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Here are a few tea-related gifts your friend might appreciate as long as your friend loves tea

What better way to show your appreciation for your dad than to get him a cuban link that he will be sure to love getting from you? A Cuban link is the hottest thing in men’s jewelry right now, and for a good reason, too. This type of jewelry features an interlocking pattern of round or oval links or rings that come together in a rope-like design. It is a variant of a standard cable link chain, with a modern, classic, and elegant twist on the style that you can wear on any occasion. The links interest and twist into a way similar to the look of a cable, creating a classic, traditional style jewelry piece with the versatile, unique, beautiful twist of contemporary. 

The following are some incredible options for a Cuban link jewelry piece we’ve compiled for you to buy for your dad as his next present. All of these Cuban link chains are exquisite, crowd-pleaser gifts your dad is sure to love.

1. Diamond Prong Cuban Ring 18K Gold

For many reasons, your dad will love this Cuban link diamond prong ring in 18-karat gold. It has stunning prong-lifted stones that are all very carefully handset and grabs light from every angle. The material the item comes from is precious metals, Vermeil. Vermeil is a product of .925 sterling silver, covered in at least three microns of solid gold. It is a fantastic piece if you think your dad will love something unique, modern, and iced out.

2. 19MM Diamond Prong Cuban Bracelet White Gold 

Your dad will turn heads with 6 ICE’s daringly stylish new 19mm prong-set diamond Cuban link bracelet in white gold. The blinged-out bracelet gleams to perfection, and your dad won’t be able to stop sparkling either when he sees what a spectacular present you are giving to him with this. The bracelet is bold and edgy, yet it also maintains elegance and timelessness in its design and classic beauty. If you want to get your dad a gift that is a must-have, high-quality bracelet, then this could be the perfect one for you to consider. It is a show-stopper with its remarkable, intricate detailing, as well as has substantial size and thickness, trendy, and you will truly get your money’s worth with it.

3. 12MM Miami Cuban Chain 18K Gold

If you want a 12mm Miami Cuban link chain, look no further, as this 18-karat gold one gleams and shines. It is a truly timeless and classic piece. A great feature about this necklace is that it pairs excellently with other chains that you can layer with different lengths and looks terrific when you wear it by itself. Each piece is 18-karat gold plated over stainless steel. It is incredibly high quality, has significant durability, and has a stunning, flawless gleam.

4. Micro Cuban Chain 3MM White Gold

This micro Cuban chain link is the perfect jewelry piece for your dad if you know he tends to select simple, classy, and timeless items. It is super popular among customers for its slim design and polished, sleek feel and appearance. If you want something with even more affordability, this could be an excellent option for you to give to your dad as his next present. The micro Cuban chain link featured here by 6 ICE comes in 14-karat white gold over stainless steel. It also measures a width of 3mm. Since this piece does not feature diamonds, it comes at a much more cost-effective price if you are on a tighter budget.

5. Baguette Prong Cuban Ring 18K Gold 

Above, we feature the 6 ICE Cuban link prong baguette ring for men that could make an excellent gift for your dad. The stones on the piece are precisely and methodically handset and prong-lifted. The stones capture the light, leading it to gleam beautifully from every angle. The ring has a stunning, unique, trendy, icy aesthetic that makes a bold and glamorous statement. It is composed of precious metals 18-karat Vermeil and 14-karat solid gold with a micro-pave setting type. The stones are Baguette CZ (cubic zirconia).

6. 19MM Diamond Prong Cuban Bracelet Two-Tone White And Rose Gold

A great choice if you think your dad might like a jewelry piece with multiple tones could be this diamond Cuban link bracelet. The specific materials include 14-karat white and rose gold plating and 14-karat solid white and rose gold plating. The 19mm prong set diamond Cuban link bracelet is a gorgeous piece to invest in for your dad that he will have to wear forever. It is an excellent gift to give to your dad. And this is especially true if you know they have wanted a two-tone jewelry piece or if that is what their style tends to lean towards anyways. 

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