6 Maternity Gifts to Give This Holiday Season

Pregnant women spend so much of their pregnancy thinking about what their baby needs and receiving gifts for their little ones. T

Do you have an expectant mother on your shopping list this holiday season? Growing a baby is no easy feat and it can take a huge toll on the body, so you want to find a gift for the mom-to-be that she will get plenty of use out of and feel grateful for. From maternity leggings to a pregnancy journal, read on for 6 gift ideas you can consider when shopping for maternity gifts this holiday. 

1. Maternity Leggings

Pregnancy brings along many discomforts for the body and some clothing items simply don't fit the bill in terms of comfort. Maternity leggings are a welcome piece of clothing that pregnant women will live in throughout their pregnancy. With a growing body, it can be difficult to find clothes that fit throughout the 9 months of pregnancy but that is not a concern with leggings. The ability to stretch comfortably affords plenty of time to wear these cozy bottoms. 

As you shop for just the right pair of maternity leggings, look for ones that feature a soft, breathable material to help deliver comfort no matter what the temperature is. Also check for how the leggings wear, such as if they are worn below the belly or over the belly. Finding a pair that can do both offers versatility for the expectant mother. 

2. Pregnancy Pillow

The quintessential maternity item that pregnant women everywhere love is pregnancy pillows. These pillows are designed to help women with growing baby bumps sleep better at night. Attempting to find comfortable positions with a baby bump while the body is in a state of discomfort is easier said than done. Pregnancy pillows feature a variety of styles with different shapes, sizes, and materials to best suit the needs of the expectant mother. 

3. Maternity Sleepwear

Quality sleep can be one of the most difficult things to obtain during pregnancy. In addition to a pregnant pillow, maternity sleepwear is a must-have item to help pregnant women rest. Comfort is the name of the game with maternity sleepwear so finding items that are flowy and soft will be perfect. Consider the material as you shop as well and search for items that are lightweight as most pregnant women have difficulty staying cool during pregnancy, even during the warmer months, due to the increase in hormone levels. 

To find items that will last post-birth, search for pajamas that can transition well for night-time feedings and recovery. Lots of maternity pajamas feature nursing-friendly items as well as clothing that is comfortable during the recovery, whether the new mom gives birth vaginally or via c-section. 

4. Skincare Products

Women experience many hormonal changes during pregnancy and these changes can wreak havoc on the skin. Search for skincare and body care products that are specifically made with pregnant women in mind to help soothe the skin as their body changes. Be sure to keep SPF in mind when shopping for pregnant women as it is just as important (perhaps even more important) to protect from the sun during pregnancy.

Many pregnant women will experience skin discomfort on their bellies as their bump grows. There are skincare products that are specially designed to protect the bump and care for it during pregnancy. Products such as belly oils and or sheet masks can provide relief for stretch marks. 

5. At-Home Spa Kit

Self-care during pregnancy is very important, especially since women's bodies are going through so much work in growing their little one. They deserve to treat themselves! Gift the expectant mother on your list an at-home spa kit so they can relax in style and comfort. Soaking in a tub can feel incredibly soothing for pregnant women as it delivers relief to sore muscles, swelling, and other common pregnancy discomforts. 

6. Pregnancy Journal

Even though it may not seem like it at the moment, the 40 weeks of pregnancy can go by in the blink of an eye. Help the expectant mother reflect on the moments of her pregnancy she wants to cherish from what she felt hearing her little one's heartbeat for the first time to choosing which names to pick for her baby. She will be grateful she wrote down these special moments to read through years from now. 


Pregnant women spend so much of their pregnancy thinking about what their baby needs and receiving gifts for their little ones. This holiday season, focus on what the mother wants or needs and allow her the indulgence of finding comfort and joy with whichever thoughtful gift you choose.  

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