5 Ways to Get that Special Someone to Notice You

Here are a few ways to get the person you have your eye on to notice you.

When it comes to your crush, whether it’s at work or in your social circle, getting them to notice you is half the battle. Crushing on someone can be all-consuming. Sometimes it seems like they’re all you think about, but they’re not thinking about you at all. But whether you’re already friends and want to try for more, or you’ve barely talked and have just been admiring from afar, there are a few tried-and-true ways to get that special someone to see you the same way you see them. 

Some people feel confident wearing an outfit that’ll stop traffic, while some people opt for subtle but sweet perfumes to spark an attraction. Whatever your style, here are a few ways to get the person you have your eye on to notice you - and maybe see you in a new light. 

1.    Eye Contact & a Smile

Two of the simplest ways to get noticed are completely free, and you already have all the tools at the ready. Making eye contact and smiling frequently are two scientifically-backed ways to get noticed. Studies show making eye contact has several positive effects on how you’re perceived. Eye contact can make you more memorable, it can help encourage people to open up and trust you, and, perhaps most importantly, it can be used as a flirting tactic. Holding a gaze for just a second longer than usual sends a message to someone that you’re interested, and if you notice someone takes a second glance or is evenly holding your gaze, then you know you’re doing it right. 

Going hand-in-hand with eye contact is the power of a smile. Have you ever heard someone say smiling is contagious? Studies have shown that seeing other people smile stimulates neurons that cause us to smile in response. And who doesn’t want to be around someone that makes them smile? Dating experts will also explain that smiling makes a person more dateable, as it will cause people to associate you with positivity and happiness. And of course, a smile is one of the greatest weapons when flirting. 

2.    Sweet Perfume

A way to get someone to notice you before they’ve even made eye contact is to ensure you’re giving off an attractive scent, and a foolproof way to do that is to get yourself some sweet perfume. Science has shown that certain perfumes can make you more attractive, and sweet perfumes are often at the top of that list. A vanilla-scented sweet perfume is well liked by most men and women; the warm, soft smell produces positive feelings and is inviting to those who smell it. Some even believe that vanilla is an aphrodisiac, meaning it elicits feelings of sexual attraction, so a sweet perfume could be doing a lot more for you than just ensuring you’re going to smell good. So if you’re picking out your next bottle of perfume, you can skip the designer labels and know that simply choosing a simple, sweet perfume with the right notes (vanilla, rose oil, even the smell of doughnuts) can go a long way. 

3.    Body Language

Beyond a smile and eye contact, there are numerous ways you can use body language to get someone to notice you, show your own interest, and initiate flirtation. If you have long hair, use it to your advantage; a head toss can have seductive appeal, displaying the attractive feature of tossed hair, releasing pheromones from the hair, and ultimately inviting a person to take notice of you. The movement itself is attention grabbing in that it can be just sudden enough to catch someone’s eye.

You can also utilize body language in ways beyond a hair flip. When you talk, lean in subtly. Stand or sit close to them when given the opportunity, and if you can manage some casual touching on the arm while talking, they’re pretty likely to notice that you’re flirting. Those are the do’s of body language. The don’ts list includes body language that could make you appear closed off, like crossing your arms or putting your hands on your hips. 

4.    Play to Your Strengths

As you may be picking up, looks aren’t everything when it comes to getting noticed - but they can’t hurt, either. If you have strengths, use them. That could be shiny, voluminous hair, in which case you should definitely take advantage of hair flip opportunities, or it could be long legs, thick legs, curves, or a bustier chest. Either way, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. If you want to get noticed, let them notice the best parts first. Wear clothes that accentuate your best features, whether that’s long legs or an hourglass figure. If you see your style as your biggest strength, utilize that creativity and dress with confidence knowing that your outfit is on point. If you have eyes that draw attention to your face, take things up a notch with makeup. If you’ve got full lips, wear red lipstick. 

Ask a trusted friend what your strengths are if you aren’t entirely sure yourself. If you have a friend that’s the gender you’re hoping to attract, get their opinion if you feel comfortable. And listen to what they have to say; even if they note a strength or feature that you don’t see in yourself, trust that it’s one worth noting and accentuating. If it got their attention, it could probably get the attention of that special someone, too. Use those strengths and be confident. 

5.    Make the First Move

Finally, if you’re feeling bold, you might as well just go for it. This is one way that you’ll certainly get noticed. It involves taking a risk, as you put yourself out there without necessarily knowing the other person’s interest level yet, but it could be the most worthwhile thing you ever do. Making the first move doesn’t have to mean you’re suddenly going in for a kiss. Rather, we’re talking about something as simple as initiating the first conversation if you haven’t had one yet, or asking them out to get drinks or coffee if you’re feeling bold. Making that first move will put you in control and make you appear confident, even if you don’t feel that way yourself. 

Before you make the move, we do recommend following some of these other tips. That way, your special someone will hopefully have already started to notice you or view you differently. They may already be considering making a move themselves. So begin by creating a build up to the first move; put on your sweet perfume and walk by them a little extra closely. Sit near them if the opportunity presents itself. Smile a lot. At the end of the day, you never know until you try, so if you want to ensure that you’re really getting noticed, the best way to do it is to simply make the first move. Asking someone out to get drinks is a great icebreaker activity as alcohol serves as a perfect social lubricant. Trust us on this one. Count to three, and make the move. 

Final Notes

Dating can very much be a fake-it-til-you-make it kind of thing. Many of the common ways to get noticed by a love interest involve confidence, possibly more confidence than you think you have. But the key is that you don’t necessarily have to start with that kind of confidence; you can try things out that make you appear confident, like making the first move or even just holding eye contact for an extra few seconds, and eventually you might find that confidence come on its own. No matter what, getting someone to notice you requires you to put yourself out there a little. So find your strengths, flip your hair, and get after it!

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