5 Accessories Every Cannabis User Needs

Now is probably the best time to be alive because as soon as the dispensary near me open I will be there, ready to imbibe. This seemingly, sudden freedom across the majority of the states to be able to use cannabis for its medical components openly has been a long time coming. Cannabis usage in the United States of America's watershed moment came in 2018 when the first FDA-approved drug, cannabidiol (Epidiolex), containing CBD, was released on the market to treat two different kinds of epilepsy —  Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

Since then, there have been more legislative proposals highlighting the decriminalization of cannabis for not only medical care but for recreational purposes as well. These proposals are trending towards positive results as more and more distance is put between modern-day research-based thinking and the archaic, outdated prejudices of the past. So soon, and very soon, everyone in the country would have the ability and the access to ride the highs that only cannabis can bring. However, for people with legal access to cannabis, there are quite a few ways for them to enjoy the most that this plant naturally offers. What follows below is a quick listing of a few of the cannabis accessories I feel every user should at least try. 

What Are The Accessories A Cannabis User Needs?

  1. Before the advent of modern vaporizers, many cultures embraced the active use of aromatherapy through an indigenous device known as the steam chalice. Steaming is an activity that has been practiced among the Rastafari people in particular, who use it in their sacramental usage of cannabis in their Nyabinghi rituals. So the tradition has been passed down, and the apparatus has seen increased use by people outside of the Rastafari community for medicinal purposes. This is the great benefit of the steam chalice, it is interchangeable with all sorts of beneficial herbs which are distributed much more quickly in steam form for fast and lasting relief from aches and allergies. It is also important to note that concerning cannabis, steaming is its purest form. When assembled, this complex yet small apparatus provides an elevated or healing experience.

  1. The first recorded joint used for recreational use was documented in Mexico. A pharmacist at The University of Guadalajara first mentioned that workers were mixing cannabis and tobacco in making their cigarettes. It’s suspected the practice was at least started around the 1850s. Smoking in this format is usually the harshest because of the paper element involved. This usually leads to the infamous first coughs for newer smokers: *cough cough*. The intensity of the high is usually controllable. Either you are passing it to someone after puffing, or you are puffing alone and can tap out. The closer you finish the roll-up of your choice, the harsher the smoke. So be careful. The increased harshness occurs due to increased heat and more paper than flowers.

  1. A somewhat less known or less talked about form of toking is vaporization. The vaporizer heats the trees through conduction to activate the herb’s tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In my opinion, the cleanest method of smoking is as there is no combustion involved with the flowers. It essentially toasts the plant. Giving you the best of both worlds. None of the potentially harmful smoke and all the delicious highs. The high from vaporizers aren’t as harsh as some other methods and are super enlightening. It is more of a balanced high that I classify as a ‘functional high.’ Vaporizer highs stay with you throughout the day sometimes leaving you feeling quite upbeat. It is efficient, safe, and quite pleasant. It just involves quite a problematic setup.

  1. Pipes are similar to bongs minus the water filtration element. Depending on the material of the pipe, you can go from being high to coughing from the inhalation of fumes. You should always ensure your pipe is made of a briar or aluminum material as these are usually safer. Notwithstanding, corn cob pipes, glass, and clay pipes have the reputation of being just as good. Pipe highs are almost instant. Preparation is simple. You get your cannabis bud, crush it and pack it. The high is lingering and requires less hits of smoke than a joint and gets you twice as high. Not everyone would be able to handle it but it is known as being friendly enough for a beginner. It is the second most used method as you can control and save more of the herb while you get higher. 

  1. This is the shotgun of the bunch. A bong combines air, water, fire, and earth. By all those powers combined, you have the potential of getting a very potent high almost instantly. For more advanced users, bongs often take some getting used to. The bong focuses on extracting harmful carcinogenic particles from the smoke to give a cleaner high. If you need proof of its effects, spend the time to take a whiff of the water after a bong session. After doing that, you would know that you wouldn't want that contaminant inside you. Smoking from bongs is fun because, as a bonus, you’re not limited to using water in your bong. Juice, for instance, flavors the smoke. You don’t waste cannabis from a bong as you would from a joint burning out. If you were to smoke the same amount of flowers you would place in a joint in a bong, the bong would get you higher every time. If you decide to graduate to a bong, please remember that you must get ready to use your lungs. It can be unfamiliar at first, but eventually, you too will learn to handle the excess smoke and how to revel in the high.

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