Amazing Last Minute Gift Ideas For Any Adult Who Has Just Been Baptized

A baptism is a life changing event, so make sure you treat it like one.

Getting baptized is a huge deal, especially for someone who might be new to the Christian faith. So when someone in your life has just been baptized, you should show them some love to let them know how happy you are for them. When you’re trying to do that at the last minute, things can get stressful, but we’ve compiled a list of gifts you can get last minute that any friend will appreciate. From bible verse bookmarks to crosses, there are many Christian symbols someone who has been baptized would be happy to receive from a friend!

1. GiftYa Gift Card

A gift card let’s someone choose their perfect gift. 

Send someone a GiftYa gift card

This is the easiest way to make a gift card purchase. 

A gift card is always one of the best gifts that you can choose for someone. One of the best places you can get a friend a gift card from is GiftYa. GiftYa is a digital gift card supplier that makes everything easier when it comes to purchasing gift cards. You can choose what the gift card will look like and where the gift recipient can go shopping with it. 

With GiftYa you can purchase a gift card online and text or email it to and the person you send it to can use it straight from their phone. This method simplifies everything for everyone involved. GiftYa also offers gift cards for all kinds of local and national establishments. GiftYa offers great options for every kind of person!

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2. Bible Verse Mug

A daily dose of faith with your coffee. 

Start your day with an uplifting verse. Image courtesy of Christian Book

For someone who has just gotten baptized, a mug with a bible verse written on it can make a great gift. Each morning when they reach for a cup of tea or coffee, they can read this cup while they drink and be reminded of a bible verse with each sip. It will be a great way to start the day and to continue it when they need a drink later on in the day. 

This mug can easily be delivered last minute. As soon as you find out about your loved one’s baptism, you can get this sent over within a week or even just a few days. You can do standard delivery if you’re not completely out of time, but if this is a very last minute gift, you can just pay a bit extra to have the mug sent over in just one or two days!

3. Baptism T-Shirt

Wear your decision with pride. 

Show off the best things about yourself. Image courtesy of Amazon

A t-shirt that shouts out your loved one’s new choice is something they will feel happy to wear. What better way to show off that they’ve just been baptized than to wear it on their chest? This shirt displays a message that references things that are “new” in regards to someone’s rebirth after being baptized. And you can find t-shirts with similar sayings on them or different ones. The sayings on the t-shirt can be as short and simple or long winded as you choose. 

When it comes to t-shirts with inspirational sayings on them, you will find plenty all over the web. People get t-shirts as souvenirs for very many things, so why not get them a souvenir for their baptism? It makes a fun and stylish way to celebrate such an occasion, and you can get a t-shirt in two days or less when you buy from Amazon!

4. Keychain

Take the lord’s words with you everywhere you go. 

Carry your faith right in your pocket. Image courtesy of Zazzle

Any adult who has just gotten baptized probably put a lot of time and dedication into the whole process. They probably feel like a new person and will likely enjoy getting a reminder of the faith they’ve just dedicated their life to, there’s no better way to do that than to give them a keychain with inspiring words on them. Just a short bible verse on a keychain can give your loved one a dose of inspiration whenever they reach for their keys, which will be just about every day. 

A keychain is something small, simple, and easy to give. It won’t be difficult to find many versions of the type of keychain you’re looking for, so it makes an easy last minute gift. You will have your pick of bible verses when you search online. If you want to order one of the options from Zazzle, you can get it for a low delivery cost within a week if you go with express shipping. 

5. Wall Prayer

A prayer on the wall makes great decoration. 

A well known prayer that is made for hanging on walls. Image courtesy of Home Depot

One of the most well known prayers in the bible will make a great gift for someone who has just been baptized. They get to have a great looking reminder of this prayer on their wall, which will put it in their head once in a while. They may be tempted to recite it in their head when they glance at it, and if they don’t already know it, this wall art might make them learn all the words. 

Having a prayer on their wall will always remind them of their choice to be baptized and to start a new life. And since that’s a good memory for them, thinking about it will make them feel good and keep in mind their reasons for doing it. It may remind them of their drive to include their faith in more parts of their lives, even in their decorations. And you can have this delivered from Home Depot in just a few days!

