Amazing Gifts You Can Find At the Very Last Minute From QVC

QVC has just about everything you may need in one online space.

QVC is an online store that frequently showcases their products on TV. Their products are wide ranging. They have everything from cleaning supplies, clothing, food, and bedding. Just about anything you can think of, you can probably find on their website. The products they sell are also of the highest quality. They offer products from some of the best, most giftable brands. And you can purchase their products with a QVC gift card from GiftYa. 

Last minute shopping can be very stressful, but when you shop with QVC, you have the option to use express delivery to have your gift in someone’s hands within a matter of days. So you can just go ahead and relax and scroll the site, or better yet, check out our recommendations for the best last minute gifts that QVC has to offer! 

1. Nostalgia Personal Fridge 

A nostalgic way to store your drinks. 

This fridge harkens back to times that you don’t remember. Image courtesy of QVC

A personal fridge is something anyone could use. When you’re sitting in your room having a lazy day, with a mini fridge, you don’t even have to go to the kitchen when you want a drink. It could also be used for simple convenience. Anytime you’re spending time in your bedroom, you could simply reach over to the mini fridge for a nice, cold drink. This fridge can fit a number of small items, and having it around will make someone realize just how convenient it is to have it. 

This retro fridge can hold up to six cans or a mix of other items. Its small size will help it fit anywhere in a bedroom, office space, or anywhere someone might need a mini fridge. Another great feature of this mini fridge is the design. Its nostalgic look will add a lot of character to a room. It can make someone feel nostalgia even if they weren’t around during the eras when this style was popular. This is the type of gift many people don’t yet know that they need, and you can have it delivered express in just two days!

2. Lemon Cake

Cake that will fill you with joy and lemons. 

Lemon Cake
This cake has lemon flavor in every piece. Image courtesy of QVC

A cake is one of the best choices out there when you want to give someone a gift. So when you need to send someone a sweet gift that they will enjoy, get them a Key Largo Lemon Cake from QVC. This lemon cake is made with real lemon juice, lemon pudding, and a lemon glaze. For any lemon lover, this will be a dream cake. 

This cake serves a lot and can also last for a very long time. It can serve up to 12 people and be stored on a shelf for 30 days or refrigerated for up to eight weeks. So whoever you send this to can easily choose to share it with a few people, a crowd, or have it all by themselves! Since they can store it for so long, they won’t have to worry about the cake going bad before they can get to it. And with express delivery, you can have it delivered to your friend in just two days. 

3. 12 oz Strip Steak

High quality steak for a high quality friend. 

Strip Steak
A great steak dinner can make someone’s night. Image courtesy of QVC

If you want to get someone a gift they can really enjoy eating, get them a steak in a gift box. This steak gift box weighs three pounds and includes four 12 ounce steaks held in individually vacuum-sealed packages. It arrives in only two days, which makes it great for a last minute gift. It is also packed with dry ice for maximum freshness. These will be some of the best tasting steaks that a friend of yours could have. 

Once these steaks arrive, your friend can choose to enjoy them in any way they would like. They can put most of them in the freezer and eat one of them a day, they can make two of them for a date night meal, or they can make all four for their friends or family in one night. However they choose to enjoy their steaks, they will be really glad that you sent it to them!

4. Ryka Lace Up Walking Sneakers

Shoes that fit your style and lifestyle. 

Walking Sneakers
Walk around your town or the park in style. Image courtesy of QVC

One of the best things you can send someone for a gift is a pair of shoes. Pretty much anyone will be happy to receive a new pair of shoes, and these Ryka walking shoes will definitely make someone happy. These shoes are both stylish and comfortable. They are a high quality pair of shoes that will last for years. They have a stylish ombre mesh detail that will make someone look good while they travel in comfort. 

This shoe fits true to size and has removable insoles as well as a cushioned midsole and outsole. You can also find these sneakers in different styles, sizes, and colors, so you can find something that suits your friend’s style. These walking shoes will make a great companion for your friend anytime they need to go out and walk for a while. It will make long walks feel even better. 

5. Steam Mop with LED Lights

A mop that makes cleaning easier than before. 

This mop will revolutionize your cleaning process. Image courtesy of QVC

A high tech cleaning product will make a great gift because it can make a friend’s life much easier. It might not seem as fun of a gift as other options, but it can definitely enable your friend to have more fun otherwise! This product will work overtime to make sure your friend’s place is as clean as possible, and with its functions make cleaning easier than ever before. 

