7 of the Best Gifts You Can Text for Graduation

These Easy Gifts Make the Grade if You’re Looking for Something Fast, Fun, and Easy-to-Use for the Soon-to-Be-Grad in Your Life

If you know somebody who is going to be graduating soon and you are looking for a great gift that you can just text right to their phone, then I have good news for you. Today I have a list of some of the best national brands that accept our quick and convenient digital GiftYa gift cards. And the real advantage to these cards is that they exist in an all digital format. Which means that you can purchase them wirelessly in just seconds and then text them instantly to the recipient’s phone.

And let’s be honest, if you have somebody who is graduating from high school this summer, it’s probably a lot more responsible to send them a digital gift card than it is to just send them cash. And since the gift cards are all digital and stored right on their phone, you know they are always going to have them with them. Kids today are spending more time on their phone than ever before so you don’t have to worry that they are going to lose the gift card or misplace it.

But that’s enough with the introduction, let's get right to that list of the best gifts that you can text for graduation!

1 - Amazon

Text Them A Gift Card to the World’s Largest Online Retailer!

Grab yourself an Amazon gift card by following the link!

No matter if they are graduating high school or college this May, you can be sure that there are going to be plenty of upcoming life expenses coming their way. Whether it’s supplies for starting college, household items that are needed now that they are moving away from college, or even just a luxury purchase to treat themselves for all the hard work they’ve done, they’ll be able to find it on Amazon. As I’m sure most of you know, Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer with millions of items for sale. They have just about everything you can think of and they even offer convenient 2-day shipping on a lot of their great products.

So if you are looking for a great gift that you can text right to your favorite graduate, then you really can’t go wrong with sending them a digital Amazon gift card. I know that high school graduates invite as many people as possible to their graduation parties in order to bank the most gifts they possibly can. But with an Amazon gift card, you don’t have to worry about getting them a duplicate gift that’s the same thing somebody else got them. With the gift card, they can get whatever they want/need that they didn’t get from any of the other people who gave them a graduation gift.

Anybody can get a digital Amazon gift card in seconds when they follow the link!

2 - Barnes & Noble

Text Them A Graduation Gift to the World’s Largest Book Retailer!

Grab yourself a Barnes & Noble gift card by following this link!

If the graduate you are getting a gift for is heading off to college then you should strongly consider getting them a Barnes & Noble gift card. They are going to have to buy books when they get to school in the fall. And while they’ll be able to get their textbooks from the university store, I can’t swear to the fact that the college bookstore is doing their best to deliver the books at the fairest price. So to help your graduate have more options on where they get their textbooks (so that way they can look for the best price) you can text them a digital Barnes & Noble gift card that they can use to take a serious chunk out of the outrageous price of the textbooks this fall.

Lots of students are already overburdened with the cost of college before they even get to the thousands of dollars they will spend on books over the course of their degree. By giving them a Barnes & Noble gift card you give them the option to get carbon textbooks that they can keep forever, or get the much cheaper ebooks that are available for the length of the course it's required for. 

If you need a last minute gift you can always grab a digital Barnes & Noble gift card by following the link!

3 - Target

Text Them A Gift Card to One of the Nation’s Leading Retail Chains!

Grab a Target gift card by following this link!

Whether your graduate is heading off to college this fall, or they just graduated and are moving away from campus, you can’t go wrong with getting them a gift card to Target. Target is one of the nation’s leading retail stores, and as such, they have a wide variety of different goods for sale. They have everything from kitchenware and photo frames to electronics and clothing. So whether they need a coffee pot for their dorm room this fall, or they need a first aid kit for their new home, they will be able to get it at Target.

If you text them a digital Target gift card, you can be sure that they can get whatever they need in order to make their living situation a lot nicer this fall. And I am sure that the parents of any upcoming college freshman will appreciate this gift as well. And since they’ll be able to get everything from bedding to silverware sets, I’m sure that they’ll be able to get something that is on their “must have” list when they shop at Target!

Get yourself a digital Target gift card in seconds by following the link!

4 - Staples

Text Them A GIft Card They Can Use to Get All of Their School Essentials!

Get a Staples gift card by using the link!

While it might not be the most exciting gift in the world, a digital gift card to Staples can really come in handy when you are preparing for school. Staples specializes in all sorts of business supplies. But the thing about that is that many things that are considered business supplies, are also things that are considered school essentials. HIghlighters, calculators, pencils, pens, notebooks, and binders are all available at Staples and they even have pretty good back to school sales. So your graduate should be able to stock up on all the essentials when you text them a Staples gift card well before their first day of class.

Anybody can grab a digital Staples gift card instantly by clicking the link!

5 - Gamestop

Any Gamer Will Love A Gift Card to the Nation’s Largest Game Retailer!

Get a Gamestop gift card instantly when you follow the link!

If you are looking for a graduation gift that is a bit more fun than what has been on the list so far, then definitely give some thought into getting them a gift card to Gamestop if they are a gamer. Gamestop is the nation’s largest gaming retailer with thousands of locations around the country. And they sell all sorts of gaming related products. The games themselves, the systems to play them on, controllers, cables, and all sorts of gaming related merchandise. So if you are hoping to get your graduate something that will be a lot of fun for them, this is a great option.

By texting them a digital Gamestop gift card you can be sure that they will be able to get something that they will have a lot of fun with. Whether it’s the newest AAA release they have been dying to play, or a brand new controller for their favorite system, any gamer is going to be able to find something they love at Gamestop!

It only takes a second to grab a digital Gamestop gift card when you click the link!

6 - Lyft

Make Sure They Have A Safe Ride Home By Texting Them A Lyft Gift Card!

Get a Lyft gift card in just seconds by following the link!

If your graduate is leaving for a college campus this fall, sending them a gift card for Lyft can be a great option for a couple of reasons. First of all, if they are in a new city, there is sure to be plenty of interesting activities and events they will want to go to. And a lot of freshmen either can’t have a car on campus, or can’t afford the ridiculous cost of parking on campus all year long. So a Lyft gift card will give them a couple of free rides to get to something they wanna do.

Make sure you text them a digital Lyft gift card so you can be sure they get home safely every time!

Anybody can grab a digital Lyft gift card in an instant when they use the link!

7 - Uber Eats

Make Sure They Have Something Great to Eat By Texting Them An Uber Eats Gift Card

Grab a Uber Eats gift card by following the link!

Whether they have a meal plan with the university, or are trying to cook what they can in their dorm room this fall, there is no doubt that college freshmen don’t exactly do the best when it comes to eating healthy. But you can help circumvent that problem by texting them an Uber Eat’s gift card for graduation that they can use anytime. Help your graduate and make sure they have a great meal by texting them an Uber Eats gift card!

You can grab a digital Uber Eats gift card card anytime by clicking the link!

Haven’t found it yet? Try a custom Visa gift card instead.

Build a custom last-minute gift card

If none of these ideas have quite fit the bill, consider creating your own custom Visa gift card. It’s easy to do – in just a few clicks, you can personalize your present with your grad’s name, a message, and even a photo. Visa gift cards can be used anywhere that accepts Visa credit cards, so your soon-to-be-former student can use it practically anywhere he wants.

Build a custom last-minute gift card

And that concludes my list of some of the best gifts that you can text as a graduation present. I tried to be realistic about the upcoming expenses that a recent graduate has to face when I was compiling this list. Everything from dorm room essentials to school supplies and books was featured somewhere on the list. But if you didn’t find exactly what you were looking for on the list, be sure to check out all the national brands GiftYa offers. You can text any of them directly to the graduate in just a few seconds!

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