10 Amazing Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents

From Family Portraits to Customized Jewelry, These Are the Anniversary Gift Ideas Any Parents Would Adore

No matter how much we love our moms and dads, no matter how much more we have in common with them than simply our genes, they can be tough to shop for. And celebrating their anniversary is something that any child should do – after all, without mom and dad’s love, you wouldn’t be here in the first place!

But celebrating your parents’ anniversary isn’t just about the foundation of the family or marking another year together – it’s an opportunity to express your love and gratitude for all that they’ve done for you and for each other over the years. Finding the perfect gift is a great way to make their day special – but what should you get them?

That’s why we’re here to help. We’ve gathered heartfelt ideas any parent would love, including:

  • Customized gifts they’ll cherish forever
  • Gifts that help them make new memories
  • Gifts that they can use for whatever they choose

Get to Know GiftYa

Before we get to the list of gift ideas, allow us to introduce GiftYa. Here’s how it works.

Take your pick of thousands of local and national brands. Then, customize your gift with a photo or short video clip – maybe a boomerang of the whole family, or the last Christmas card you got from them? Finish the gift with a personalized message, then send it off to be delivered immediately or schedule it for any date you choose.

But GiftYa isn’t just easy to send, it’s easy to use, too. Your parents can redeem their gift right from their phone like any other e-gift code, or they can link it to a card they carry with them everyday for easy use. When they make a purchase at the qualifying brand, their gift balance will automatically be applied until it’s gone. And if for any reason they don’t totally love the gift you send them (crazy, I know!) they can re-gift or exchange their balance for another brand in just a few clicks.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few of our favorite options in the catalog for anniversary gifts for parents to get you started.

1 - Custom Family Portrait

This Anniversary Gift Can Be as Simple or Creative As You’d Like

Custom Family Portrait
From classic to creative, family portraits make a great gift. Image courtesy CartoonNationArt on Etsy.

Any parent would appreciate a nice family portrait – something that captures them and their children as they are right now. It’s a timeless anniversary gift that truly captures what they mean to you… but parents mean different things to different folks.

More traditional parents would appreciate a classic portrait. You can kickstart this gift by surprising them with a photoshoot at JCPenney or with a photographer in your area. Have the best one printed on a canvas or etched on metal. If you really want to go big, you can have a custom oil painting made, whether they sit for it or you send in a photo to be recreated, immortalizing their journey together.

For parents who are a little less serious, there are plenty of opportunities to have a custom portrait made in the style of their favorite show. Talented artists on Etsy can put them right into shows like the Simpsons, Futurama, or even Bob’s Burgers, like the Bob’s Burgers Custom Cartoon Portrait above.

So give them this symbol of unity, love, shared experiences, and (quite possibly) the laughs you’ve shared as a family and they’ve shared as partners along the way.

2 - Cooking Classes for Two

Making Memories and Delicious New Meals They Can Add to Their Menu

Give them a fun night out and add some new meals to their repertoire.

Food is the way to anyone’s heart. And beyond that, ask any parent, and they’ll tell you that cooking is an expression of love – for one other, for their family, for themselves. But no matter where their culinary skill level is, getting them a romantic cooking class makes for a great anniversary gifts.

In-person classes are surprisingly easy to find. Chances are, there’s a Sur La Table somewhere nearby. Not only does the cookware chain offer cooking lessons, participants get a discount on any shopping they do after class lets out. If there’s not a Sur La Table in the area, you should be able to find cooking lessons at a restaurant or community center nearby.

Online classes are also an option when you set them up with a subscription to skill-building websites. For cooking classes, there are several to choose from – like Skillshare or Craftsy – but our pick is Masterclass. Slightly more expensive than other options, it’s well worth it because your parents will be learning from some of the best chefs in the world. If your parent’s prefer a date night in to going out, this is a great anniversary gift idea! Bonus point sif you pick up groceries for them too.

3 - Romantic Weekend Getaway

Give Them Some Time to Connect and Enjoy Time Together for Their Anniversary

Sending them on a trip to the place they went on their honeymoon can be an extra romantic option.

A weekend getaway also makes for an excellent anniversary gift for your parents. It's not just a break from routine – it's a chance for them to relax and enjoy each other's company. And after all, what else is an anniversary about besides celebrating the connection they have?

Whether it's a cozy bed and breakfast or a luxurious spa resort, the destination sets the stage for creating fresh memories. This gift is practical, offering them time away from the everyday hustle to reconnect and celebrate their enduring love. It's a thoughtful way to acknowledge their commitment and provide a space for relaxation, making it a straightforward yet meaningful anniversary present.

If you’re feeling adventurous, check out Wonderbox. This unique company has a variety of gift options – like Weekend Getaway for 2, which can be applied to hotels across the country. There are also boxes dedicated to relaxation, National Parks adventures, and even European vacations. Be sure to check it out!