This steam mop includes LED lights, an on/off button, a 15 minute stand by mode, as well as a mop, two pads, and a carpet glider. This is a whole new modern way to mop. Your friend will no longer have to dip a heavy mop head into a large bucket of dirty water. This steam mop streamlines the entire process so that they can be in and out almost as soon as they start mopping. 

6. Rice Crispy Bears

A crispy treat with great aesthetics. 

Rice Crispy Bears
A tasty treat made in a fun image. Image courtesy of QVC

Rice crispy treats are one of most people’s favorite childhood treats, so why not get them for someone as a gift? These teddy bear rice crispy treats make them even more fun to eat, and if you haven’t had a rice crispy treat in a while, you will be reminded of just why they’re so delicious. They can be shared with friends or your friend can enjoy them all by themselves, but either way, they are sure to have a great time eating them. 

This gift pack contains 12 rice crispy treats shaped like bears and each of them has a candy belly button. They are each individually wrapped for easy carrying and sharing, and tied with a pretty satin bow. This gift is as adorable as it is tasty. 

7. Heritage Mugs

Gorgeous mugs that will never go out of style. 

Heritage Mugs
These mugs will stay just as nice for years to come. Image courtesy of QVC

A mug will always make a great gift because it’s something that everyone needs. Anyone could benefit from having a new mug to add to their existing collection, especially when they fit a fun aesthetic. Getting a friend a nice set of mugs like these Le Creuset Heritage Mugs will add a dose of style to their morning coffee, and that never hurts to do! And buying a set of four mugs leaves them enough to share with their whole family. These mugs will look great wherever a friend decides to place them. 

These mugs are high quality on top of being great looking, and are items your friend can own for a very long time. You can get them in a variety of colors depending on what you know your friend would like most. They have a glazed interior as well as stain resistant enamel on the outside, so they will continue to look great throughout the 10 year warranty. And this makes a great last minute buy since it can be purchased with expedited two day delivery.

8. Hydration Bottle

A bottle meant for taste and convenience. 

Hydration Bottle
This bottle will keep you hydrated everywhere. Image courtesy of QVC

Staying hydrated can be a struggle for anyone, so help a friend out with a hydration bottle. With a water bottle like this by their side each day, your friend won’t ever have to deal with discomfort from thirst or dehydration while they are out and about. This will especially be helpful if they do a lot of exercise. They can even fill it up and have right by their bedside to keep on drinking at night. This kind of bottle is really convenient to have anywhere and saves a person from having to buy water bottles all the time. They can just refill it and go! 

This bottle is also great for carrying all types of drinks, not just water. You can carry around tea, coffee, or juice without having to worry about any messes because of the extra tight lid. There are many types of bottles like this to choose from on QVC. There are different colors, sizes, and designs. This bottle is also stainless steel and double insulated. 

9. Leather Touch Screen Gloves

Gloves that are functional and look great. 

These cool gloves are also quite useful. Image courtesy of QVC

For a stylish friend who is always on their phone, get them these leather touch screen gloves. The worst part of wearing gloves is that you have to take them off whenever you need to use your phone, but these gloves eliminate that issue. Your friend can scroll to their heart’s content while keeping their hands warm and covered everywhere they go. 

These gloves are high quality and 100% leather. They can pretty much go with anything and make a friend look even more put together than before. These stylish and comfortable gloves could become a staple of someone’s fall and winter outerwear closet. 

10. Macarons

A sweet dessert in a tiny package. 

These sweet treats are a delight in each bite. Image courtesy of QVC

Macarons are an amazing dessert that you don’t get to see enough. These delicious little desserts make a great last minute gift. Anyone who hasn’t yet tried them is in for a real treat, and anyone who already loves them will be so happy to have them. 

This box comes with 25 macarons that come in five flavors. It has strawberry shortcake, pistachio, salted caramel, lemon, and vanilla. The light crunch coupled with the sweet filling of macarons gives a decadent flavor experience. These macarons are from Savor Patisserie and can be delivered by QVC as soon as you need it! 

QVC is a store filled with all kinds of wonderful gifts that your friends and family will be lucky to have. And the best part is, you can find QVC gift cards from GiftYa and make shopping there an easy option for someone you care about. With their express delivery option, you can get some truly awesome gifts to someone right away!

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