10 Amazing ADHD Gift Ideas for Adults

Plenty of Options to Help Them Focus, Unwind, and Optimize Their Day

If you are looking for a gift for an adult in your life who struggles with ADHD then I have good news for you! The search engine has brought you to the right place because in today’s post I have a list of 10 great ADHD gift ideas for adults. And as an adult who struggles with ADHD myself I can personally vouch for every entry on this list. But I know that times are tough out there so I tried to make sure there were options on this list that would work for people who are on any kind of budget. There’s everything from a $10 daily planner to a $200 automatic vacuum cleaner so that way you can go as extravagant with the gift as you want/can afford to. And for any of these gifts on the list that you can get one of our convenient GiftYa gift cards for I will be sure to throw you a link!

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But I’ll wrap up the introduction here (as well as the obligatory plug for the brand) and get right to that list of 10 great gift ideas for adults with ADHD that brought you here in the first place. And like I say every time, thank you so much for reading!

1 - A Daily Planner

A Super Affordable Gift Idea for Adults With ADHD

A daily planner
A daily planner makes a great gift idea for any adult with ADHD out there. Image courtesy of Amazon.com.

If there’s one thing every adult with ADHD struggles with, it's keeping track of everything they have to do in a day. I mean they literally have a disorder that makes it hard for them to stay on track and accomplish all the tasks they need to. So you can help them out by getting them a daily planner and then they’ll be able to stay on top of their day to day tasks much easier when it's written out in an organized list for them. And the great thing about this gift is you can get one for as little as ten dollars. So you can get them a gift that will really help them manage their ADHD without breaking the bank on your end which is one big reason this one made it to the very top of the list!

2 - Calm

Help Them Calm Their Mind And Increase Their Focus

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Calm gift card

People with ADHD have to struggle with their thoughts racing off in all kinds of different directions. And one technique that can help them gain control of the direction of their thoughts is meditation. So you can get the adult with ADHD in your life a subscription to Calm and help them practice meditation and grounding techniques that will help them keep their thoughts organized and on task. The nice thing about Calm is that it is an app/service that provides all kinds of relaxing white noise, nature sounds, soundscapes, and even guided meditations. And guided meditations are really great for people who have never meditated before, particularly for people who have a hard time calming their mind and keeping their thoughts from racing, which is exactly what an adult with ADHD struggles with. 

So not only can you help them have access to plenty of relaxing ambiance throughout their day (Calm is an app so they can use it anywhere they can take their cell phone) but you can also get them started on learning meditation. And Calm is a service for people of all skill levels of meditation so it's a really great service for beginners who have never meditated before. So help the adult with ADHD in your life master their racing thoughts with a subscription to calm!

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3 - A Sensory Slug

A Fun Gift Idea for Adults With ADHD

A sensory slug
A sensory slug makes an affordable gift that is great for any adult with ADHD out there! Image courtesy of Amazon.com.

People with ADHD are often very fidgety with their hands and this can be put to good use when you are considering what kind of gift to get them. Getting them a gift like a sensory slug that gives them something calming to do with their hands can be a great tool throughout their day to help them keep their fidgeting under control and actually get something beneficial out of their fidgeting when they do fidget!

4 - A Fidget Spinner

These Are Still Around And Make A Great Gift Idea for Adults With ADHD

Fidget Spinners
Fidget spinners are fun for everybody, but they’re especially useful for adults with ADHD. Image courtesy of Amazon.com.

Just like a sensory slug, a fidget spinner can be a great gift idea for an adult with ADHD because it gives them something calming to do when they are feeling fidgety. And I know fidget spinners were everywhere just a couple of years ago, but they are still available at plenty of retailers. And this is another gift you can get for an adult with ADHD on the cheap for only around $12!

5 - A White Noise Machine

A Bit of A Higher-End Gift for Adults With ADHD

A White Noise Machine
A portable white noise machine can really help adults with ADHD calm their racing thoughts! Image courtesy of getsnooze.com.

