Amazing Gifts Men Will Love That You Can Find At the Last Minute

Last minute shopping can still yield some amazing results!

When it’s past time to get a man in your life a gift for a celebration or a holiday, you don’t have to despair! You haven’t yet run out of time just because you need to have a gift right away. He definitely deserves a gift that he will really enjoy, and you still have time to get him that gift. We have got you covered with a list of gifts that most men are sure to love. So get to reading quickly and pick out the option on the list that will work out best for you!

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1. Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Steakhouse where every steak is cooked to perfection. 

Get a Ruth’s Chris Steak House gift card

Ruth’s Chris Steak House offers up the finest cuts of prime beef cooked to perfection and served on a sizzling plate. This is the type of place that just about any man can enjoy a dinner in. They’ve stuck to the same successful recipe for success that has brought them perfect steaks and good times that never stop. Every steak is cooked using the perfect broiling method and seasoning techniques, just the way the founder liked it. 

You’ll have a choice of a filet, ribeye, new york strip, porterhouse, and more. There are also plenty of nonsteak options. You can get lobster tails, grilled shrimp, and stuffed chicken breast along with other great options. On top of that, they also have a great selection of wines and cocktails. Some drinks you can get all year round, and some are seasonal. 

Get a Ruth’s Chris Steak House gift card

2. Adidas

Active gear of all kinds that suit whatever you need. 

Get an Adidas gift card

Adidas is a great place to get athletic gear from. So if you want a gift for an active man in your life, Adidas is a great place to start. Adidas sells some of the best and most popular workout gear you can find. They sell sneakers, t-shirts, sweatpants and a lot more. Everything they sell is of the highest quality. Their clothes and shoes can withstand all types of movement and the elements to make the person wearing them most comfortable.

If a man plays a sport, he will definitely find something that he needs at Adidas. They have gear for hockey, cycling, running, soccer, tennis, golf, and more. And that applies to clothing and shoes. They also offer hats, water bottles, balls, and backpacks. They also have different collections to look through, and also frequently offer sales, so someone can get everything they need at great prices. 

Get an Adidas gift card

3. GrubHub

Food delivery service with many options.

Get a GrubHub gift card

A nice meal delivered straight to their home is something that any man can love. They will get to order something from their favorite restaurant or from a new place without any serious effort. GrubHub makes it easy for people to enjoy great restaurant food at home. And everything will be delivered within an hour or less so there won’t be too much waiting involved!

Anyone shopping on GrubHub will have so many great options to choose from. It can save someone from having to cook a meal on a night when they are feeling tired and also aren’t in the mood for eating out. GrubHub even makes sure that the whole process is as simple as possible by categorizing everything. Whether someone is in the mood for Brazilian, American, or Chinese, they can easily narrow down their options and make the best choice for the night. 

Get a GrubHub gift card

4. REI

Outdoor supply shop with amazing deals. 

Get an REI gift card

For a man who likes spending his leisure time outdoors, REI can help him find a really great gift. REI has everything an outdoorsman needs to have a good day, from clothing, to shoes, and many other outdoor supplies. Any outdoor hobby can be accommodated with something from REI. If a man enjoys anything like snowboarding, camping, hiking, or fishing, REI certainly has everything that he may need.  

Everything at REI is really well priced. They have something that works for every season, from jackets to swimwear. Whatever someone may be looking for, they have the option to buy brand new versions as well as new ones. They also have just about everything someone would need to be comfortable traveling, so it's a really great store for roadtrippers and jet setters. 

Get an REI gift card

5. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

High quality coffee and tea from the best of sources. 

Get a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf gift card

Most people, including most men, drink at least one cup of coffee per day. If they don’t drink coffee, they likely drink tea, and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf can provide both coffee and tea. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf offers some of the best coffee and tea that one could have. It brings handcrafted coffee and tea products right to their customers’ doors without issue. They get the top one percent coffee beans from the world’s best growing region, which is what makes their coffee so good. They work directly with all their producers to get the best results, and get their tea from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Japan, and India. 

With a gift card for Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, the man in your life will get to choose from multiple great tasting drinks that will make him feel good each day. They offer coffee in different ways. They offer it in whole beans, ground beans, and single serve cups. They have light roast, medium roast, and flavored. For tea, they have tea bags, loose leaf, and CBTL capsules. They offer green tea, black tea, herbal tea, and more. 