GiftYa Recommends: Text an Airbnb gift card to help mom and dad set off on their next adventure – whether it’s to an Italian castle or a hobbit hole in Tennessee. 

4 - The Adventure Challenge

Help Them Connect All Year Long with Date Prompts

With 50 scratch off adventures, this book will keep your parents having fun until their next anniversary. Image courtesy The Adventure Challenge.

After 10, 15, 20+ years together, it can get hard to come up with interesting new date ideas. That’s where The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition comes into play. With 50 scratch-off date ideas, they won’t have to repeat date night until next year!

PS - There’s also a spicier edition of the game, but that’s not exactly the kind of thing most people get for their mom and dad. You can always grab them a gift card and let them chooser from solo, family, couples, and other editions of the product.

5 - Matching Watches

Symbolize All of the Time They’ve Spend Together

Getting matching watches for your parents' anniversary is a practical and thoughtful choice. Watches symbolize the enduring nature of their commitment, and having matching timepieces adds a touch of elegance to their daily lives. 

The watches, chosen to suit their individual styles, become more than accessories – they become tangible reminders of shared moments and milestones. It's a functional yet sentimental gift, reflecting the timeless quality of their relationship. 

Matching watches make for a straightforward, meaningful, and enduring anniversary present… but timepieces can get expensive quickly. If you’re looking for an option that has all of the elegance without the elegant price tag, consider shopping MVMT. Generally running $250 and below, it’s a great way to get your parents something nice without blowing your whole life savings in the process. 

6 - Barnes & Noble Membership

Make Shopping for Books + Grabbing Little Treats Easier and More Affordable Than Ever

Parents who read will really appreciate having their book shopping experience upgraded with a Barnes & Noble Membership.

Barnes & Noble is one of the biggest brick and mortar bookstores in the world – and they don’t do half bad online, either! If your parents are always hauling new books home from Barnes & Noble, a membership is an affordable upgrade ($39.99 for one year) that they’ll use all the time.

Barnes & Noble membership has many benefits, including:

  • 10% almost everything in the store
  • 10% off Nook eReaders, eBooks, and audiobooks
  • Free tote bag for every year of membership
  • Free upgrade to next drink size in cafe
  • Free shipping with no minimum online

And with all those perks and more, it’s hard to argue that this wouldn’t be a great anniversary gift idea for parents.

GiftYa Recommends: Complete the gift when you send a Barnes & Noble gift card – so they can grab a book and read in the cafe today!

7 - Digital Photo Frame

So They Can Have All of Their Favorite Photos on Display

Digital photo frames are a simple but heartfelt gift. Image courtesy Brookstone.

Purchasing a digital photo frame for your parents – and filling it up with photos of the family –  is a sentimental gift that they’re sure to adore. Allowing your parents display a variety of family photos in one frame, it makes it easy to rotate through memories. 

Unlike traditional frames, it's a modern and dynamic way to showcase pictures. The digital format allows for easy updates so that they can add new milestones and moments as they happen. This straightforward yet thoughtful gift brings the sentimental value of framed photos into the digital age, so it’s sure to be a lasting addition to their home.

8 - Renovation or Redecoration Project

Put in Some Work on the Family House So They Don’t Have To

women sitting and giving order to her husband
Helping them get some stuff done around the house is always a great way to go. 

Have they been meaning to expand the garden? Or maybe paint the office? Helping them out with their DIY to do list is a great way to show you care! Consider grabbing the supplies as well if you’re able to. 

GiftYa Recommends: Complete the gift when you send a Home Depot gift card that they can use on their next project.

9 - Engraved Jewelry for Two

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Engraved Jewelry for Two
These matching silver bracelets make a great anniversary gift. Image courtesy of DODALA on Etsy.

Jewelry is a classic anniversary gift – but in 2024, we can get great jewelry gifts for mom and dad. Whether he’s more of a keychain man or a leather bracelet, whether she prefers rings or necklaces, getting them a matching pair of jewelry is an elegant and sentimental anniversary gift. 

10 - Visa

Create a Custom Gift Just for Them

Build a Visa gift card 

Accepted anywhere that Visa credit cards are accepted, giving a Visa gift card is like giving cash, only way better looking. That means your parents can use it for pretty much anything they want. The choice is totally up to them.

With Gift Card Granny’s build a card feature, you can create a gift your parents will be super happy with in no time. Choose from an expert created design or add your own photo and message – mabe a nice shot of the whole family together?

Most custom gift cards print the same day and ship out the next, so you’ll have the ultimate anniversary gift in hand before you know it. 

Build a Visa gift card 

That’s it for our anniversary gift ideas for parents.

We hope one of these is something your mom and dad will totally love. Happy shopping!

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