People with ADHD are suffering from racing thoughts in their head pretty much all the time. Which is one of the reasons they have a hard time focusing. You can help them combat this by getting them a portable white noise player. It might sound strange but the white noise kind of overwhelms all of their extra racing thoughts and drowns them out. And with their racing thoughts being drowned out they are much better able to focus on the task at hand!

6 - Spotify

Help Them Cancel Out Their Racing Thoughts With Over 100 Million Different Tracks to Choose From!

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Spotify gift card

The same way that white noise can be used to drown out a person with ADHD’s racing thoughts, music can do the same thing. So you can hook them up with unlimited commercial free streaming of over 100 million different tracks with a premium Spotify subscription. And don’t let the “premium” title scare you off. You can get them set up for around $11/month or save some money and get them a whole year of premium service for only $99. And Spotify has countless songs available but they also have plenty of white noise, nature sounds, and meditation music they can access as well. So it's really a one size fits all solution for any adult who struggles with their ADHD symptoms!

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7 - A Dry Erase White Board

Help An Adult With ADHD Keep Track of Their Thoughts And Stay Focused

A Dry Erase White Board
A dry erase board can be a great way to help an adult with ADHD stay on task and on schedule! Image courtesy of Amazon.com.

The same way that a daily planner can help an adult with ADHD stay on track and keep focused on their task at hand, the same can be said about a dry erase board. The nice thing about these boards is that they can just hang them on the wall and keep all their important tasks within view all day long. And they are so convenient to write on and erase that they can update it with ease as they go!

8 - A Nice Set of Bluetooth Headphones

This Is An Awesome Gift for Any Adult With ADHD

Bluetooth Headphones
A nice set of bluetooth headphones can help an adult with ADHD cancel out the noise and stay focused. Image courtesy of beatsbydre.com.

Since white noise, music, and nature sounds can be so impactful in drowning out an adult with ADHD’s racing thoughts you can splurge and get them a nice set of bluetooth headphones. And this is doubly effective if the headphones are also noise canceling. That way they can block out all the noise of the world and let the white noise or music completely drown out their distractions. This one is going to cost a bit more than other entries on the list but they will definitely appreciate it!

9 - A Roomba (An Automatic Vacuum)

Help Them Stay On Top of Their Chores With This One

 Automatic Vacuum
These are an expensive gift, but one that any adult with ADHD will absolutely love. Image courtesy of bestbuy.com.

This is another entry on the list that is going to be a bit pricier, but any adult with ADHD will absolutely love this gift. People with ADHD often times have a difficult time staying on top of daily tasks like cleaning their apartment or doing their laundry. So you can help completely take one of those chores off the table for them by getting them a Roomba (or any other automatic vacuum cleaner) and then that’s a whole chore that’s just off their list all the time which frees them up to focus on their other chores and accomplish more each day. And these can really range quite a bit in price, on the lower end you can be looking at $200 for a lower end model and as much as $700 for one of the most advanced models. So this one is pretty cost restrictive, but if you can afford it you will really be making their life so much easier on a daily basis which they will surely appreciate!

10 - Visa

Let Them Choose Their Own Gift With One of These Convenient Custom Visa Gift Cards!

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Visa gift card

If you don’t know what to get them then you can always send them one of these custom Visa gift cards. The great thing about these cards is that since they are Visa brand they are accepted everywhere. So they could use it at the local mom & pop shop on mainstreet or at an online giant like Amazon. And it's the sheer volume of choice that this gift provides that earns it a spot on the list today!

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And There You Have A List of 10 Amazing Gift Ideas for Adults With ADHD!

As an adult with ADHD myself I wanted to make sure that this list had some great options on it for anybody out there who is struggling with ADHD in their adult life. It doesn’t always manifest the same exact symptoms in different people so I tried to get a little bit of variety in on the list so that any adult with ADHD would have a great gift option somewhere on the list. But no matter what gift you decide to go with, I am sure the adult with ADHD in your life will be thrilled that you thought to get them a gift in the first place!

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