Get a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf gift card

6. Famous Footwear

Discounted footwear from well-known brands. 

Get a Famous Footwear gift card

Every man can use a new pair of shoes every once in a while. And Famous Footwear might have just what a man needs to add to his shoe rack. Famous Footwear is a national store that offers well known brands at prices lower than the suggested retail prices. A visit to famous footwear will get a man high quality shoes without demanding too much money, and that’s something everyone can appreciate. Many brands will be familiar and some of them might be new. Some of them are Adidas, Converse, and Timbaland. 

Famous Footwear has a large selection of shoes for every brand they have in stock. Someone can easily find many different types of styles, sizes, and colors that they will like. There are sandals, sneakers, and socks. And they have hats, gloves, backpacks, and other accessories. A shopping trip at famous footwear will have a man’s feet ready for wherever he needs to go next!

Get a Famous Footwear gift card

7. Amazon

Everything you need on one website. 

Get an Amazon gift card

If you want a special man to have great options for a last minute gift, Amazon makes a very great choice. Amazon has just about everything that any man could want all on one website. They have every item you can think of and every brand you can think of. You can’t go wrong with Amazon, even if you’re buying a gift card for someone that’s usually hard to shop for. It is impossible to browse through Amazon and not find anything. 

Amazon offers a clothing department, an electronic department, books, computers, pet supplies, and anything else someone might want for a gift. The options are never ending. A guy can choose something he needs or something he wants, and on Amazon, he can easily go either way. He can even find plenty of niche items that he wouldn’t find in most stores. Amazon sells items you can get from many places and some that you can’t get anywhere else. 

Get an Amazon gift card

8. ACE

All the useful hardware a person needs for good results. 

Get an ACE gift card

ACE Hardware is a department store that sells tools and household items that the man in your life might need. They supply products that he can use to build, fix, and arrange parts of his home. He can choose from a number of useful products that will make certain home projects a lot easier for him. They have all types of tools, appliances, and storage that are overall very useful. The store clerks there can also help him find exactly what he needs. 

Some popular items that ACE Hardware sells includes drills, chainsaws, and combo kits They sell ladders, indoor and outdoor heating, paint, and snowblowers. Their list of power tools include leaf blowers, riding mowers, and pressure washers among other things. They also offer several brands of grills and smokers. So if a man likes to cook, getting a grill or a smoker can really improve his skills and help him make delicious, smoky foods. 

Get an ACE gift card

9. GAP

High quality clothes with style. 

Get a GAP gift card

Every man can stand to add to his wardrobe. No matter if a man is really into clothes or doesn’t think about them much, new clothes are always a positive thing to have, and he can get great ones from Gap. Gap is a department store that sells high quality and stylish clothes that will last for a very long time. They have new arrivals coming in all the time, so if a man likes to be in on current trends, he can do that with clothes from the GAP. 

They sell all kinds of clothing. They have sweatshirts, t-shirts, jeans, hoodies, underwear, and much more. Anything a man can think of wearing, he can find a great version of it at GAP. They even have a section of clothing for tall men and one for slim men, so a man can find his right size no matter his body type! They also frequently have sales, so a shopper can end up with some high quality items at an unbelievable deal. 

Get a GAP gift card

10. Fogo De Chao

Brazilian restaurant that serves endless meat. 

Get a Fogo De Chao gift card

If the man you’re sending a gift to loves meat, you can give him the opportunity to try it in a whole different way. A gift card for Fogo De Chao will make a great gift for that reason. Fogo De Chao is an all you can eat Brazilian steakhouse that serves lots of delicious meats. They specialize in making barbeque meat and sides. If he’s already a fan of Brazilian steakhouses, he will love this, and if it's new to him, he’s still very likely to love it! 

A visit to this restaurant will bring a person to experience a meat fest. They have a large selection of meat, and especially steaks. Their signature steak is the picanha, which is the top part of a sirloin, and they also serve the Fraldinha steak, which is the bottom part of a sirloin. They also serve chicken, lamb, and seafood. And their sides include polenta, garlic mashed potatoes, and more alongside desserts like tres leche cake and key lime pie. 

Get a Fogo De Chao gift card

When you need a last minute gift for a man in your life, and you want it to be appreciated, any one of the options of this list will be an excellent choice! It is sure to be appreciated that you chose a gift card from a store you know he will like while still giving him the ultimate choice of a gift.

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