to celebrate mothers. They made a Peony cake that could be customized with your mother’s favorite ice-cream and cake flavor last Mother’s Day, so imagine what they might have next time! A new mother is sure to enjoy that kind of cake as well as some of the other great sweet treats they have on the menu. They also offer other Mother’s Day treats like the amazing mom cake and the Mother’s Day photo cake. 

Get a Baskin Robbins gift card

9. ULTA Beauty

All your beauty needs in one place. 

Get an ULTA Beauty gift card 

A new mom could really use ways to pamper herself, and one way to offer that to her is with an ULTA Beauty gift card. ULTA Beauty sells all sorts of self-care and beauty related products. They sell makeup, perfume, lotion, hair care products, and more, several things a busy new mom can really use. Whatever someone’s favorite beauty product, they can find it at ULTA, and they have many items that can provide great beauty quick fixes for anyone who’s tough schedule leaves their skin looking less than perfect. 

ULTA has many workers throughout the store that are there to help any shoppers find what they need. ULTA will help customers put makeup on to try it out, and even offer them a full makeover! She will leave ULTA feeling gorgeous and ready to take on the rest of her day in style. Getting pampered once in a while is something a busy new mom really needs to get on with each day feeling content. 

Get an ULTA Beauty gift card 

10. Custom Visa Gift Card 

A custom made gift card for Mother’s Day. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

A great gift card from a baby to their mom would be a personalized gift card. You can create a personalized gift card by visiting Gift Card Granny. A gift card from Gift Card Granny is made to feel personal while having the ability to be used anywhere. And your baby can even help pick out their favorite options to put on the card! Your partner is sure to feel special when she gets a customized gift card from Gift Card Granny that her baby helped create. You can even choose to add a picture of her with the baby to make the gift card feel extra special. 

Creating a custom gift card using Gift Card Granny gift card is a simple process. All you have to do is add a personal photograph and message to a Visa or Mastercard, add in the amount you want, and you’re ready to send it. You can even add a video message to it. The best part is, these cards can be used everywhere, so the new mom in your life isn’t limited with where she can shop!

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

Mother’s Day is a day that can be tough to shop last minute for, especially when the last minute shopping is done in part by a baby, but anything on this list will suffice. Any mother will be happy to see her partner and baby pair up to give her something really special.

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