Adorable Last Minute Gifts For the New Baby In Your Friend’s Life

A new baby needs a lot on a daily basis, so help a friend meet some of those needs!

When a friend or family member of yours is either preparing to have a baby or has just introduced one into their family, it is time to get them some baby gifts! This may feel difficult to do if you are shopping last minute, but we can certainly help you out with that. You can get anything from gift cards to blankets as a baby gift, but you have to find the right places to shop at when it's the last minute. So if you want to get someone a great gift for their baby that will arrive just in time, keep reading to find out what those gifts are!

1. GiftYa Gift Card

A gift card let’s someone choose their perfect gift. 

Send someone a GiftYa gift card

This is the easiest way to make a gift card purchase. 

A gift card always makes a great option for a last minute gift. It is easy, convenient, and gives a friend the option to pick out their own gift. GiftYa One of the best places you can get someone a gift card from. GiftYa is a digital gift card supplier that makes gift card purchasing even easier than it normally is. When you go onto their website, you’ll get to choose what the gift card will look like and what store it will be used for. 

With GiftYa, you can text or email the gift card straight to the gift recipient so they can use it straight from their phone as soon as you make the purchase. This method makes everything straightforward and simple. GiftYa offers gift cards for all kinds of local and national establishments. It’s easy to find one for any of the people in your life. You can get gift cards for Home Depot, Sephora, Yankee Candle, AMC, and so many more stores and restaurants. 

Send someone a GiftYa gift card

2. Teething Toy

Toys meant for a baby to chew on whenever they feel the need. 

Any child will have a fun time chewing on these. Image courtesy of Target

Teething is something every baby has to go through, and it is usually a painful time, but with one gift, you can make that time a bit easier for a baby and their parents. And even if a parent already has a teething toy ready for that tough time, they could always use even more of them! These Soothe n’ Smile teething toys from Target are made to look fun for the baby and help out with teething pain. 

These teething toys come in a pack of two. One is a whale and one is a bee, two shapes that are sure to delight any infant. They are also made with 100% natural rubber and easy for little hands to grab and hold onto. They even have different textures in different spots so a baby can really enjoy nibbling on them. You can get this delivered within just two days from Target!. 

3. Velboa Swaddle Wrap

Swaddle wraps made for maximum comfort. 

These are just as cozy to snuggle into as they appear. Image courtesy of Aden & Anais

Keeping their baby warm and comfortable is every parent’s priority and these swaddle wraps from Aden & Anais will definitely help you help a parent do that. These swaddle wraps are made to help babies sleep soundly and comfortably. Sleeping is something that babies do more than anything else, so it's imperative to make those times of the day as comfortable as possible for them. Anytime you can help someone else’s baby go to sleep, you will also help them sleep which is a great plus!

These wraps make swaddling a baby super easy. It has adjustable hooks and loops and was made the perfect size and shape to swaddle a baby, unlike the average blanket. These wraps are made with extra-plush velboa minky fabric and have plenty of room for babies to move inside them. It will give a baby a womb-like feeling that you can’t easily replicate with any other blanket, and you can have on your doorstep in just 2-5 business days. 

4. Gerber Baby Short-Sleeved Onesies

Onesies made for style, comfort, and warmth. 

These colorful onesies are just as comfortable as they look. Image courtesy of Target

A baby can always use more clothes, and you should be the one to get some for them! These Gerber Baby Short-Sleeved Onesies from Target will make a great last minute baby gift. They come in a pack so a baby has lots of clothing options, and they come in several different colors. These are also made with cotton for a baby’s ultimate comfort and come in packs of five. These onesies are an essential everyday part of any baby’s wardrobe. 

These onesies can be worn on their own or they can be worn as a base for layered outfits. These onesies are easy to slip on and off so a parent will have an easy time changing their baby’s diapers when necessary. There is a crotch snap and even an expendable neckline so that it can be slipped off easily. And you can have this pack of onesies delivered in just a few days. 

5. Stuffed Elephant

A stuffed animal that’s about as cute as a baby. 

This elephant can be a child’s new best friend. Image courtesy of Amazon

A stuffed animal can become a companion for any baby. This stuffed elephant could easily become the stuffed toy that your friend’s baby often spends the day cuddling. It is adorable and the perfect size for hugging and cuddling at night. It is also very soft and comfortable to rub up against. It is also made of polyester and completely machine washable. 

