7 Ways You Can Celebrate Public Works Week This Year

Show your appreciation for public workers with these 7 fun celebration ideas any public worker will love

Public workers are often the unseen heroes of our communities; a lot of the work they do goes unnoticed but our communities couldn't function without them. Public workers do the jobs that no one really thinks about and they keep our community safe, running how it should, and just overall make it a better place. Because public workers are so great and we appreciate all they do, Public Works Week is a time where we can really tell them!

For anyone who isn’t familiar, public works week is a week (usually in May) that is focused on celebrating public workers and all that they do for everyone in their community. This year (2023), public works week will take place May 21st-May 27th. Public works week is so important because the work that public workers do isn’t always appreciated and seen by those in the community. This week-long event is a time where you can show them how much everything they do means to you.

You can celebrate public works week in plenty of different ways. Whether you’re a public worker yourself and you want to show support to fellow workers or you just want to show your support to the local heroes who do the important work in your neighborhood, public works week is the time to do it! Public works week is also a great time to educate everyone on the important work our public workers do so that we can properly thank them! 

In this article we’re going to show you ways that you can celebrate public works week this year. We’ve gathered 7 of our favorite ways to celebrate the public workers in your community and created a list to make it easier for you to browse. Check out the ideas we’ll be discussing in further detail below:

  • Give a gift card from GiftYa
  • Make them a handmade gift 
  • Send your local workers a special treat
  • Make a donation to your local public works
  • Spread awareness of public works week
  • Host or join an appreciation event
  • Make a thank you video montage 

1. Give Your Favorite Public Worker a Digital Gift Card From GiftYa 

Gift cards a fun and appreciated gift that anyone will love

Gift cards are often one of the easiest and foolproof gift ideas out there. Everyone loves receiving a gift they will actually use, and what is a better and more practical gift than a gift card to a person’s favorite place to go? With GiftYa you can search thousands of gift cards from different retailers to give as the perfect gift this public works week. A gift card is a great gift idea for any public worker to show them how much you appreciate everything they do, and you can be sure they will actually use their gift! 

In this day and age everything is going digital, so why not change the way you give gift cards too? GiftYa is a unique gift card gifting site because instead of giving someone a physical gift card you can actually text or email them a virtual gift card instead. This is great because whether you live further away from the person you are buying a gift card for or you like the convenience of a gift card that can be accessed on your phone, GiftYa has tons of gift cards to choose from that match these preferences. 

Text or email a GiftYa gift card to your favorite public worker and help show them how much they, and everything they do, mean to you. 

2. Give the Public Worker in Your Life a Handmade Gift 

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones we make ourselves

A handmade gift can mean so much to the person you are gifting it to. 

Whether you have a loved one who is a public worker and you are looking for a heartfelt way to show your appreciation for the work that they do or there’s a public worker in your community with whom you’ve come to know and love, a handmade gift can be just the personal gift you’re looking for. Sometimes handmade gifts are more touching than a store bought one because they’re made with love and show how much time you put into them.

Making a handmade gift doesn’t have to be extravagant either. A handmade gift can be as simple as a thank you card or baking some cupcakes to show your appreciation. If you have a young one at home who loves a public worker in your neighborhood, then a handmade card or craft from them might be the perfect gift idea. Gifts made by little ones who look up to the local public workers are always the most heartfelt and appreciated, so if you have a kid who loves a local worker, help them celebrate them during public works week. 

3. Send Your Local Public Workers a Special Treat

Everyone deserves to feel appreciated during this special week

A sweet treat can be just the pick me up public workers might need!

An easy way to show your appreciation for the public workers in your community is to send them a special treat to celebrate a week that is all about them. You can contact your local bakery and have them deliver some donuts or cupcakes to your local fire or police station, or you can deliver them yourself if you’d like! Having this little treat during their shift can make them feel appreciated for all of the hard work that they do. Or, if you’re a baker yourself you can make some homemade treats to send over. Giving them homemade treats will seem more personal, but some facilities have rules against it so be sure to double check before you send anything! 

4. Make a Donation to Public Work

Extra donations and funding are always an appreciated gift 

Donations are always a welcomed gift idea for any public worker.

Public works organizations are always in need of supplies and they always appreciate donations. A donation can be money, but it doesn’t have to be. While money might help them with funding and will certainly be appreciated, you can also donate other things to show your support. Things like cleaning supplies, snacks, and other supplies you think they could use during or after their shift are simple ways to show you care and that you see all of the hard work they are doing for you and the community. 

5. Spread Awareness of the Special Occasion 

The more people that know about Public Works Week, the more people that can celebrate it

Social media is a great tool to use to let everyone know what a special event Public Works Week is.

In order to properly celebrate public works week you don’t have to go out and buy or gift anything if you don’t want to. Maybe you don’t have the time or you are low on funds this month. Regardless of the reason, you can still show your appreciation for everything public workers do. A simple social media post thanking all of the public workers in your community can go a long way and will mean a lot to the hard working public workers out there. Getting the word out about this special occasion will also encourage others to show their own appreciation, which is what this whole week is about! 

6. Host or Join an Appreciation Event 

A party is a great way to celebrate all the good public workers do

Everyone loves a fun party to celebrate the special things in life! 

What is a better way to celebrate public works week than with a party? Everyone enjoys a good party, and one that is thrown in the honor of the public workers in your community will go a long way to show how much you care for them. You can throw your own party for your neighborhood and the public workers who serve it, or invite your close friends who might be public workers themselves. Or, if you’re not the party throwing type, many communities host their own public works week parties so showing up can also demonstrate your appreciation for all they do! You can offer to help setup for the event, or even just come to show your support for a great cause. 

7. Create a Video Montage to Post Online 

Hearing a big “thank you” from everyone is sometimes the best kind of gift to receive

A video montage is a fun way to show a bunch of people’s appreciation for public workers. 

Sometimes the best gift you can give someone who works hard for your community is a giant thank you from all of the people they serve. A video montage is a fun and unique way to do this and can be easily shared with everyone. It is fairly simple too; gather friends, family, fellow community members, or even put the word out on social media and have everyone send a quick video saying thanks to all the public workers out there. You can post the video on social media to be shared or send it to your local public workers. They’ll be glad to hear from so many people in their community and we’re sure they’ll be able to feel the love! 

Public works week is the perfect time to celebrate the hard working public workers in your community. 

As public works week approaches, consider celebrating your local public workers to show your appreciation for everything they do for you and the community as a whole. Public workers work extra hard to make the community a safe and happy place for all residents living in it, and they deserve to have their work recognized. Use this list as a guide to help you get started on your celebration journey and start planning for public works week today.

Let us know in the comments which celebration idea is your favorite or if you’ve tried any of them before and want to share your story. Or, if you have another great idea or think that we missed something on our list, tell us about it in the comments below. We love hearing from you!

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