6. Cross Necklace

A cross necklace will keep someone’s faith close to their heart. 

Faith and style combine to make a great statement. Image courtesy of Nordstrom

A cross is one of the most recognizable Christian symbols, and aside from seeing them on church walls, a necklace is the next place you will see them most. So why not get a newly baptized loved one a cross necklace for themselves? That way, they can wear their newfound faith over their heart in style and be happy to show it off. They can easily wear it every day and have a representation of their faith be part of their daily wardrobe.

Cross necklaces work as accessories for any style, so no matter what the gift recipient likes to wear, it will work well with it. A small cross necklace makes a very subtle statement piece while representing someone’s faith. You can easily find a silver or a gold chain, or even some with diamonds on them. And this is something you don’t have to break the bank to buy. A gold plated necklace looks just as great as a solid gold one! 

7. Bookmark

Keep your spot on the right page with God’s words. 

You can have the Lord’s words on the pages of every book. Image courtesy of Walmart

A quick and simple gift someone who has just been baptized might enjoy is a bookmark with a bible verse on it. Anytime they read, they can be reminded of their special day. They could keep this kind of bookmark in their bible for easy page flipping, or they could use it in other books to keep the Lord in mind even while they focus on other readings. Many bookmarks you will find will also look great while holding your place in a book. And you can get many great Christian bookmarks from Walmart within just two days. 

Something great about bookmarks is that they are small and inexpensive, so you can really buy several for one gift. Anytime this friend of yours loses a bookmark, they will have another one ready to go! Having bookmarks around could even inspire someone to do a lot more reading than they normally would. And that is something that will enrich a whole other part of their lives!

8. Praying Angel Figurine

An angel in prayer is a good image to see each day. 

This figure represents a pure soul in prayer. Image courtesy of Amazon

A praying angel figurine can make a great baptism gift. It will make a great decoration for someone’s home on top of representing what they believe in. A prayer position is recognizable to people of all faiths so everyone can tell exactly what it represents upon seeing it. This figurine can remind someone to pray more and make sure to consider their faith anytime they take any actions in their life. 

This praying angel can be delivered from Amazon in just two days or less, so it makes a great last minute purchase! It will also look amazing in any space. The colors are pretty and subdued, and the angel’s appearance gives off a sense of calm. You will even have luck searching elsewhere for a somewhat different angel in a prayer position. There are certainly many options. 

9. Wine Glasses 

Help your friend enjoy a delicious drink that was popular during biblical times. 

Drinking wine with nice glasses makes it a lot more enjoyable. Image courtesy of Amazon

One great gift you can find at the last minute is a set of wine glasses. Help your friend enjoy one of the drinks Jesus Christ is known most for making with some stylish and sturdy wine glasses. Having a glass of wine every once in a while has long been said to be healthy, so aside from being associated with Jesus, wine can also bring a person some health benefits. 

Wine is also really delicious, so it's enjoyable to drink. You would also get to enjoy a delicious drink that can also help you wind down a bit after a long day of hard work. If your friend is already drinking wine on occasion but doing it out of plastic cups, this gift will solve that problem. With these glasses, they can look and feel good while they sip and have better drinkware for when guests come over. These wine glasses can even be delivered from Amazon within just two days. 

10. A Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom made gift card for the special people in your life. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom Visa gift card will make a great gift for someone who has just been baptized. With Gift Card Granny, you can make someone a custom gift card that can be used anywhere in just a few minutes. A Gift Card Granny card allows you to add whatever you want to a gift card, and that includes bible verses! It’ll look like you put a lot of effort into making it, and it can be delivered within minutes, so last minute shopping won’t be a problem. 

Gift Card Granny makes building a custom gift card easy when you visit their website. It takes just a few steps to end up with a great looking card with a personalized message and image on it. What you will need to do is add a personal photograph and message to a Visa or Mastercard, add in the amount of money you want on it, and then you’re ready to send it. You can even add a video message to it so that it feels extra special!

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

When someone has just been baptized, they will feel reborn, so a gift related to the faith they have just dedicated their life to could really make their day. There are several great things on this list that can really satisfy someone and let them know that they are loved. So get to shopping so you can have your gift delivered ASAP!

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