This stuffed elephant will also make a great decoration in a baby’s bedroom. And this cute plush elephant is named Humphrey! This would make a great first stuffed animal for a baby or even just a fun addition to an existing collection. And you can have this stuffed elephant delivered in just three days!

6. Anti-Slip High Top Denim Shoes

Shoes a baby can crawl around in without slipping. 

These nice shoes have a no-slip grip when on the ground. Image courtesy of Amazon

The gift of shoes is something that every baby could use more of. Since they are constantly growing, they constantly need new shoes. These anti-slip high top denim shoes will have a baby looking stylish while they toddle across the floors. Since these shoes are anti-slip, an active baby is much less likely to slip and be hurt while exploring any space. These shoes have soft rubber soles for the baby’s comfort and are perfect for daily wear. They also work great for all seasons. 

These shoes are sized for babies that are anywhere from 0 to 18 months. They are breathable, have round toes, and come in all kinds of colors. You can get black, brown, white, and pink. Most of the available colors will fit well with many of the outfits your friend’s baby has in their closet. And you can have these shoes delivered from Amazon within just 4 days!

7. Organic Infinity Bib

Made to keep a baby’s clothes clean.

These cute and colorful bibs soak up all kinds of mess. Image courtesy of Kishu Baby

A bib is something that every baby needs to eat their meals with minimal mess. A baby is almost sure to make a bit of a mess when eating, so you can help some new parents get ahead of that. This organic infinity bib set comes with three and has more unique features than the average bib. You can also get them in many different colors and the parents can mix and match them with their baby’s outfits. 

These bibs are made with muslin, which is a versatile fabric due to its lightness, softness, and breathability. And they are super absorbent so can easily soak up anything a baby may spill on it from juice to drool. These bibs are also 3-way adjustable with snaps and 4-way reversible, and you can get them in the mail after just a few days. 

8. Soothe Shirt

This shirt provides coverage for both mother and baby. 

Comfort and simplicity made for two. Image courtesy of LalaBu

Sometimes a parent needs a break when carrying their baby around all day, and that’s where a baby carrier comes in. A baby carrier can help a parent carry their baby around while out on a walk, setting up lunch, and even while going shopping. The Soothe Shirt from LalaBu is a shirt and baby carrier all in one. So when a mother wants to carry her baby around with minimal effort, she can just slip this on and go!

This baby carrier makes babywearing simple. The wearer doesn’t have to adjust any straps or fiddle with harnesses, and it even has a built-in nursing bra made with an inner mesh panel for easy breastfeeding. This wrap is perfect for the first five months of a baby’s life, and LalaBu even offers somewhat different versions of this for older and heavier babies. 

9. Frasp & Explore Rattle Set

A rattle set will help a baby have some fun on their own. 

This set of rattles will keep a baby well entertained. Image courtesy of Kaplanco

Babies need entertainment, and rattles make some of the best gifts for babies. This Grasp & Explore rattle set is made to help babies explore sounds and shapes. These rattles show off different textures and patterns that will be fun for a baby to look at and play with. The features include easy to grip handles, the exciting sound of beads, and contrasting visual colors. These even have soft and textured handles that teething infants can comfortably chew on. 

These five rattles will make great companions for anyone’s child. They will fit into a baby’s hand perfectly to be their every day companions. They have smiling faces to make a baby happy, and when the baby is happy, the parents are happy. You can have these five rattles delivered in just two days for free and in just one day for an extra fee!

10. Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom made gift card for the special people in your life. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom Visa gift card makes a great gift for parents with a new baby. With Gift Card Granny, you can make someone a custom gift card in just a few minutes, and that gift card can be used anywhere! A Gift Card Granny card allows you to add whatever you want to a gift card. You can add words, images, and even video messages. It will look like you put a lot of effort into creating the gift card even though it only took a few clicks. And since it's delivered in just a few minutes, this gift card makes the perfect last minute gift. 

Gift Card Granny makes every step of gift card building easy. Just go on and add a personal photograph and message to either a Visa or a Mastercard, add in the amount of money you want on it, and then you’ll be ready to send it over. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

When you want to support a friend with a baby, there are a number of great gifts you can get, even at the last minute. We hope this list has gotten you started on the right path towards an awesome baby gift!

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