5 of the Best Gifts for the Pet Owners in Your Life

Finding the best gift for your buddy who has a dog may seem like a daunting task, however, with the emergence of loads of innovative pet toys, useful outdoor gear, and other pet gadgets you can find a gift that makes your canine-loving friend’s life easier.

You can choose to get them a custom sweatshirt that they can wear to show off their cute pet to the world or find their furry friend an indestructible chew toy that they can play with. Dog owners love showering their dogs with presents and will always be delighted with a gift that improves their pet’s comfort.

1. Probiotics for Dogs

Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms that can boost digestion and enhance the overall gut health of your friend’s dog. Probiotics from Honest Paws are formulated with a blend of 6 probiotic strains that can not only offer digestive support but also maintain your buddy’s dog’s oral hygiene by reducing the harmful bacteria in their mouth.

The organic spinach-based solarplast and Inulin in their probiotics can also help alleviate your friend’s dog’s seasonal allergies giving them relief and comfort.

Emerging research suggests that there can be a link between gut health and anxiety-related behaviors in chum's dog, and giving them some probiotics to maintain their gut health can help them manage their stress.

If you are confused about what gift to get your canine-caretaker friend, you can gift them a thoughtful gift like an egift card for Petco for them to buy their pup whatever gift they want.

2. An Orthopedic Dog Bed From Fur Haven

This dog bed can be the perfect gift especially if you’ve noticed that your friend’s dog loves to burrow and snuggle under their blankets. The sleep surface of the orthopedic dog bed is lined with Sherpa fleece that has excellent heat retention making it a cozy spot for your friend's pup to sleep in.

This bed also comes with an attached blanket that your friend can use as is or convert into a burrowing cave using the included plastic tubing to enhance their dog’s comfort.

The bed covers on Fur Haven’s orthopedic dog bed are completely machine washable making it easy for your pal to wash them as needed. Although the dog bed comes with a 90-day limited coverage against material defects, it may not be the best gift if your friend’s pet has excessive destructive behavior.

3. An Airtag Dog Collar Holder

An Airtag dog collar holder from Dlenp is a considerate present that you can get your pet-loving friend to help them always know where their pet is. This dog collar has a protective case to protect the air tag from dust, scratches, or falling out to give your friend the piece of mind of knowing their pet's location. Dlenps’s air tag dog collar is also made from washable soft silicon materials and an adjustable size that can fit both the cats and dogs of your friend.

4. A Snuffle Feeding Mat

If you’ve noticed that your friend’s dog loves sniffing around, you can gift them a snuffle feeding mat where they can sniff around to find their food. This snuffle feeding mat has layers of fabric where your friend can hide kibble treats and keep their dog occupied finding them instead of engaging in destructive behavior due to boredom.

The bottom of the feeding mat is also made from a non-slip cloth to hold the mat down and prevent your friend's dog from moving it as they look for the snack hidden in the folds.

The mat is made from felt cloth making it easy for your friend to wash it by hand in case their dog gets it dirty. One of the best features of this feeding mat is that it is small, foldable, and can be shrunk into a small storage bag for your friend to carry while they travel with their canine. 

5. A Classic Chew Toy

A great long-lasting rubber chew toy like Kong’s always seems to do the trick when it comes to gifting your pet-loving friend a classic present that’s useful. Kong’s chew toy is hollow providing a space where your friend can stuff tasty treats for their dog to discover as they play around with it. 

The toy’s shape makes it bounce unpredictably making it an exciting and interactive toy for your friend’s pet to play with. For an added challenge, your friend can freeze some peanut butter in the toy before giving it to their dog to encourage healthy play and provide them with sufficient mental stimulation. 


If you are considering buying a leash, opt for standard fixed-length leashes that are safer than retractable leashes which have thin cords that can cause your friend or their dog cut injuries. Get them a leash that maintains control over their dog while keeping them both safe.

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